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  1. Don't be afraid to ask questions in the help forum. And the biggest thing for me was to start simple, and build from that. My first tracks were nothing more than figuring out how to load a soundfont and input notes on the piano role. It took at least two months before I figured out how to do stuff like note velocity and volume changing!
  2. I am looking forward to seeing the rationalization gamers are going to give for buying the most anti-consumer console ever conceived.
  3. With the global economy the way it is, pretty soon no one is going to have $500. Especially for video-games! That can't even play a used game!
  4. "media, stop making things that sell" "ok" Do you see why no one pays attention to these things? I always thought, deep down, every man wished he was Dirty Harry (or the Man with No Name), John McClane, or Arnold Schwarzenegger. I suspect there is a similar analogue for women!
  5. When it was out and active, the Gamecube was the laughing stock of the gaming world. It only took around half-way through the Wii cycle for the Gamecube to be viewed with rose-tinted glasses. That's why now, gamecube game prices are starting to skyrocket in online auctions
  6. Well, if people like laundry lists of examples of X happening, with sermonizing about how you are buying into misogyny and all sorts of horrible statistics by supporting said products, then this might be your series of videos. Since I am not a self-hating white male, this doesn't seem to be targeted towards me, so I take my leave from this circle-jerk.
  7. So Firebird, I've take it you've seen M.D. Geist and Genocyber!
  8. I don't disagree, but the first six episodes meticulously connect everything together, have the characters be involved in each others' lives, like it is really going to go somewhere with the idea, and then forgets about it. The latter standalone episodes are really good by themselves, but I still felt left down when I watched it.
  9. Here are some tracks that I would greatly appreciate some constructive criticisms on: I was trying for a sci-fi cyberpunk feel with this (inspired by the Genocyber Soundtrack): Digital Heartbeat This piece is more System-Shock-y: Virtual Portal This is me trying to make dance-y electronic music: MADMEN These two short tracks were for a short film at school, where I tried to make a loving homage to 80s music: Total Ninja Carnage - The Return of Gordon Total Ninja Carnage - Harry's Death I'm looking for general criticisms or insights, mainly in the first three, in terms of instrument clarity, production, EQing, mastering, etc. I say mainly the first three, because the soundtrack pieces were and are pretty clear to my ears, but maybe more discerning palates can pick things out. I'm really looking to improve enough to have something of a good portfolio of different types of music to show off to people, especially prospective clients. Any input is appreciated - I want to be at the top of my game!
  10. Trust me; I think it's awful!
  11. K.B., I thought Boku no Pico was pretty reprehensible, but I think it might be up your alley. Want me to send you a link? I would have liked Paranoia Agent more if half-way through Satoshi Kon completely dropped every single pretense of plot progression, making the whole thing collapse into non-sequitir until the last episode, and by then it was too late. It spent six episodes building up this complex, engaging psycho-drama, only for what I assume to be Kon writing himself into a corner, not know how to continue the plot for six more episodes, and then piddling around for the rest of the series. It was extremely disappointing, because everything about the show up to the halfway point was high-quality, top-notch stuff. With Kon, it's best to just stick to his film oeuvre.
  12. I had actually forgotten about Black Lagoon, ha ha. It's one of my favorite action series, and was consistently entertaining. The fact that Roberta's Blood Trail was never dubbed has been a sore spot on my heart; Black Lagoon's dub is one of my favorite, especially outside of Manga UK!
  13. Most of the people I hang around, between IRL and online, are in their mid-to-late 20s, and are more in to the '80s side of things when it comes to games, movies, and anime. I gravitate towards hand-drawn animation, flashy action, and good character/mecha design - I don't really like today's moe-centric stuff, and even the action anime today doesn't appeal to me (with some exceptions - Eureka Seven). It's easier when I have a ready go-to company that localized and dubbed most of the stuff I'm in to: Manga UK Entertainment. Their gritty, profanity-laced dubs more or less fit the mood of the shows they picked, and they marketed their stuff specifically to late-teens and early adults - in other words, my age bracket, that likes darker stuff. So I like looking for the weird, interesting, or the best of the best, in the case of the original Bubblegum Crisis. I don't like boring.
