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  1. OK, critiques from headphones: The bass beat seems very loud, and on headphones started giving me a headache and really distracted from the melodies going on, especially for the first minute or so. The startup sound at 1:42 sounded a bit off. I like the idea of putting the classic startup sound in, but it sounds really chip-tunish compared to the rest of the track. I think it could be made to fit in, maybe with some tweaking of its eq and other effects, but it kinda jumps out right now. The high synth from 1:53ish on sounds a little shrill to me, very high pitched and not very well blended into the rest of the piece. Also, the dynamics along the entire song seem pretty static. Try to add some variations - some quieting down right before the startup sound, some slow panning as the trance rolls around (that makes sense in my head, not sure typed out...), just some more rise and fall. Overall, I think you've done pretty good so far. It is definitely different from all other Rainbow Road remixes I've heard . Mainly fix up some of those production issues and keep it up!
  2. It's a pain sometimes. The ID3v2.3 standard uses / to separate artists, but unfortunately, WMP is (sadly) the only media player I've see that supports it. It might be nice to have that built in for the complete retagged OCR collection, just in case anything else ever comes around to support it though.
  3. Wow, I don't know how Pyrion got it that small, so his options might be better, but here's ad 2 with the same options as #2 of the first ones: 1.68 MB
  4. zircon, was this about what you needed? These are three different .gif versions, all at different framerates trying to knock the size down to below 1MB, and it came close, but looks kinda choppy. But thats the cost of awesome graphic effects, I suppose. 1.12 MB 1.67 MB 3.37 MB If you want me to try a lower framerate to see if the size will drop more, I can go ahead and give that a shot too.
  5. Nice work! I loved Animal Crossing, and while I very few songs really stuck out to me (getting K.K.'s tracks was WAY more work than it should have been...), this mix does a good job of making K.K.'s beatbox style become samba-esque.
  6. Well, I can't say I know the source for this one, but I like your mix of it. It has a lot of synths in it, but you did a good job of making it change up enough to not sound repetitive or get boring. Two thumbs up. Good luck on the submission!
  7. Yes! More piano is always good. And while I know you already know it, the dynamics and tempo changes really do a LOT to make it sound better. Just imagine how it sounds when you play it on the piano, and that's what you want the computer to do. I know its a pain (I'm working on the same thing with a solo piano song I'm writing - trying to get the volume and tempo to match how I play it), but it really is what adds the final touch to anything. Anyway, arrangement time. Around 0:25 - 0:40 it feels kinda cluttered, there seems to be two competing melodies. Try to eliminate or quiet one of them and bring out the other, or alternate them (pass it from one hand to other or something) to keep that less confusing. Also, for most of it, the bass repeats notes or chords a lot - it gets kinda repetitive as it just keeps banging out the chord currently being played. Around 1:04, you bring some arpeggios out, but at 1:14 they go away again and its back to bang-bang-bang. For some parts it works (like 1:30, when the main theme comes out), but in some of the other places, look into switching those bass parts out for either held chords, arpeggios, or some variation of the chord structure. The ending also doesn't appear to exist, so I hope you have something in the works for that All in all, I love piano, and Zelda, and this sounds pretty good so far. Keep working on it! (even if it takes a long time to finish)
  8. For starters, I really like what you've got going here so far. Going along with what everyone else has already said, I think a bit of a teaser of some other Mario songs (Dire, Dire Docks and the Wing Cap song especially come to mind) would fit very well. I also like the extra harmonies and counter melodies that you bring in at 0:44 and 1:50. They fit very well I think, and do a good job to flesh out the simple tune. As for changes, I think starting the pad earlier (in the first verse) would be good, so right at the start of the second loop of the melody you can immediately have your accompaniment come in. Also, PLEASE make more out of the stretch from 1:50 to 2:10! You do a great job of building the song up from calm and tranquil to a full orchestral powerhouse, and then after like 2 loops it drops back down for the finish. Extend on that momentum, and extend there on that power you built. Maybe play the soft guitar on top of all the powerful strings for a verse or two, add a cameo to another song, do something special. And then, just like you did, drop back down to the solo to tie it all together. I see lots of potential here, and you've done a great job. Keep it up!
