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  1. I was bored today so I decided to record my own version of my favorite video game song. I didn't change the tune at all so I'm not sure if it's technically a remix. I did add my own bit of flare and some background stuff. It's a redo of the Cosmo Canyon theme from FFVII. All parts are live recordings that I did one at a time and layered together. There are two low whistle parts playing the main melody and one high whistle part with a bit of background stuff to make it a bit more interesting. The drum is a 12 inch diameter rawhide drum that usually just hangs on my wall. I used the built-in microphone on my computer for the recording so the quality might be a bit low. Chances are it won't really go anywhere, but if it gets good feedback I might go back and rerecord it all with decent equipment and put more time into getting the effects right. I think I've rambled on enough; here it is.
  2. Uematsu is an amazing composer! I am astounded at the lack of fans he has on facebook. I did my part to help and will try to spread the word.
  3. Best remix ever. I somehow stumbled onto the original (sans live recording) version of this remix before the newer version was posted to OCR and loved it. I've been listening to this version since it got posted but I just never got around to voicing how amazing it is until now. Not only is this my favorite remix ever, it's up among my top five favorite songs altogether, remix or otherwise.
  4. So now my crazy long story is online and should be accessible here: I would like lots of feedback on both the story and the style.
  5. Ummmm . . . I have a kind of weird problem. My story is just under 3000 words, but when I tried to post it I got a message that said it's too long (over 15000 characters). what should I do?
  6. Well, between my first post and now I completely wrote my piece. It's sort of a stream of consciousness narrative. I don't think I've seen anything quite like it before, so free form is a good category for it. The only thing missing is a title and several rounds of proofreading. I probably won't post it until somebody posts theirs first. Now I can work on making myself a sweet sig. EDIT: Finished the sig
  7. Thank for answering the way you did. I have seen enough profanity throughout the various forums that I know it is fairly common, however I did not know the target audience of the pieces that are written for this thread. Also, I have striven for the past years to entirely eliminate profanity from my own speech, but thoughts are harder to control. Since I am writing from a stream of consciousness, I wanted to put down what I would feel in the same situation, but I also wanted to stay true to my ideals and not offend anybody.
  8. I like the idea of allowing solo instruments to enter as well. I play a few instruments that are uncommon in remixes and I can't do a remix by myself, but I would still like to be part of something. If it goes through, you have my approval.
  9. Right then, I can make something new for this. I really liked my title, but I'll find something better floating around my brain. As a part of the thoughts can I include minor profanities?
  10. I kind of want to enter a stream of consciousness piece. Would that fit the current category? Also, can I use a piece I started earlier but never finished?
  11. I thought of this on the way home today and would like to get some opinions. I personaly think that Vader wouldn't stand a chance against Sephiroth.
  12. I've been listening to this song recently and I think it may be one of the best Final Fantasy songs. the original does a lot, but I would love to see somebody remix this. it plays in a cutscene in Final Fantasy X after the Via somewhere. If I had any sort of skills I would do it myself, but I can't:-x so could someone PLEASE do it for me. this would be the coolest thing ever. thank you if you do, or even if you consider it.