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    Some guy trying who loves music and games and, always trying to expand his musical experience.
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    Guitars, bass guitars, drums.

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  1. So, I believe i have a couple of mixes sitting for like, 2 years or so, and never got posted... at this point i can't even remember when i've submitted them... or which ones they are... Can they be posted already? Like... now?
  2. Shnabubula's stuff is always making me feel like quitting music...
  3. Wow! Thank you dude!!! I'm glad you like it!!!

  4. Thanks Man for Your SF2010! I almost cry:mrgreen: Remind me my childhood)

  5. Hey dude!

    So, i just wanna say that i am aware of the deadline for MMX project and that im almost done with it... got most of the guitar tracks, as i am yet to record some more. Then i'll be ready to mix and send it.

    Is it still ok?

    Thank you dude.

  6. I <3 so much, guys! Im glad you all enjoy this one! Hm... might be a bad execution at 3:55 more likely... Again, thank you very much for all compliments, guys!!! <3
  7. Haha! Wow, thank you guys! <3 Like to most of you, this is like the soundtrack of my childhood. Sunset Riders soundtrack is one of my favorite ever, along with Sonic series. I am actually surprised that i didnt heard nothing really outstanding from this game before. I did had a lot of fun recording this track. And I'll bring more of them as soon as I can (i think i got some ideas already). I am trully happy to know that the song grew on you guys as much as it did on me! Again <3
  8. Congrats, Mads! I always told you how this song is wonderfull! You did great.
  9. DOCTOR - How goes it :)

  10. Hey!! Thank you!! Really!! :D

  11. Your remixes kick some serious ass dude, keep up the good work!

  12. Hey, dude! I was checking out the track list for Lufia Project, and noticed that it says that i'm doing a medley of three songs i chose. Tranquility is not in the medley, and i'm doing it with Harjawaldar. Didnt i commented that before?

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