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  1. Yay! Finally evolutions of the starters!! Poor Popplio, it doesn't look to be redeeming itself in terms of appeal. I feel a little sorry for Rowlet too, that stage two is weird. I think I will be going with Litten this time around. Not too fussed with Ash Greninja unless there is some decent bonus to changing form. I'll be playing the Demo though. (At least, once I finish my exams.) Hooray for more minigames. More ways to get pokemon, items, and increase EV's. They could be fun. I'm still curious how IVs will be able to be improved. On another note, There was a leak from a spanish site about an Ice stone.
  2. I guess I'll just have to hope you have five monkey ball remixes next year.
  3. So now we know a little more about exclusives, which one do people think they will get? I'm thinking sun, my wife likes moon, so that will work for getting exclusives. Also, in relation to the set 12 hours apart, it looks like it is permanent time, as rockruffs evolution depends whether it is day or night.
  4. Hmm.. It would be nice to be able to just go full on against a legendary pokemon without having to worrying about catching it. (So long as you can catch it later.) They are definitely showing some of the weirder pokemon of this generation. I hope Type:Null has something interesting to make it good. Otherwise it will just be a weird normal Chimera. I guess the 12 hours apart means it runs off your DS system and sun or moon will be 12 hours off. No idea if there are actually different events or if they will just cycle differently. (If it is just different cycles you won't have to worry about missing one game because you are playing the other.)
  5. A squidflood. Super Monkeyball flood!!! Seriously, has anyone even done a remix of SMB? Edit: NOPE!!! WHAT!! HOW!! SUCH HAPPY MUSIC!!
  6. I still need to cash in on the Arceus codes I got. And maybe pick up the happy hour Meowth. Why is there so much stuff!!! I hope there is more sun and moon info. I want more Alola forms!!!
  7. Well you must have liked the Torvus Bog music. Your rendition torvus clockwork was the first remix I listened to that I would be completely fine with if it replaced the original track. Unless you did the track because you didn't like it. I agree though. Don't skip Echoes. I would have to say the first is my favourite out of the trilogy. Echoes and corruption both have good points and bad points. Echoes had annoying ammo and big difficulty spikes at points (at least for me). But a great, if somewhat dark atmosphere. Corruption had too many cut-scenes when navigating, and I feel the supercharge function was used to little.(Although, that is probably a realistic approach.) But it had a good balance between leaving you alone in the world, and interacting with the GF.
  8. I loved the Prime trilogy. Played the first two on gamecube, never quite managed to beat the final boss on Echoes. Played through most of Corruption on the Wii. Then when the trilogy released on the Wii I bought it straight away. Managed to actually finish all three last year. I love the atmosphere the prime trilogy had. So much lore that you could discover from scanning everything. It was interesting how they managed to make the world seem so fleshed out in terms of story and lore, yet make it feel so empty as you went through it. It makes you feel so alone when playing through it. The only 2d one I have played is fusion, but I got stuck on one of the bosses not far from the end. I should probably finish it at some point.
  9. I only got two yesterday. One for me, one for my wife. Now I need to get two more for our ruby and Sapphire games. Maybe I can wrangle a spare.
  10. And while you're at it, ask for a copy of sun and moon for me. But seriously, the pokemon world has some impressive places.
  11. I can't remember if they revealed all the pokemon for X and Y before release. I'm not too fussed either way when it comes to Pokemon. Now if they spoil Breath of the Wild too much I will be annoyed. Off to get some Arceus codes!! Yay NZ EB games!
  12. I love the new forms!! Ice Vulpix and Ninetales!!! Ice Sandshrew and Sandslash!! This is awesome!! I love all four of these pokemon and the new forms are incredible. I wouldn't say they are better forms, rather they are cool (Pun intended) alternates that give a new spin on the original design. (Exeggutor is ok, but I'm not as enamoured with it as the other four.) As for the new pokemon, I'm glad Mudsdale isn't the base form. It would probably have ended up like Tauros if it didn't have an evolution line. Fomantis and Lurantis are nicely designed. Minior has an interesting typing and ability, will have to see what the changes are when the shield breaks. Will be fun to try and get all four colours. I like the different forms of Oricorio (That is a mouthful to say.) Flamenco, Cheerleading, Hula, and Japanese fan dancing. Four different typings to play around with, and a very sneaky ability. Bait someone into using dragon/quiver dance then switch into oricorio for a free boost. Or in doubles partner pokemon uses dragon/quiver dance for a first turn boosted attack. I'm curious to see how/if gyms are integrated alongside these trials/totem pokemon/Kahuna people. Also, Z attacks, a once a battle use, and one for each type. Lots of mind games to be played around when to use it/ which pokemon will use it. Pity about the silly dance routine. All in all a packed set of info. And more to come on the 12th. YAY!!
  13. Legen of Zelda, Breath of the Wild. It looks amazing! It is huge, there seems to be a lot of fun stuff, and you can beat moblins up with a skeleton hand. Or pokemon (The whole series) You can travel between cities in about 5 minutes (Walking!). Just watch out for all the death dealing monsters.
  14. Wimpod is going to be an absolute nightmare to catch with that ability. Just imagine encountering it without knowing its ability. "Let me just damage it a little and give it some paralysis. Yay! All the way down to red, I'll throw a pokeball next turn. What?!! How did it run away?!" Repeat until you get fed up and use your sole masterball just to catch it. Abra version 2.0
  15. New info for sun and moon comes out on July 1st. Not sure where or what though.
  16. It isn't that hard if you have access to the GTS. For any non legendary you can put up a relatively decent pokemon for offer and you should get the pokemon you want in a day or less. Legendary pokemon might take a bit longer or require a better offer.
  17. Looking good so far. First thoughts are that I will want litten as my starter. I'll have to see what the third stages are though. And that sun legendary looks like a pyroar on steroids.
  18. Really late to the bandwagon, but I just listened to this again. Really nice piece. As I was listening to it I had the thought, especially towards the end with the stronger piano, this sounds very similar in style to some of Richard Clayderman's work. Add some percussion and bass guitar and it would feel right at home mixed in one of his albums.
  19. I first found OC Remix in 2006 or 2007. I have no idea how was directed to this sight, it might have been from Gaia online. But I've since kept OC remix music as the staple of my music library. I prefer non-vocal music so most of the stuff here fits me perfectly. Still not able to actually do anything with my own music, but maybe later in life I'll get my own saxophone and actually be able to do some more musically. It has been a great time so far!
  20. Tempted to join. Not too sure though as I am in New Zealand, and shipping is darned expensive. I guess I could just shop online. Then I have to deal with exchange rates. Hmm.... I'll think about it.
  21. It looks like Benjamin Briggs got some Super Monkey Ball in his Splatoon. http://music.gamechops.com/track/stay-fresh I'm loving this album. I'm not loving the B- purgatory I am stuck in though. (Updated. Just made it to B rank. Mwahahah!)
  22. Mwahahaha!! I made it to level 20!!! And I am sitting at a B- rank. Now for leveling up even if I lose in ranked! (Not that I lose in ranked, oh wait, yes I do.) Does anyone else buy every single piece of equipment then try to upgrade them all? Or do you just buy one you like and stick with that?
  23. Oh gosh, level 50. I don't have constant internet so I haven't even got to level 20 yet. I'm still sitting at 11. On the other hand, the new weapons and features look like they will be fun.
  24. My username is supposed to be a japanese name. But really I just made it up in japanese class one day. I haven't actually seen it as a name anywhere else.
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