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Status Updates posted by WillRock

  1. Hey Status feed. You can even "like" thread posts. I guess I don't need my facebook anymore!

  2. Don't have the time or the will dude :(


    Good luck with the competition bro! :D

  3. That's awesome dude! Glad that shirt was useful for ya :D

  4. Bahamut just showed me your SoM track. You sir, are far too good to be allowed in this community. Get out of here, you make the rest of us look bad :P

  5. Whats the track called? Send me a PM and i'll look into it for ya! :)


    Damn i've missed saying that.


    Just doesn't have the same ring to it with the · T_T

    edit: lololol you can hardly see it

  8. Get on facebook duude, need talk to you :D

  9. Been too busy for competitions as of late :(

  10. yes, and I see you are... the kid. hah! good luck dodging those giant cherries!

  11. Are you still awake. You should be in bed at this hour ;)

  12. Happy Birthday dude ;)

  13. Really sorry dude, way too many offers :(

    I've gone with first come first served, as there are too many great musicians to choose favourites over... It kinda sucks, i've had to turn away so many cool people.

  14. @Ectogemia - yes we are.

    @Protodome - teach me how to make chords all sexy n stuff.

  15. Thanks! Digging the username :P

  16. I am visitor 7500. I own your profile page.

  17. Dear that guy,

    NO U

    Yours sincerely,


  18. Ah, but my avatar is elec man, who is my Robot Master in the GRMRB! So it IS cool.


    So there.

  19. Your name!!!! what happen?? It used to be cool, now its all caps-y and hyphen-y and lame.

  20. LOL thanks dude, thats the second pre-birthday wish i've got - its unusual to get one lmao. Btw WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN I NEED YOU TO HELP ON BC RAWR. Don't worry i'm not so fire breathy dragony, but it would be cool to get a helping hand here, can't do it myself :P

  21. ARGH what have you done to your beautiful avatar now it looks all slimy and jam covered and bleh I leik it really

  22. Splash Woman Used Splash. Nothing happened!

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