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  1. Holy moley! This really came out of left field, right, or heck, somewhere in the wild blue yonder. This just woke me up and made me grin in knowing exactly the moment when you hear this, with a fresh spin that deserves praise! Seriously, this song so far in listening just up and has my vote in the early listening start to finish of favorite song. I hope it stays that way.
  2. There are plenty of great ones in here i loved. That you keep including these as flac, im happy that ocremix does. But anyway, each song, is very well crafted, worked at with a passion for the game. Not all were my cup of tea, but its me, not the song that finds them just not my song. Somber Memory, ah, how you take me back. This is a good choice for an introductory song, first of all. When it shifts and plays on, that it never loses that original part of the melody, is a very nice touch. This holds a kind of serenity, that makes you look, especially with the change-up again and again. Shimmering, A dozen sounds it just quite catches a tune to, that without even trying, brings you right into the song. It never lets you go, right before you might catch it worrying to repeat, there it goes again off on its own tangent. Weeping willow, sadly, this one just wasn't for me. A great song, very upbeat, and im not sure how to classify it, but many other folks here nail it well. This Winding Road. Much like weeping willow, it wasn't clicking right, but it has a hymnal, solemn beauty to it, historically powerfull, of a memory held dear. Family Legacy, Talk about out of left field, starts up, and you have to hold onto the ride. I really don't need to say much, this one speaks for itself very clearly, and I wouldn't have expected this sound for the game, Well done! Silent Traveller, The click of tuning, and the echo you carry here. You carry inspiration of where you've been with a quiet grace, very much living to the songs title, a weary one bearing the weight of the world down on him. Autumn Painter, I only wish I could have heard the original before this. To see where the inspiration for this came from. The lyrics surprise you, but they bring a perfect accompaniment to the music. The one ring. The tales begin, and tales end, but you waltz right in, order the beer, be merry, and enjoy the looks spinning about you. The good fellow whom made this needs a round on the house. You capture the spirit of the game, and middle earth perfectly for what really matters. Stockholm, I'm really not sure how to call you. So many things you do, and do well, yet each is apart and together in a means that I can't put a finger on, so my ears just sit back and enjoy. The Village of Decay for String Quartet, You floored me, after kicking me down. I had to stop, listen again, and just wipe the tears away, and thank it for doing so. Its a work of art. I really don't know where to begin there, but just wow. Its a song you wont see, wont know until its about halfway through just what kind of hold it has on you, and replaying, you listen deeply, and find the beauty of this song in the depths of one knights crusade against the darkness. Hope falls to water, really aims for a duality, you almost picture the nina/ryu angle in the two voices, it carries well for it. The base driving narrative, fits to the travels that both carry in their trek the world over. Hero of Celceta, it introduces itself with such an innocent beginning, and you know, when it teases you a short bit, what you have in store for yourself, and you smile, you do, and what it does deliver. A good choice, and one that shifts into each passage very well, with a lift and drop of the part before. Having never played the shin megami tensei, this one was very unexpected. The staccato and the stuttering here, has a kind of requiem feel to it, of an end that you feel wash over you, from what I hear, this is darn true of the digital devil saga's level of curbstomping. Hymn of the Eternal Empire... I don't have much to say, but dang, the range that you achieve brings goosebumps. Well done! Glad to see suikoden in this line-up. The 7th saga, Is a gem of a keeper, it has a quiet rustic feel to it, a bards tale kind of approach, of someone sitting down, after a long session, playing a tune of another time, and the quiet joy of a room to welcome it. Having played it, and getting my hiney kicked to heck and back by it, its nice to see that game get such a welcome remix, especially of the quality it did. To everyone that worked heart, mind and soul into this, you bring a series that deserve some time in the sun a well earned round of praise for this! Bravo!
  3. I loved this tune at first hearing it. It brings up in the mind, a Massive HR Giger scene, as you have a large marine group, massive and almost army in scale descending down towards a hive seen from space, the aliens not once stopping in the assault from start to finish of the song. When it seems to quiet, then shifts tune, you almost wonder "what happened?" like a sudden plot twist in a movie. The last minute, you catch the listener up in a great bittersweet moment, and right at end, twist it yet again to leave us wanting more.
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