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  1. Highly Recomended download. Something so interesting you can break dance off this. Great stuff! Very mysterious and smooth.
  2. I would have to say this is a really spicey remix. Energitic, sweet, and relaxing. That's how it should allways should be created@.@ Really impressive stuff. At first, the begining sounds really middle eastern like and goes of a nice beat and remic after 20Secs or so. Other than that, awesome stuff guys!
  3. Perhaps the best music I have ever heard. I played the game before, but never liked much the music in this game. However, this was pretty impressive.
  4. Why I like this music.... Perfect begining and an end. The melody of a nice beat, rythem, and sound makes it very enjoyable to hear over and over again. A perfect melody of smoothness for any mood between a gray cloudy/rainy weather or just wanting to hit the books and enjoy a music as this one. Highly recomended for any person out there. But of course, you need to be the judge of that as well. Don't take my opinion for it... TRY IT. YOU WONT REGRET IT.
  5. Again, registered to make a reply that this is also one of the best music remix ever listned to. To whoever designed this, ty much. I can never get tired of this. Starts off with a calm flut music with then continuing on playing into a cozy melody throughout the entire song. If you ever study...I recomend using this song.
  6. I can never get tired of this music. I'm glad to have download this music. Ty vm. I had to register just to reply to this, heh.
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