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  1. If you like RPGs, I hear that Eternal Sonata for the 360 was supposed to be pretty good. It's also a game based around Frederic Chopin, so I guess it fits that whole "we're a site that loves music" think pretty well.
  2. I agree, Muramasa is worth the time if you like a nice hack n' slash adventure game in beautiful 2D. Someone said House of the Dead: Overkill, get that. It's $20, and it makes for one heck of a game to play with a friend (it is oh-so-satisfying, and hilarious to boot). Madworld is short, but it's also $20. I'd say get it. Trauma Center, either one of them, is a good buy in my book. For the Nintendo games that are STILL $50, like every 1st party game, I say: Get them used. It's better to get them cheaper. If you want something else, I'd recommend the Wiiware game Megaman 9 (ten bucks), or World of Goo (15). Both solid games. Finally, I'mma push Little King's Story. It's a beautiful, fun, and enthralling 40-hour game that no one bought, and it's probably one of the best games on the Wii. Plus, you get to be a king with 7 wives. What's not to like?
  3. I find this to be a pretty damn enjoyable and listenable song, with great texture and sound quality... But outside of a few parts (like at 1:00), I have a hard time finding the original melody in all of this. Under Martial Law was a pretty simple track, so with this remix, a LOT has been added to it. An above poster was right; this makes it sound like a companion of sorts to the Gestahlian Empire, which is a track I think should also be remixed (because it's so good). This is a really well-made song, but like I said, it can be pretty difficult finding the original placed within.
  4. I'm really sorry to be a bother, but I DID do that, but the post message box still shows up like before, with the Bold/Italic/Underline, Microsoft Word setup. Does it have to be in a specific skin or something? Or am I just horribly fucking something up due to being new (probably the case)? ON topic: I can see though, in a forum as big as this, that there can be an overflow of youtube videos posted... They're useful for say, "post cool music" threads and the like, because you don't have to leave the thread, so they have that going for it.
  5. I wish ya luck on that, mah boi. I just can't figure out how to make that darned DnB the kids are listenin' to these days... Back in my day we had real music and didn't resort to all that hippin' and hoppin' an-....
  6. Spoken like a true champion. I salute you, McVaffe. My musical goals are as the follows for next year (and before) -refine my compositional technique I have taken a bit of theory, on top of which I already have a 10+ year musical background... The theory didn't really do so much as to further a certain minimalistic style I have been developing (and i mean super-minimalist, on Fur Alina levels), but I'd love to be able to learn how to put this style into a larger context outside of the piano (which is about the only place such a style has been able to surface for me). I have a few ideas on how to do that, and in time, I hope I can find some fruition to my efforts. -Find a good orchestral soundfont for free unrealistic, I know. As of right now, I have squidfont, along with Fruity Loops. So when I do make orchestral pieces, it doesn't sound quite up to par with what i envision. Finding something that is a bit more expressive would be a big boon, and it would allow me to commence working on my more ambitious projects (which ties in to the first point nicely). -Continue to promote and expose people to modern classical music It didn't stop with Beethoven, guys. I have taken it upon myself to try to get people to realize the full amount of lush, strange, exotic, and sometimes scary or dissonant pieces of music that have been unleashed since the end of the 19th century. My sig contains one such example, but there is more: Steve Reich (wonderful!!!!!!), Arnold Schoenberg, Toru Takemitsu, Elliot Carter, Morton Feldman, even some works of John Cage... I wish more people knew about them and listened to them, because it seems to me that if music remains solely in the past, it remains in a rut and becomes obsolete. And I think that is encouraged if people never acknowledge the music-makers of their OWN time, their OWN era. A lot of it doesn't sound necessarily pleasant, but I find so much beautiful in its own haunting way. This has always been a great goal of mine, in a way, not that anyone really ever pays attention to music like that. Oh, and having a remix posted on this site was a long-time dream of mine, so if that ever happened, that'd be pretty cool too.
  7. A game in which no one played, but has some of the best music around is called Knights in the Nightmare, by developer STiNG. It's also hands-down one of the best games on the DS I have played, period. It has a lot of great tracks... Well, in fact, the entire soundtrack (which comes with the game, cool!) is one great track after another.The boss fights are pretty phenomenal. If I had to pick three to choose from, they'd be: But there are SO many more tracks that are good in that game... Live for Revenge, Lord of Oblivion, any of the Angel songs, The Faithful One... Really, it's like the game had one stellar track after another... AND NO ONE PLAYED THE DARN GAME!
  8. Sorry to post off--topic, but is there a way to make the coding tags appear in the post box? It's kinda annoying to manually type in Text all the time. Of course, I'm a newbie, so I wouldn't know if there WAS a way to configure that. I checked the UCP, but found nothing. I'm all fine with the posting of youtube videos, myself, but I don't find it pressingly necessary.
