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  1. I'm curious, why do you say Sonic? The Conan Video was hilarious. America lost to Smash Bros.
  2. -Metroid Fusion. I got stuck on a boss and I haven't gone back to it. -Metroid Prime Two, I got to the last boss, beat the First boss after about 10 tries, then got destroyed by Dark Samus. -Metroid Prime Three, I got halfway through, then I bought the trilogy on Wii and started the whole series over. I'm halfway through two, hoping the new controls will make dark Samus easier. -Majora's Mask, I really want the Fierce deity mask, but I can't manage to beat the Goron section. That and I moved for uni so I don't have an N64 at the moment. -Final Fantasy VIII and XII, I got about 3/4 of the way through, and now I no longer have the memory cards they were on.
  3. What!! Michael Jackson will be an alt costume for Megaman!! No way!
  4. I only saw the picture here on OCR, I hadn't actually looked at the announcement. Now that I have, I am really happy, because I will be able to get it. I agree that it would have been really stupid of them not to release it to public. I would also like to see them sell the controllers with the smash logo.
  5. Yay! Hopefully they release it to the public and I don't have to buy four WiiU Pro controllers straght away!
  6. Well, They have more pokemon in pokeballs, and there are more assist trophies. So I guess you will have to see what the single player is like. Or Wait for R.O.B. and Falco. I actually hope they bring back Wolf with a moveset that is completely different from Fox and Falco. Same with Ganonorf. I like the heavier, more powerful characters. Mostly because I play against people who aren't that good so I don't have to worry about getting timing perfect.
  7. Oh yes. Monkey ball. The first one rather than 2. More skill, less lucky timing. I would love to hear some remixes from it too. THe menu music on Monkeyball is awesome. So happy!
  8. P.S.O. On Gamecube. I have spent way too long on that game. But I keep going back to it.
  9. Awesome april fools! Beats my going to my old school and pretending to be a student again. And Zircon, Thanks for the Terra Electronic mix. It was awesome. Pity I forgot to save it.
  10. Congratulations BGC. BGC, How different was it to be composing on pieces for a game rather than remixing pieces from a game?
  11. Love the remix. Just wondering if anyone else thinks some of it sounds like Phantasy Star Online? I don't know the Chrono Trigger soundtrack at all so I wouldn't know how similar they are. Edit: This is in no way a bad thing. I love PSO. It has consumed many hours of my life. That's why I know the tune so well.
  12. Ha. I saw the add then I saw your sig then I was like Heey, Wait a second. Sorry. No iPhone here though. To expensive in New Zealand.
  13. Interestingly enough I have that one already. Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I do plan on getting all of the remixes eventually but I am currently limited by my internet connection. I only have a couple of gig a month so I'm getting it slowly.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll take a look at a few. Probably not. I have a couple of hundred gig.
  15. Random question. How do you get the title and score underneath your username?
  16. Genis' kendama in Tales of symphonia was the best. I laughed when I saw it.
  17. I have a bit of a problem. I want to expand my OCRemix library but I already have all the remixes from the games I know. Here are the games I have already. Zelda series Mario series Metroid series Final Fantasy series Sonic series Kirby series Donkey Kong series Phantasy Star series Tetris And a few games with one or two remixes. My question to you is. What game should I get the remixes for now?
  18. Hiya all. Miyakan here. I'm a bit of a lurker but I hope to come on a bit more. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
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