  9. Glad to hear I can be of help - I owe a lot back to the community, and its long overdue for me to come out of lurking. Helping out is a good way to do that I figure. I did take another look over it, and fixed a few things (mainly, making the English fit a bit better into the rhythm in a few places, and adding some punctuation into the Spanish.) And I even had a native Mexican look over it and say that it looks good to him! Yay for roommates. Plus, he liked the song! (One more fan for OCR ) So yeah, just let me know if there's anything else I can do to help out.
  10. Well, if no one else has approved anything for Sinergia, I might as well take a stab, right? I'm not quite a native Spanish speaker, but I lived in Mexico for 2 years, so I speak it pretty well. Anyway, here are my (slightly) revised versions of the Spanish and English taken from the review pages: Spanish: No me gusta ver como le amargan la vida A mis amigos con el sueño perdido. Miras el reloj y te pones a temblar Sabiendo que llega el momento de llorar. Te hacen decir Cosas que no quieres. Te hacen hacer Cosas que no debes. El momento llegó, llegó, De ponerse a jugar otra vez. Yo tuve infancia normal En que nada me llegó a perturbar. Pero aprendí a controlar Al monstruo que devora sin cesar. Ahora no puedo dejar de jugar, Ya no puedo dejar de jugar, PAC-MAN!! PAC-MAN!! PAC-MAN!! PAC-MAN!! Ellos tuvieron infancia normal En que nada les llegó a perturbar. Pero aprendieron a controlar Al monstruo que devora sin..., sin cesar. Ahora no pueden dejar de jugar, No, ya no pueden dejar de jugar, jugar... PAC-MAN!! PAC-MAN!! PAC-MAN!! PAC-MAN!! Y dice, A bailar el 'twist'! No puedo dejar, No puedo dejar, No puedo dejar de jugar. No puedo dejar, No puedo dejar, No puedo dejar... La vida es tan solo jugar jugar. La vida es tan solo jugar jugar. La vida es tan solo jugar jugar. Te digo la vida es tan solo jugar, jugar. Te digo la vida es tan solo jugar, jugar. La vida... La vida... La vida... La vida... La vida es tan solo... JUGAR!! PAC-MAN!! English: I don't like to see how they ruin the life Of my friends with their lost dreams. You look at the clock and start shaking, Knowing the time to cry is coming. They make you say Things that you don't want to. They make you do Things you shouldn't do. The time has come, has come, To start playing again. I had a normal childhood, In which nothing bothered me. But I learned to control The monster that devours non-stop. And now I can't stop playing, I just cannot stop playing, PAC-MAN!! PAC-MAN!! PAC-MAN!! PAC-MAN!! They had a normal childhood, In which nothing bothered them. But they learned to control The monster that devours non-, non-stop. And now they can't stop playing, Oh no, they just cannot stop playing, PAC-MAN!! PAC-MAN!! PAC-MAN!! PAC-MAN!! And it goes like, Do the twist! I can't stop, I can't stop, I can't stop playing. I can't stop, I can't stop, I can't stop... Life is just playing. Life is just playing. Life is just playing. I tell you, life is just playing. I tell you, life is just playing. Life... Life... Life... Life... Life is just... PLAYING!! PAC-MAN!! Thanks mainly to CHJ and Compiler for the main just of the transcription and a good starting point. I tried to leave the English part as literal as possible, and tried to leave it to around the same rhythm as the Spanish, but some parts don't fit well. But I'll go ahead and sign these off as at least 99% perfect. Feel free to edit the English to make it sound better if needed (its weird how after two years of speaking a different language your native one feels so unnatural...)
