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  1. Holy moley! This really came out of left field, right, or heck, somewhere in the wild blue yonder. This just woke me up and made me grin in knowing exactly the moment when you hear this, with a fresh spin that deserves praise! Seriously, this song so far in listening just up and has my vote in the early listening start to finish of favorite song. I hope it stays that way.
  2. There are plenty of great ones in here i loved. That you keep including these as flac, im happy that ocremix does. But anyway, each song, is very well crafted, worked at with a passion for the game. Not all were my cup of tea, but its me, not the song that finds them just not my song. Somber Memory, ah, how you take me back. This is a good choice for an introductory song, first of all. When it shifts and plays on, that it never loses that original part of the melody, is a very nice touch. This holds a kind of serenity, that makes you look, especially with the change-up again and again. S
  3. I loved this tune at first hearing it. It brings up in the mind, a Massive HR Giger scene, as you have a large marine group, massive and almost army in scale descending down towards a hive seen from space, the aliens not once stopping in the assault from start to finish of the song. When it seems to quiet, then shifts tune, you almost wonder "what happened?" like a sudden plot twist in a movie. The last minute, you catch the listener up in a great bittersweet moment, and right at end, twist it yet again to leave us wanting more.
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