  14. I just watched the Genocyber OVA (the first three episodes anyhow - the last two have nothing to do with the titular Genocyber). The OVA's script was written by FMA's Sho Aikawa, and directed by Blue Gender's Koichi Ohata (or rather, the director of M.D. Geist!). So what do you get when you have the writing of Aikawa and the art direction of Ohata? Really messed up stuff: ^the full view of this f-ed up cyborg assassin is probably my favorite design in the whole shebang. It's really wicked stuff. Along with fantastic art direction and mecha design (Ohata being the master he is): This is not for the faint of heart - the first episode having more gore than all of Elfen Lied (what a shit show) put together. It's very, very, very graphic. Almost sort of like a train-wreck you can't look away from. Lots of pointless, senseless violence, a little bit of child molestation (!!!), and a lot of nihilism. for the shitty world as portrayed in Genocyber, as it pans over crowded city shots and news talks of your usual cyberpunk stuff like government unification, unilateral armies, urban decay, and evil corporations. It's all synth sort of stuff, but it gives a good deal of atmosphere to the whole affair.The plot is sort of thin and hard to follow, and punctuated by lots of pointless dark gore/gorror/gorn/whatever. The Manga UK dub is its usual self, but I think liberal use of FUCKs and SHITs helps in something so hard. I kind of wish more was put into the plot than Ohata relishing the amount of massacre on-screen. I suppose the whole point is the general lack of concern about humanity that is ever-present in the OVA (the evil corporation assassins seem to enjoy causing a shitton of collateral damage for the lulz), but it still feels a bit too much. Generally the whole affair seems to be a comment on how modern human life is not treated as important by governments or corporations, and everyone wants to kill the main character (or control her powers) with little concern for her as a person, or the lives of hundreds of thousands of people as well. It's really dark and brutal stuff, that I can't really recommend, but it's interesting nonetheless. Of the three episodes (which the latter two are really just one split in half), the first one is the one to see, since it's by far the most creative, and has the most depth and story going on to get you hooked. It's sort of an infamous piece of anime history. It's the thing that's begging to be expanded into a longer, modern, less "everything is fucked" viewpoint.
  15. If it's a dub by Manga UK, back in their glory days, I'll probably enjoy it over the Japanese. Their strategy of making things campy, gritty, and edgy appeals to me as a red-blooded adult male. Example: ; ;
  16. They probably saw how much money they were making, got arrogant (like Sony in the PS2 days), and thought they could become auteurs or something, by making garbage games like Metroid: Other M. Nintendo and Sony did the exact same thing - get really successful, dominate the market, and then forget why they even dominated the market to begin with. Maybe it's a Japan thing, I dunno.
  17. See, the Wii was for cool people. It was the best and most brilliant marketing we saw in the last three generations (counting this one). It was a console about playing games. And it was pretty darn successful at it too, until Nintendo abandoned that approach, and it became the Netflix box. To the "all-in-one box" arguments - These companies can't really try to compete. If they try to be multi-media devices, some company like Apple is just going to come in and wipe the floor with them with the iTV or something like that. The real competition from apple is not the rise in mobile games on phones, it's about the media capabilities of the Apple products. That's why the Wii and DS were able to succeed so well, in that they completely side-stepped the coming struggle with Apple, and focused on gaming. Any console that tries to do otherwise, in this economic climate, is going to fizzle out. To say otherwise is just not seeing the macro-economic picture.
  18. Yeah, but did anyone really fucking use PictoChat?
  19. And that's why the Wii and DS sold so poorly, right? People raise the "devices need to multi-task!" banner, but it never, ever seems to translate into concrete sales. Did the PS2 really sell so much because of its DVD player, or the extremely high number of games it had? If consoles aren't about games, then there's no reason to buy them over cheaper alternatives.
  20. And this is the biggest reason why this console is dead in the water. Remember when all those CD-based consoles in the 90s billed themselves as multimedia devices? Those did pretty well, right? Right?
  21. Well, I was definitely asking for another Donkey Kong Country.
  22. At the same time, you look at titles like Mario Kart, Wii Play, NSMB Wii, and DKCR, which all probably cost considerably less to make (aside from MK, no detailed 3D worlds to make), yet yield far greater profit returns. Nintendo going through the trouble to publish a niche game (Bayonetta) that sold only a million copies? For a company with an economic climate that's middling at best right now, why even bother? Nintendo making Pikmin its first standout 1st-party title? I mean, come on; it's silly. The Wii U lacks an identity right now, and that identity shouldn't be "games you could have gotten on other systems, and some gamecube titles." That lack of identity is the biggest reason behind all the consumer apathy. No one knows what the Wii U is, or what it means for video-games. Problem is, Nintendo doesn't know that either! You can't say the same for the Wii - everyone knew what the Wii was.
  23. The major problem with the WiiU is that Nintendo has done precisely the opposite of this. I'm sure several of you are excited for Pikmin 3 and Bayonetta 2 and all, but no one bought those games to begin with, so why all the money and/or dev-time sunk in to them?
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