  9. I have only been able to download the three songs posted on the site (my college does not let me use torrents or they'll shut off my internet...)... So I'll have to wait until I get home to get the full listing. However, from what I HAVE listened to, and what i have listened to on this site, I'll say this right now: These are probably the best CV remixes I have heard to come from OCremix, counting everything else that has been made here. Full of energy, and i love the jazzy-rock textures, along with the great use of percussive/jazz organs (gotta love them), these are really sights to behold (or is that sounds to be-hear???). Admirable job on them, and this definitely makes my "listen to often" selection from OCremix.
  10. All I'd like to do is to encourage you folks, because not only you are remixing one of my all-time favorite games (and the first game I've ever owned), but I am so excited to see songs remixed that are not just Tal Tal Heights and Ballad of the Windfish. There are so many tracks in LA that get overlooked in favor of these two (great) tracks, but the prospect of hearing a remix of Face Shrine? Or a remix of Eagle Tower? I am abuzz with anticipation. Stay Gold, Ponyboy. Stay Gold.
  11. My lackluster and boring profile:

  12. A remix of Septette for the Dead Princess (perhaps in the style of Pavane for the Dead Princess? Oh ho ho, I'm so clever) would be something that would be pretty cool, in my eyes. Metal remixes of said song fall flat on their asses. UN Owen is a bit too overused, in my eyes. Gotta find the hidden gems. If there are such things in the Touhou series.
  13. Hello, OCR. I know I just joined, and I really hope it's not presumptuous of me to push any type of music of mine down your throats, but I am just posting this here to get some feedback, and maybe some tips on how to improve myself when I go on to attempt some VG stuff. I don't want this to sound like self-advertisement, so I hope it doesn't sound too needy. Anyhoo, I didn't want to join this community without something under my belt in terms of music production, so I have myself a last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Emperor+Charlemagne And on this last.fm, I tried my hand at making CUSTOM video-game INSPIRED tracks (not remixes, mind you. My own stuff): Nowhere to Go but Forward Cheesy album art by me. I kinda wanted the whole album to have a lot of cheese to it. It's all free, by the way. I don't deserve to charge. Now, talking to a few pals here and there, the tracks they like most are: Inconstant Madness The Greatest Magician in the World Organ Grinder (especially; people seem to love this) And I use Fruity Loops with a SHIT-load of free samples (mostly stuff I found on the great Darkesword's website, ha ha). Again, I ask (if only for those three tracks; listen to the others at your discretion, heh) for any advice, not only in terms of composition, but what i am most in need of help in, EQing and mastering. So much help, that I don't even know what EQing means! If this is ignored, I'm fine with that, but I just also wanted to show (as I said earlier) that I don't want to be just some kid with the FL demo churning out a crappy loop-filled attempt at trance (nothing against trance). I also hope it is not against the rules to post this topic. The rules for each section are all kinda spread out, so it's hard for a new-timer to keep track. Sorry if this is not kosher.
  14. I can tell you of many many many many examples that fit the bill. I am a bit of a classical music buff, from Bach to Boulez. That latter sounds pretty crazy if you're not used to modern music. But instead, I'll showcase a song by one of the best composers of the 20th century: the guy in my sig. All of his music rocks, hands down: He doesn't so much as skirt the rules as much as take every single rule there is, looks at them, throws most of them out the window, and then keeps the ones he likes and makes beautiful music from it. I hope someone listens and enjoys the piece. It's hauntingly amazing.
  15. Hello everyone. I'm new here on the forums, but I have been visiting for about 5 years now. I always said that if I got means, I'd join the OCremix, since I love games and I love music. Subsequently, I kinda like game music. Go figure. I got Fruity Loops a while back sometime in May, so I finally have the means to make music. Whether that music is good or not.. well..... In any event, a small history: I've played the piano for 10+ years, and the trumpet for 9, am considering a double-major in music theory (I am a history major now), and I am a big aficionado of modern classical music, ie, stuff that no one likes to listen to (Schoenberg, Ligeti, Boulez, etc). A small dream of mine (something of a joke) is to do a total serialist rendition of the Zelda theme. How would that work out? I still have to figure that one out. My favorite game series are pretty typical... I like Zelda, and Final Fantasy, and Fire Emblem, etc. My all time favorite series would have to be Metroid. In fact, I signed up on this forum under the name "Emperor Ing" a good 2 years ago. However, I never received an activation email, and despite emailing a few folks, I got nothing. That's in the past, and I'm fine, since this is the name of my music-making persona across the web. Hopefully, you won't think me TOO much of a noob. Amateur, definitely. But noob? That's harsh. Here is a sample of something I made for an album a while back (totally free of course): http://www.last.fm/music/Emperor+Charlemagne/_/Organ+Grinder I like to cover a bevy of styles, but if I get myself a really good free (lol) orchestral set of samples, I want to focus primarily on orchestral arrangements. I already have a few Metroid NES ones lined up in my head, so.... Well, I also joined because musically, I've been in a rut, and maybe being amongst other musicians might help me break out. I loves the OCR, and I hope to become a somewhat active member here! Sorry for the long read.
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