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  1. So, would this bring anything good to remixing or would it be like everyone else basicly said? That it would cause a slew of crap music brought forth? I mean, I think there could be some good in most things.
  2. Hey, can we get this guy to do the cover to 'Music of my groin'? I know, very random idea but it just somehow clicked.
  3. I think my biggest problem is that I'm not really accustomed to Anvil Studio just yet. I didn't want to make any threads about it so it wasn't taken as a 'How do I remix' thread you know. I had thought about PMing some people, but I didn't. I do appreate the comments though. I think another problem is that its harder to get info from my mind to Anvil Studio. Maybe its me though. Thanks again.
  4. I thought this was great. The vocals blended in rather well with the song and the announcer saying where they where going was a good idea, in my oppion. It made it more of like you where either on the track racing or going on a monorail to the race itself. It got the song into the mode and blended the multipule tracks rather well. This is one of my favorites of this game, and up there as one of my top favorites over all.
  5. Thanks for the links and the info. That makes more sense about Fullscreen to Widescreen for sprites. Thanks again.
  6. Too bad they couldn't get the PC Gemfire/Royal Blood 2 to the VC. It looked bigger than the orignal, but still. I'd love to see at least one of them getting the limelight. Maybe with a tougher AI and more scenarios and or maps. But thats just me.
  7. Call it a stupid thing, but I thought that a game would look ok no matter what resolution it was in. Wide or Fullscreen that is. Or is it just coding within the game that makes it look ok?
  8. I don't know how, but I forgot all about it. It was one of the RPG's that I played a lot on the NES. I miss that game.
  9. Oh, sorry, I ment Violin, not Viola. But after reading what you said for the La, La, Lalala's, I'm interested to hear a cover/remix on it like you mentioned.
  10. They have the orignal Shining Force on the VC. The question is if they where to bring two and three over that is. Personally, I wish they would branch out some more, and put old Gameboy/Color and later on down the road, maybe some Advanced titles. I doubt the Advanced ones, but still old school GB/GBC would be nice.
  11. I'd like to see them translate and bring over the orignal Romancing SaGa games. The ones before Frontier one and two.
  12. The whole fan system does screw things up enough. More to the point that a group of guys or girls or both, think that say Sephiroth was a greater villian than say Kefka, Golbez, Ghaleon, or any other villian that was up there in names. They just take it to so much extremes that it overshadows characters that truely where better. But thats just me. Then again, I'm a Kefka and Ghaleon fan.
  13. Are you doing this by viola like the Terra theme or vocals? I know the orignal had a lot of vocals in it. None the less, it would be nice to see a cover of it. I've got some songs that I can hum or get clicked into my mind, but its just hard to get down onto something like Anvil Studio. Unfortuantly, the only instument I can play basicly is the spoons.
  14. I think thats the problem with many if not most RPGs out there or all of them. The companies don't want to break away and show some other light out there in the relms of RPGs. Mother, the old school Dragon Warriors, Lunar, Breath of Fire and the like. I mean, sure, FF had some great games, but they're not the best thing since sliced bread. Unfortuantly, I think Nintendo is latched onto them thinking that they are. Hell, for that matter, throw Chrono Trigger onto that list.
  15. 1. Dragon Warrior/Quest 4 2. Mother 2 3. Gemfire 4. Breath of Fire 5. Super Mario RPG Thats the list I'm going to be sending off to them.
  16. There's previews of it on Youtube. Thats where I'm getting my kick off it. Their cover/remix of NEO ExDeath is really good. It gets you into the mood for a big fight like that.
  17. First, I know that this is going to probly be really crappy, but I wanted to get some reviews and some help on it. I would like to submit this someday, after enough work and tweaking for it to be accepted. Its a remix of the Cleyra Settlement from FF9 and some hints of My Home, Sweet Home from FF5. http://www.4shared.com/file/43348452/c6885726/Ruins_at_the_Waterfalls.html I know its short, I do plan on making it longer than what it is, but before I go too far, I wanted to get some ideas on the remix and see if its ok. Right now, its in the baby stages of it basicly.
  18. Hey, can I use one of those? I'm seriously loving the drawings in here and I actually was wondering for a good while what her name was before signing up.
  19. Thats pretty much how I got exposed to the Cheetah Men 2 remixes. I agree with what Kablammyman just said as well. I've quickly grown to be a fan of AS's work. Its nice that he's kind of breaking the mold and remixing music from games that haven't been covered thus far.
  20. Hello, long time listener first time poster on OCRemix. I hope to meet a lot of new people and get along with people.
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