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  1. Man I can hum all sorts of shit though, I'm like Peter Griffin with those ridiculous scat skillz.
  2. Lucifer from Battle Pope. Awesome.
  3. I personally find your approach rather refreshing. I love being given a challenge, and musically it's incredibly fun to rise to the occasion when someone asks for a piece based off nebulous descriptions. I have a big, big background in ambient music as well as being a fan of awe-inspiring, larger than life moods. So that's really a plus for me. I think Meteo just doesn't want to feel like his time is wasted, which is certainly fine. But as you said, you're looking for talent with a very specific method, one that inherently uses ambiguity. I'm okay with that!
  4. No problem, thanks for listening! As I said in the PM, if there's anything specifically you would like to hear other than the material supplied, I'd have no problem doing a tech demo for you in whatever style you like.
  5. Heya, I just sent you a PM on here but you can communicate with me through my email if you prefer which is admin AT omnipsyence DOT com
  6. (to Chee Zeee) I don't know man, I understand the point you're trying to make about orchestration and all that but to be 100% honest I think there's a way to make anything happen in music, and to sounds good. Perhaps this combination isn't used in real, live settings due to the reasons you mentioned but this is the 21st century and music has evolved so much... the possibilities for arrangements and instrumentation are endless. Some things that don't work well purely live can do magical things on a recording. To help you with the live situation though, you probably just need a good sound guy to balance the levels. I don't think it's impossible to achieve a good mix with those instruments but you will definitely need to work on it.
  7. I endorse this opinion! TheGlue is also amazing, but that's one hell of a compressor that can do all sorts of things other than mastering.
  8. Even if you don't like his blunt tone, Snappleman is right. It is infinitely better to focus your efforts on self improvement, and at least attempt with the best of your ability to transcribe, than it is to ask for others to do the work for you. Back in the day when I used to download MIDIs to see how they were made, I often thought to myself that I should be doing this manually to improve my skills. I can't play incredibly great or transcribe anything by ear in a moment's notice just yet, but my skills have increased greatly and it's only because I took my personal development seriously.
  9. I've never had any problems immersing myself into Skyrim, to be honest. Sure there are glitches here and there and a few things don't make sense but overall the game does incredibly well at putting me in the world and keeping me there.
  10. Everything that's the opposite of your opinion, really. I mean haven't you read reviews? People always say the same things about why the like the series. It's totally okay that you didn't, but it's obvious most people love BG because of the story and classic dnd style gameplay.
  11. I try to transcribe everything I do by ear simply because it's just practice that's going to make you better and better at it each time. Investing in skills and abilities is never a bad move. Get to it!
  12. Hah, a good friend of mine and total BG super-fan predicted this last week or so when the site was first put online. Thanks for the link!
  13. Unfortunately there hasn't been a mirror for the .zip yet, but it's possible someone might upload one. Can you try to download the file from a different browser or perhaps through a download manager? If no one uploads a mirror for the .zip by later on tonight, I will do it myself. *edit* Well there ya go, Level 99 has come through with another link!
  14. I'm sure someone will throw it up on another mirror soon. I know it sucks to not be able to download it, but OCR has provided a wide variety of ways to download the album. Sometimes shit just won't download correctly for some people. It happens to me on occasion for random stuff... I don't think there's anything else you can do other than to try another mirror or another connection.
  15. Nope! No soup for you! Free internet music is serious business, y'all. Seriously though, plenty of people have downloaded the file just fine. This is a client or server side error that a few others have reported, but for the vast majority it works perfectly. Now I'm not the one behind all of this stuff obviously, but I'm rather certain there isn't anything that can be done. The .zip itself checks out as a complete, legit uncorrupted file for lots of folks. I'm sorry it isn't working for you though... try the torrent instead if you can?
  16. Huzzah! So glad to see this online and ready to go! Thanks OCR and everyone else involved for making this album possible.
  17. Congratulations to everyone involved in this amazing release. I think this is one of the strongest albums OCR has put out to date, which is saying something considering the large scope of this project. I look forward to many more years of excellent VGM remixes from this awesome community, things can only get better and better! What are some of your favorites?
  18. It will help spread awareness to those who don't necessarily visit OCR or even know what the site is all about. It's not a huge stretch of imagination to think that of those 2,000 new likes, a substantial percent could potentially be converted into new fans. It isn't really about getting OCR more "likes" as much as it helping promote the hard work of the people involved in the project, which I believe any sane person would say is the least that can be done.
  19. There's nothing being forced upon anyone here, to be quite honest. Larry made a pretty good post on that topic right here.
  20. Haha, clearly! Oh well, I'll be ready for when the day comes. Loooove Tim Follin's music, and the track I remixed is my absolute favorite of his and one of my favorite VGM's in general.
  21. I did my track like LAST YEAR (what's up Larry!) and now I think I might want to re-do it a bit. Anyone want to check it out? http://soundcloud.com/omni-psyence/time-trax-tim-follin-cover
  22. "But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams." Yep
  23. Well you pretty much described exactly what you're trying to achieve, are you familiar with FX and synthesis basics? I'd personally go with a saw wave with some unison, a really excellent filter and some distortion effects. You can EQ the synth to remove the super low end, or maybe just use a high pass filter. Set an LFO to modulate some of the filter cutoff frequency, and/or maybe even the distortion amount itself if you can achieve it within your software. There are many ways to go about this kind of sound, as Yoozer said.
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