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  1. Yeah, I'm still loving the classics to death, but one thing is a retro game, and a completely different thing is to create a new game in a retro style. It's not a matter of style, it's a matter of stupid decisions and not-so-stellar level design. 2D, 16-bit style does not mean instant win. I'd like to see that, though. Also, I'd take Werehog plataforming over 100% rollercoaster level design from start to finish. Also,
  2. Why do people seem to think Sega is not capable of screwing a retro-styled Sonic game, it would be as much screwed but with obsolete graphics.
  3. I always thought that the thing that made the original games so good were the advanced physics. I never found another game to replicate that. It had a sense of speed and was fun because of that. Also, the level design was clever. In my opinion, they should focus on creating a working engine focusing on the physics, like the original game, rather than level design to enhance speed, and everything else. Let the player go fast based on his actual skills, give him more control. Sonic Rush was fun on its own, because you actually had control over Sonic, but it failed to capture the soul of the classics, and also, too much focus on speed gives as a result repetitive gameplay. I'm still playing the originals and they're still as fun as ever, you can play them fast, or play them at your own pace, or explore everything; that's what made me love them: the physics and the level design.
  4. I don't believe in prayers, but I really hope you get better, and if there is any kind of positive energy to send you, mine will be with you.
  5. Well, I guess there's a difference between just interaction and taking the control. Some degree of interaction is acceptable since theres always an interaction, even if it's only at an intellectual level.
  6. I honestly don't believe games are art. Art is the work of an artist, so when a game gives you freedom, you are basically taking the control from the creators. My point is that you are puting some input into that work, so it's not just the work of the "artist" anymore. I'm not saying games can't feel artistic. Music is art, movies are art, designs are art. Games like Metal Gear are often cited as art, because they have a strong cinematic feel. But, I think the reason why films are art and games not, even if they both incorporate work from different forms of art, is because films have a native language that is art in itself. Games, or the element that makes them games and not just CG movies, just provide a ground to create an experience. It can feel artistic, but since it's created to give you the control, it can't be considered as a native form of art, even though you can go through different instances of art (music, design, photography, illustration...) that are part of the whole experience, but you can't consider everything art just because you can use forms of art to enhance it (like practicing sports while listening to music). That said, I don't think anyone should care since it doesn't make games any better or worse. PS: sorry if something doesn't make sense, english is not my native language.
  7. I'm from Spain, so Chrono Trigger was not sold around here, and also I did not have a SNES. It was around year 2000 that I finally managed to play Chrono Trigger via emulator (the only way I could play many classics), and I still think it's one of the best japanese RPGs ever made (along with Panzer Dragoon Saga, for different reasons). I don't usually enjoy that genre anymore, but still think those two games are some of the few that are truly worth it. I guess that's saying something.
  8. Actually, I like better the Genesis version. Tommy Tallarico did a great work with its soundchip.
  9. What? Me not understand... I thought it was a known fact since the game first leaked. I honestly saw the trailer and thought it was nothing more than a glorified Sonic Rush with Secret Rings bits. I still think this could be fun, but don't fucking kid me because it's nothing like "classic Sonic" gameplay, go play the true classics and see the light. I still play them because they are that good. They even had slower bits and actual plataforms! Wow. Now, the were-whatever thing... I have not seen a single second of gameplay footage, so I reserve judgement. I even find somewhat silly to compare this to Twilight Princess. We had in-game transformations switching abilities long before, and I don't even think it's going to play even remotely similar, neither will his design look alike. People assume it's going to be shit because well... it's Sonic. I still have faith because, believe it or not, Sega can still produce good games.
  10. I'm spanish, so I'll try to help with my limited (bad) english. Some things I've noticed: 1.Los Materiales Enviados pueden ser arreglos musicales de cualquier videojuego de consola, computadora (ordenador) o Arcada. Not sure if it's a typo, but we use the same word as english, "arcade", or if you want to use a more spanish term, "recreativa" or "máquina recreativa". Also, "computadora" is used more in spanish outside from Spain, while in Spain we usually say "ordenador" Temas de películas como Guerra de las Galaxias o canciones bajo licencia de juegos como Gran Turismo no califican. Star Wars here is dubbed "La Guerra de las Galaxias" (only needs to add the article), and "no califican" in spanish would be incorrect because it's not reflexive, the correct form would be "no se cualifican". The way it is, it may implie you are using some score system. Nosotros recomendamos fuertemente arreglar música de videojuegos comerciales para evitar cualquier problema. Not sure if it's correct, but it's better to change it to "encarecidamente". 2. Envíos de materiales que incorporen más de una fuente son permitidos, pero no se les otorga ninguna consideración o clemencia con respecto a los estándares de envío de materiales. I'd say it's better to change it to "especial" or "particular", because the way it is sounds more negative than intended. Mezclas deben sonar como una sola canción, no como múltiples canciones pegadas unas con otras. Needs the article at the beggining, "Las mezclas". 1.Arreglos musicales de cualquier género de música (ej. techno, jazz, rock, clásica) son aceptables I think it's reiterative, since it's implied the arrangement is in music, it's better to change it to "arreglos de cualquier género de música". Líricas o vocales The correct term would be "letras" since "lírica" is used in poetry, literature, or even musical genres like opera. Tomar el audio original del videojuego y simplemente añadir “Drum loops” o usar un archivo MIDI existente y asignar nuevos instrumentos no califica como un arreglo música substancial u original. Again, it would be better to change it to "no se cualifica". Also, it would be "arreglo musical", "arreglo de música" or better directly skip it and just leave "arreglo substancial u original" because it's implied it refers to music. Envíos de Material deben ser lo suficientemente largos "El material enviado debe ser lo suficientemente largo" would make more sense. Also, I'd sugest changing the parts where it's written "materiales" (plural) to "material" (singular), since the use of the plural form is better used when refering to physical materials and the singular to intellectual works like music (even when there are several works, not just one). Also, I'd say there's no need to repite every time "envíos de material", it's redundant because it's implied in the context. Just "envíos" would do fine. 2. La producción debe mostrar una atención significante a la calidad del sonido "significativa" 1. Los Materiales Enviados que no llenen los requerimientos de formato, propiedad, y material fuente no serán evaluados. "cumplan" 1. Envíe solo un material a la vez. Like I said before, the correct form is the singular, but since you are trying to implie singularity, I'd sugest changing it to "trabajo" (work, more concrete). Contacte un juez si ha esperado más de tres meses por una evaluación. "para" Also, I've pointed some, but there are more instances where there was a missing article at the beggining of the phrase. "(Los) efectos de sonido solamente no son considerados música." ; "(Algunos) juegos que son Shareware, Freeware o proyectos personales pueden o no ser aceptados a nuestra discreción.", etc. Not necessarily incorrect, but sounds weird. And that's all I found, hope it may be of some help.
  11. I only knew his music, but this news really made me sad. As a lover of music and remixing, I will really miss him, since he was one of the most talented musicians from the entire community, and even if I knew nothing about his person, I deeply admired him. But I understand this is nothing compared to the loss of the ones who loved him, and I'm sorry there's nothing we can do about it. Judging from his music, he must have been a great person. My sincere condolences to his family.
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