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  1. I have had downloaded since it came out, but today it was stuck in my head, so I pumped it up and let my house hear it. Love this song.
  2. I have had this remix on my computer for years and did not realize it was Fear Factory. Still remains one of the ones I turn up when it comes on.
  3. I somehow missed the fact that Jeremy Soule did the Skyrim music. Kudos to the artist though. She managed to make it instantly recognizable for me as Jeremy Soule music. Even after knowing who the original composer is, my brain still said "well this is what Skyrim would sound like if Jeremy composed it" It was good. I like it a lot, even though I am discovering this track almost a year later :D
  4. Yes. I actually came to the site specifically to see if another &Knuckles album had been published. Kind of bummed there wasn't one like it, but this was really funny too.
  5. Way to go. You managed to take a quirky fun level and music set and turn it into a quirkier remix. Yay you. Grrr monotone sarcasm doesn't get conveyed in text. Honestly fun and enjoyable. I suspect this is going to be a very fast piece in Audiosurf with all the synth.
  6. This song is really cool. I love it lots, glad that the artist didn't get the memo about not bringing their A Game. Downloaded &Knuckles today because I missed the boat and didn't even know that it happened. I laughed sooo hard. Kudos to all the talented artists that purposefully brought their subpar game. That is not easy to do. lololol
  7. Found this one at work. Listened to it over and over and over. Then I went home and downloaded it, listened to it more, and Audiosurfed it. Been a long time since I liked a song so much.
  8. Beautiful. The second half of the song sounds like the level music from a really old brickbreaker game called Diamonds3D. So much in fact it made me stop the work I was doing. Downloading now...
  9. MORE PLEASE! This is a really enjoyable piece to listen to and I wouldn't mind more along the same lines.
  10. I am not musically inclined and cannot contribute to this project (though I wish I could). Anyway, this is a set of games that I have truly been looking for remixes for and I hope that the album progresses to completion. Is the release date still set for sometime in March of this year?
  11. I know this was part of the April Fools Day thing. Did any of the other remixes make it to the complete stage? The April Fools page doesn't have any working links. This song is sooo fun to listen to btw.
  12. I can't comment on the technical aspects of performance or levels or whatever, but I like where you are going with this.
  13. I like the new take on Sonic. It just sort of bounces along and tells the world to take its seriousness elsewhere.
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