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  1. After 20 seconds, has great potential throughout entire song. A+ must listen to all. I love it.
  2. No words cannot express the awesomeness of this song. Absolute energizing and yet relaxing. I cannot believe how I missed this track trying it out, but I am happy and safe to say this is an A + must listen track to anyone. The only draw back is at 12 seconds left, there's a disturbance that bothers me, but I eddited that out. Either way, I love it
  3. Very nice, but it sounds like something that would go along in a movie scene, heh.
  4. Anyone that opens this sound track... It is pure genius. I love this from begining to the end. Funky, smooth, and kinky sound track. Very impressive, old school to ff6 touch to it, and above all it's kept out of tedium range. /nice\
  5. I like this. I like this a lot... It has a taste of megaman touch to it from the guitar music. The intruments flows perfectly and smoothly, not heavy, making it ideal and interesting to listen. Guitar, piano, & the rthym is perfect. You guys deserve a cold one that's for sure
  6. Absolutely amazing This was really an awesome find. + Amust listen file!!!
  7. As mentioned bellow, this is really a kick ass song. Truely a must listen as mentioned bellow... I listened to it three times and it's good.
  8. If I would ever have to define music putting you in awe, this is the perfect definition for it. This is absolutely so tasteful that is has become one of my top favorites to OCremix list. Smooth, calm, makes you think or maybe focus on something (or not), but this is really something. I'm glad I found this based on the reviews. Thank you guys for the reviews for helping me find this. A+ must listen! [_:nicework:]
  9. Sounds a lot better in my opinion. There's something about the other sound tracks similiar to this being amis. This one's sounds more energetic vs the others sounding deep, mystic, or something that triggers off being uncomfort for some reason. Though that's me, heh. Great sound track, A must listen!
  10. Very neat. This is truely a must listen indeed. But if they skipped out on the sound part (the echo lavos zone) this sound track alone would be perfect, but hey can be eddited out. I love it, thanks guys.
  11. The first 20 seconds thought it would be somthing cheesy, but goodness gracious... This is something tasteful for guitar for this song. I love it. A+Must Listen!
  12. Nuff said. Anyone that doesn't like or like Techno, this is definitely worth listening.
  13. Music tested, OC approved. All I gotta say. However, the first 10-20 seconds was effy but rest was awesome. Can music edit it.
  14. /clap /clap /clap :nicework: /wheet /wheet This one of many great oc remixes for chill or a lounge music. I love it. Merry Christmas guys. Fabulous work. I actually used this for my Lounge party, they all love it. /cheers -tosses a cold one for the music creators-
  15. Finest OC remix ever heard. Calm, yet energetic guitar playing best ever loved in my entire life. Orz (hands down to you). I love it.
  16. Off the wall. I love it. :nicework::nicework:
  17. Finest of the finest.... Cooler than ice itself. Impressive
  18. Classical, phenominal, slightly tech that fits just right, and yet very enjoyable to listen to. How do you people do it?! I love it with a passion.
  19. Man I miss Lufia. I second in this request!
  20. Pure Overclocked Mastery... I can't say for sure how I can describe my emotions of this mp3, but... very up liffting, spiritful, enjoyable and with ice caking on the top an all time favorite.
  21. Words cannot describe the fascinationation of this music... Hands down to you...
  22. Game = Final Fantasy Tactics, sound track request of Run Past Through The Plain My post in regards to the remix link here: http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01035/ It has potentional but I think this can be remade a lot better. I know someone out there with the skill and rythem knowing they can do better with this. Ty for reading.
  23. I had to listen to this three times to make a decision whether or not this was good or not. The begining was excellent, absolute thrilling starting at 0:27 all the way to 0:56. However, at 0:57 hitting that light tap echo sounded very awkward for some reason hitting me off. 1:11 nice, but at 1: 23 again, another strange intrument coming in sounding awkard. 1:41 to 3:56 was brilliant specialy in piano sound change to make sure it doesn't sound repatative. Rest was horrid, but 4:04 to 5:07 was superb, but rest I didn't like it one bit. I highly recomend or request if someone can remake this sound track again somehow (the mp3 tactics game and not this file from here) because it has potentional being remixed, but for crying out loud... no high pitch strange notes.
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