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  1. Yes, in podracer you had to get to your top speed, then hold forward on the control stick which would start you on a new speed bracket, and then if you could keep going in a straight enough line you for long enough you got access to boost which could send you flying into a wall.
  2. SO much good stuff in the direct. New game modes, check. Awesome final smash trophies, check. Character trailer, check. Mwahahahaha!! This game is going to be awesome!!
  3. I just spent an hour or so on the demo playing a few matches with each character. It does feel good. I am looking forward to the full game. Villager seems to be quite fun.
  4. Why is that the people that get it early aren't very good at it? Maybe they are focusing on the streaming rather than the game.
  5. Two days until the Japanese release!! Yay!
  6. Scratch Metroid Prime 3 off that list. But my wife just added Minish cap to hers.
  7. I have to get this game now!
  8. It could very well be an elaborate hoax. I noticed a couple of things that made me sceptical about it being real. But that being said, I wouldn't be disappointed to have Shulk and Bowser Jr. I would be disappointed not to have Wolf, Lucas, and Ice climbers.
  9. I don't even know if there are any posted mixers here in New Zealand. There are a few fans down here though.
  10. A bittersweet day. Girahim is in, but as an assist trophy. I think he could have been pretty cool as a fighter. I just hope they make it so that there is a chance he turns into his black form with the big sword. Well, not long to go until it is out in Japan. And then the internet will know all the characters for certain.
  11. There have been so many rumours going around lately. There seems to be a trend that a particular rumour will become popular, then all new 'leaks' copy the characters from the popular leak. First it was everyone saying the Chorus Kids would be in, now we have a bunch of leaks saying Bowser Jr and Duck Hunt Dog are in. I personally would rather not have duck hunt dog. Bowser Jr I would be ok with. What I really want is Ganondorf back, and Girahim as a newcomer.
  12. Yup, this game, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Splatoon, this coming year is going to be a good year for Wii U games. There were quite a few comments on Mii-verse about the costume when the post went up.
  13. I'm curious to see what they put as his standard A combo finisher. Also, have they altered his final smash at all?
  14. It was a really good movie. Very well done humour, and great action. Funny thing when I saw it, there was a 6-8 year old sitting next to my wife, and he kept asking his Dad what some of the words were, and why the characters were using them.
  15. Why thank you. Plants vs Zombies is pretty fun. I also think a game of tag is good for kids. (It didn't say video games.)
  16. I really love the Zelda, Metroid and Mario games for the puzzle solving that they have in them. Mario party, Smash Bros, and Mario kart are good for having fun with friends, whether you win or lose. And Super Monkey Ball, because it's Super Monkey Ball, and, you have to be crazy skilled to complete it, so start young.
  17. Reminds me of a couple of university students who did chalk art in random classrooms every week. http://www.boredpanda.org/chalkboard-art-dangerdust/
  18. I finally finished Metroid Prime 2. Now I have to go do Metroid Prime 3, along with WInd Waker, Super Paper Mario, and a bunch of others.
  19. 45 pages? I only see 12. I agree. Rayman is really random as a trophy.
  20. Here are some Anime songs to give you an idea of the style I'm thinking of. I will update the list as I find more. Quite bouncy and random.
  21. So I was watching the Top 100 N64 songs video that GreatGonzales posted, and I got to Inside the Castle Walls from Super Mario 64. Here is my crazy idea for that particular piece. Remix it in the style of the opening song for a Japanese Anime aimed at young/teenage girls. By this I mean happy, bouncy and somewhat random. Here is a link to 30 minutes of the Mario song. I will try to find some appropriate examples of anime songs for inspiration.
  22. I think that there probably won't be another new character revealed before October. Maybe one of the veterans. I'm happy if they just show us more about characters moves and the levels. But yes, bring Mewtwo back.
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