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  1. Breath taking sound track ever listned to from OCR. I'd have to say this marks as my 1# favorite sound track (being mellow) on my Ipod that's for sure. The only thing that turned me off was at 2:33 with the strange growling noise and chain draging for a moment. Other than that, pure "ear candy" to me. A+ must listen.
  2. Haven't used the forums in ages on here, but time to crack the knuckles! For Arc the lad 2 and three, there happens to be great sound tracks that are very catchy and quite classical to their texture in listining. Some very additctive I can't seem to get it out of my head whenever there is an Arc The Lad reference. For example, refer to this video sound track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycA69kO46Wo I consider this sound track very inspiring. There's also this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xgq119NAtEI Now, I know for a fact there are many sound lovers that looking for classical elements such as this that satisfies the thirst of many. Of these two sound tracks, I hope there is someone with talent and skill that can par with these two amazing sound tracks.
  3. I'd have to say, wow. Been looking for a remix of the battle remix again and the transition is out of this world. A + Must listen and for those who are big on this battle music with guitar.
  4. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. I love it. A + Must listen
  5. Love it. At long last, the originality has not been damaged and being played as light rock is just stunning, utter stunning. Great transistion and keeping it's original was absolutely beautiful
  6. Hands down. I love how the intro is familiar and the after a moment or so there is a familiarity to the animation of TMN come into play somewhere, whic was a little humorous. I love it because it has a concert atmosphere to it. I'm not that big into rock but this was really listenabla all the way to the end. A+ must listen.
  7. Great trasition in tune, follow through, harmonous, and lovely. A + Must listen.
  8. A+ Must listen. If you ever like hip-hop beats to it or a Jazzy like substance, the golden sound is yours for you to listen. This is one of my favorite pieces from OC not because it has the nice complexity to it, but it's pure.
  9. Awesome base, very sexy jazzy atmosphere. Hands down \:puppyeyes:/... And put em up for talent!! A+ must listen
  10. I would have liked it if there was no lyrics of the "moans". Hands down to the song itself of its originality and recreative elements of instruments. I liked it, but I didn't download it due to the fact I was annoyed by the "moans", so I passed on wanting this sound track. Unless if the remixer has or is willing to send me a copy of it without the lyrics of the "moans", I'd be happy to accept this as a favorable downloadable content -.-.
  11. If you love megaman X's cold stage, then you'll love this. I am beyond speechless of the intro of that nice techno like synthisier, hence the reason of it's title: "Brain cooler". The sound track is not so much as being techno, but lightly with all other instruments being sounded that matches its beauty and old school technique of its originality. Without a doubt, this is one of the best examples, works, and originality of Megam man sound tracks. Hands down /o,o/ & great job.
  12. A+ must listen. If you're a fan of "Secret of the Forest" then you will fall in love with this one. It's like a DJ getting hit by hip hop and classical. Very impressive :nicework:
  13. Out of all of the Bubbleman stage OC'd, I'd have to say hands down to this one. It makes it completly complex, simple to listen, classical and old school. I have no idea how I missed looking at the list of this sound track but I am as happy as a cat finding this. A + must listen ...
  14. Kick ass. I love it. A+ must listen sound track, simple to listen, smooth beats.
  15. This is what my professor from class had to say about this sound track: "I like this sound track personally not because it's easy to listen, but it coexists the rock & hip-hop universal bond come together into one amazing sound track and lyrics all together." I'd have to say, I'm not into lyrics in OC selections but this is eye candy to any listner on here. Not only I have used this for music class (Humaties college class), but also my professor enjoyed hearing this and my one page essay about this. A + must listen. Proud to have found this and given my feed back and used in class for homework:puppyeyes:
  16. A+ must listen indeed. Cozy beats, smooth, nothing distracting, yet it makes you want to listen more.
  17. :puppyeyes:I'd have to say this is by far the most down to earth OC music I have ever listned. It's so good I cannot even dare to even discuss to anyone here what's it like... Unique style beat and rythem change. But here I go!!! Uplifting... Energetic... Flat out smooth... The sound track is so good your ear would have an orgy. A+ must listen all the way begining to the end!!!!
  18. A+ Must listen. This sound track has great emotions not only from the begining but also in the end. For some reason when I play this a few times, it has a xeno gears familiarity, I might be wrong but who knows. I love it, easy beats, energtic yet calming, smooth and excellent follow through.
  19. I would think if the sound track was saved at 2:57, that's where the great emotions of tasteful music comes in. B+ in listining.
  20. :puppyeyes: Hands down. Sadest music in game has become "listinable" that doesn't sound negative but more of a positive point of view making it the best sound track arranged ever for ff6. Guitar... ALL THE DAMN WAY. Absolutely amazing!
  21. Absolutely beautiful. Without a doubt anyone that has never enjoyed piano will definately get addicted to this right away. A+must listen indeed.
  22. Old school game touch tune to it, very nice beat, and a nice melody to it. Really A+ must listen track.
  23. As far as rock n roll goes, this is litterally the shiznet battle song I have ever enjoyed. I might actually consider this for my youtube video for battle music. A+ Must listen to all or anyone.
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