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  1. Ooh. I hadn't noticed that specifically. I did appreciate the level of detail the x-ray visor showed. The echo visor in Prime 2 was a little disappointing but I guess it wouldn't be as detailed. I might have to go look at the beam holds.
  2. Potential spoilers!! (If you haven't played bravely default.) So I'm still playing through Bravely Default for the first time. I have somewhat spoiled the story for myself as I fell in love with the soundtrack before I played the game, and that lead to research. Anyway, I have just recently reached the point where Ringabel regains his memory and figures out that Airy is not quite what she claims to be. No surprises for me as I knew the general story already. Still a cool plot development. The really cool thing that I want to point out, is that when I went back into my save file after this revelation, the title screen changed!! The subtitle of the game is "Where the Fairy Flies" but when you go into your file it changes it so that "Where the F F " are in red and then fade away, leaving you with "Airy Lies" as the subtitle. It isn't something huge and amazing in terms of design, in fact, some people might never notice if they load their file too quick, but it is a really cool touch that fits in with the plot development. What are some other examples of little touches that game designers have put in that make you appreciate a game even more?
  3. Not yet on Youtube. But I'm hoping to get on in the next month. I'll be doing reviews of older Lego sets. (90's era.) I figured rather than competing against the people who already do a great job of the new stuff, I'd try and do quality reviews of the old stuff as all that is out there for many of them is a shaky hand-cam review. So my question is, what is some good start up software for video and audio editing? I've currently got Audacity. But no video stuff.
  4. Ok. I really want a Switch now. Breath of the wild had put it on my 'to buy when I find it at a good deal, probably secondhand.' Now with the announcement of Metroid Prime 4, a core pokemon game, Yoshi, Kirby, and a better look at Super Mario Oddyssey it has moved up to my 'save up and buy it at full price if you have to.' list.
  5. I would say the heavy ball and the friend ball are very useful. I like to match pokeballs to pokemon, and with only one of the apricorn balls per game, I'll take the extras.
  6. No wonder they run away all the time!! They have a good trainer!
  7. I played metroid prime before I had the opportunity to play any of the 2d metroid games. The only one I have even started is metroid fusion, and I got stuck on one of the bosses near the end and haven't gone back to it. I would have to say that I haven't found exploring in fusion very intuitive either. I recall many times getting an ability that would have allowed me to explore a previous area better, only to be blocked off by a convenient explosion or elevator stoppage that forced me to go through a completely new area with no idea how I was supposed to get back later, resulting in what I felt was a very linear path that only opened up towards the end once you have everything! By which time I had forgotten previous areas and so would need to go through each area room by room to make sure I hadn't missed anything. Maybe the earlier ones do a better job. Having played prime on both the Gamecube (At least twice) and the Wii, I did find that by the end I could map out paths to get me from A to B in the quickest possible way. It wasn't quite so easy in Echoes due to occasionally having to switch between worlds, and Corruption took away the interconnection by having completely separate areas and being able to quick fly (with slow cutscenes) to convenient landing pads throughout the worlds. It is a pity that the great visuals just go out the window with certain visors. They have the same thing in Echoes and corruption to some degree, although I think the echolocation visor is the worst for visual fidelity. I actually quite liked the xray visor aesthetic as the were very thorough, being able to see Samus' skeleton, stuff like that. For any teenager who wishes they could have xray vision, just show them the xray visor and say "Are you sure you want to look at skeletons all day?"
  8. I opened them finally. Got a sweet morph ball powerup!! And the top of the metroid is loose plastic so it's squishy!!! https://www.flickr.com/photos/150761383@N02/shares/F9WQoz
  9. I don't know yet. I haven't opened them. I've been building my Lego sets first. I'll open them tomorrow and put up a picture.
  10. Argh!! I'm not far enough in the game that I want to start worrying about global missions yet!! And I usually only get to play for about 20 minutes so it is slow going right now.
  11. Thank you Wildfire for the Metroid action figures!! I've never seen them in New Zealand so I was really surprised! I'll post a picture in the next day or so. Still got to sort out stuff from the holidays.
  12. My secret santa gift has arrived. Now I just have to wait until Christmas to open it!
  13. And one half of my gift has been sent. Should arrive on Sunday. The second half is a card that will be sent by slow post tomorrow. (And I mean slow. Them Waka's take a long time to go anywhere.)
  14. How far in do you start being able to do SOS battles? I'm still not past the first town. I'm only playing in my breaks at work for now so it is going to be slow going until christmas.
  15. Yup. I've got to try and get mine sorted out next week so that it will hopefully be there by Christmas. Although, purchasing for the US isn't so bad. I can just shop Amazon, or any US based business, and get them to ship.
  16. Ok. I finally have my secret santa info. Hopefully I will be able to get something for them next week. Who knows how long postage will take though. It could arrive in January.
  17. Only just started playing Sun the other day. And due to very little time to play I have only managed to get my starter, (Owlett named Locksley.) and catch three pokemon in route 1. I like how they integrated story stuff before you even get your pokemon, and how they handled the whole pick your gender/name stuff.
  18. The correct name would help. Although, Mikayan sounds pretty cool too. And people might actually say it right then. Oh and @Bahamut, I still haven't got details yet. Please send them through. Message or email on tauwillwin@hotmail.com The sooner the better. Waka post takes a long time.
  19. Contact me at tauwillwin@hotmail.com. Also, how would I change that? I couldn't find it in settings, and I've got messages before.
  20. Ok. I signed up because I just got a job for the summer. Have fun. I live in New Zealand, shipping is gonna suck both ways.
  21. Will probably sign up tomorrow.
  22. Have fun with this thread. Besides being in New Zealand and so not eligible, I have managed to get four of each of the codes this year. Which is good because I have Y and Omega Ruby, and my wife has X and Alpha Sapphire. When Sun and Moon come out I will have Sun and she will have Moon. Cool Thread though.
  23. Darn it. I missed the five day event on the demo. What did I miss?
  24. Yay for more Pokemon, more Alolan forms! And more stuff!! There are some cool new abilities coming out this generation. I hope some of them make it onto older pokemon. Not long to go before we can play the demo!! It does look like gyms might not be a focus in this game.
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