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  1. Yeah thats what we'll probably do return it. The built in HD TV thing is gonna be sweet though! I think returning it will be worth it. We'll probably get the blu-ray unit I've heard good things about this "blu-ray."
  2. Awww....you gotta to be kidding. I guess I gotta go try out this blue-ray thing, we just got an HD-DVD. I know blue-ray is more than likely better. I'll probably just get the PS3 now. The news will be great for some but sad for others.
  3. Awesome! Love the breakbeat at the around the :40. Beginning strings, arps and effects are nice, definitely game oriented. Sounds like this could be included in a cool fight game. I like it. Please lengthen about two mins longer. Would be great!
  4. I agree with Gimgak this remix reminds me of Megaman. Like one of the boss stages or something especially in the intro. It's almost like it came straight off of a game, without anyone remixing it or anything. Not bad..I like it. yeah I can't believe this is a final boss remix eitheir. Still cool though.
  5. I like it can't wait till its done. The beats, drums, and synths all sound pretty cool. Almost a lot like the original. Really wish the WIP was longer though I was really getting all into it, but than it stopped. Keep working on it. I guess thats why they call it an "WIP." Finally another great Marble Zone remix composition on the way.
  6. At first I couldn't believe someone would even think about adding lyrics to this track. (I like the original version a LOT!!) but this isn't half-bad. I thought the synth arrangment in the 3rd ver. of the WiP at the 3:24 was pretty cool. The instumentation and production is excellent. If the judges dig the vocals and the lyrics than you definitely have something here.
  7. Hahahahaha. yeah I hope the game quality matches this great type of rpg track, I can't stand it when theirs cheap sprites, but the music is nice. Bothers me.
  8. Not bad at all. Perfect for an RPG game. Really perfect for an RPG Battle theme .
  9. You should be able to download it. Did you login into myspace? If you did you should be able to download it by clicking the "download" link. You can't download it without an myspace account. I don't see a purchase link either.
  10. After listening to the whole piece, I'm convinced that you know what your doing. My reason for liking this track alot is because of the ever-changing synths. It just dosen't get boring. Excellent atmospheric pads, the piano mix at the 1:34 mark was unexpected but still cool! So in a nutshell I like it. I'm starting to like a couple of your tracks.
  11. Awesome progressive mix! Really nice! This mix is like a motivation for me, I'm working on a progressive mix myself. Good stuff. Checked out your website looks cool.
  12. Nice! As you stated "Steady Nature" is very ambient, I couldn't have picked a better chill-out beat at the :53 marker. Pads, strings, and the megaman-like sounding lead add excellent texture to the overall track! Overall you've got a awesome ambient trrack! I'm downloading it.
  13. Hmmmmmmm.....I like the instrumentation on this track but the vocals sort of tuned me off though. Also which stage, boss, level, or even a special level was remixed? Once again though I'm digging the track, but it just dosen't stand out as a remix too me.
  14. The drums on this track is a killer...... I don't even think you really need to remaster it sounds pretty decent to me.
  15. "Phi Vs. Jayy Album" The Electronic War has begun and the "Phi Vs. Jayy" clash has just started. The brothers duke it out electronically! Using everything they know about composing and creating Dance/Electronic music! Their is one track from the album available for download! Judge for yourselves! Who's going to win this battle? Tell us what you think. (More details soon) Read some awesome comments about the album! Track #2 Feelings of Freedom Jayy starts us off with his first track of the album, and it has everything from house kicks, sequences, synthesizers, and some awesome catchy trance leads. This track is exclusively on the "Phi Vs. Jayy"album. Listen to Feelings of Freedom (Jayy) If you would like to download the (256 kbp mp3 file) version of "Feelings of Freedom (Jayy)" for free email me at jay@phijayy.com, or email my brother at phil@phijayy.com
  16. Nice! I think it's about time for the radio-airplay thingy to happen. Nothing like listening to game remixes 24/7!!!
  17. Thanks guys.... we'll consider everything you mentioned. Actually we didn't want to add much variation to this track much. It was so hard to find a rhythmic beat for this particular chorus, mainly because of the chorus. This may have seem easy to remix but it really wasn't. So we're glad that most of you liked it despite the fact that it was pretty hard to remix such a weird chorus. So were going to shorten this a bit, and probably make it less repetitive. Than again the original version was very repetitive... so I don't know. We'll make some changes and post the new version next week. If anyone still have suggestions about this mix feel free to post. http://phijayy.com/music.html
  18. This is new to some on this site others may have heard this before. I got received some good critcism from SGX on this one..... I was hoping that I fixed the clipping on this track.... probably didn't I don't know..... Give it a listen...... I'm pretty sure most of you will like it. Definetly hardcore beats, try to stay with it. Give me some pointers, reviews, or comments. http://www.supload.com/listen?s=O71Y8732C1II Once I'm finish with this and after I get some constructive reviews; this will be going on our third album Phi Vs. Jayy. My brother and I decided to go against each other on this album of course music style. The third album will be primarily Dance, Breakbeat, House, and Downtempo music. Can't wait till we're done. It's taking him forever. If you want more info just email us or post anything here. ~Jayy
  19. We're new here but it doesn't mean were new at making music. Check out two tracks each from different albums. Hope you like! In Our World This track is very, very inspirational, it inspires you more and more as you listen to it. The strings, the beat, the bass everything is well put together. This type of music style is chill-out, dance, and instrumental. This track belongs to the album "In Our World" which will be released sometime in 2008. Album: In Our World Track Name: In Our World Link: http://www.ourstage.com/music/channel/23-experimental/ZSCQEWBDIEAA-in-our-world XceLeRaTE Dance, House, Trance what ever genre you think this track is under, bottom line, you'll like it. Enjoy. This track can be officially downloaded on iTunes. Album: XceLeRaTE Track Name: Experience Link: http://www.ourstage.com/music/channel/22-electronic/RAQAFDYQVEVQ-experience
  20. This is a remix of special stage, you know when sonic jumps into a big ring thing that looks more like an onion ring. lol Tell us what you think. Remix description: Ambient, Chill-out, and Soundscapes. Really cool too listen to. http://www.supload.com/listen?s=2R4U3YT36G2J Check out our homepage: http://phijayy.com/music.html
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