  11. The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask (on the Gamecube Collector's Edition disk.) I guess I shouldn't have expected too much when the game starts by displaying a warning saying that there might be issues with the sound, so I guess when they ported it they didn't get all the bugs out, like they did when they made OoT: Master Quest. Anyway, I started playing Majora's Mask, so I could say I'd played all of the Zelda games, and I beat the first dungeon, but saved by going back in time, so I lost all the fairies I'd found. So I came back, got the fairies again, and went to go get the upgrade. On my way into the fairy fountain, the game froze. It went to the (white, I think) loading screen, and never continued. So I turned off, redid the dungeon (third time), and went to get the upgrade. This time it worked - I got the sword, and left. Guess what? It froze on the loading screen to leave the fountain. I never did beat Majora's Mask. I hope the original version didn't have those issues, but even still, having a save system that forgets everything you've done in the dungeon each time you save makes it hard when you have to share a console with several siblings that keep wanting turns...
  12. Are you looking for someone to help with the website? I know the project's on an invitation only basis, but I don't know if that only goes for the tracks or not. And my remixing talent is still not quite up to full OCR par. But coding and web design is something I have a bit more experience and practice with. So could I whip up some sample ideas and see if I could help out?
  13. Very well done! I'd say you managed to pull of the intense variation of this song very well - especially while relistening to the second to last update. The previous one sounds like something from Super Mario Galaxy to me, which is good, but I like the sound of the new one too - Dire, Dire Docks is my favorite piece of video game source ever, but it rarely gets played in an intense way. But now on to the more specific review: I liked the storm fx at the begining, though they seemed just slightly too loud at first. I was afraid when it started that they were going to continue through the whole piece and drown out the music. So I might say even just fade it down a little at first as the music starts to come in. You could also bring that back in, possibly at the end to tie it all together as the storm comes back and covers up the song. I also really like the arrangement, and the many little motifs you have running around throughout the song, but without distracting from the main melody. You did that very well too. At around 1:50, the synth that comes in and takes the lead melody sounds a little out of place to me. Not necessarily bad, but a little weird. For the rest of the piece, the main instrumentation is orchestral, with some synths in the background adding to the intensity and overall feel. But then, when that synth comes out in front, and only stays there for about 10 seconds, and then goes back into the background to barely be there for the rest, it feels kinda weird - like an orchestra had a measure of trance in the middle of it. Once again, my suggestion (that may not need to be taken at face value) would be be to make it more similar - either make it a little less prominent right there, or make it a little more prominent toward the end of the piece. Whichever one gives you the sound you want. But with all that said, it sounds really good too me. And besides, it doesn't really matter what I think you don't agree with it. Congratulations on making such a good first mix! (Especially for such a great source tune Good luck on getting it submitted!
  14. Well, Neblix, you called me out on the poor production - I'm working on that. I know the sample is pretty low quality, and I haven't put too much effort into that part yet, mainly because I'm planning on recording this live once its ready (I can play it, I just haven't taken the time to go and record it yet....), so for the moment I guess that's the thing I should get going on, huh. The next update with be a live recorded one, I promise. And I kinda apologize about that last update - Calum, you are absolutely right, some of those parts were kinda forced in. Thats what I get for trying to write music at midnight, and expecting it to sound good. So I'm getting those arrangement and production issues fixed, and see how it turns out. There are tons of ideas floating around my brain, but they seem to disappear or not exist on piano when I try to start playing. Gimme a few days and I'll get a more fluid version out. Thanks again for the feedback! As long as there's critiques, it means theres something to do.
  15. Well, a million thanks all of you for that feedback - it makes a great motivation to keep working and finding time to piece this together. Link Here is an updated version of the song, though to start off I'll admit there's still several things I want to change up pretty substantially, which don't sound right to me right now, but its late and so I figure might as well put this up and see what looks good and what needs more work. XZero & Calum: Good calls. I'm trying to stick some more of the Dire, Dire Docks theme into several places, though that still needs some more polish, so that it doesn't sound forced. I also experimented with a bit of a faster section (really short right now) to see if how it would fit - does it sound ok? Fast isn't quite my forte I think. In the next few days I'll try to stretch that part out, and blend it a bit less abruptly with the next part. And hopefully I'll be able to get a live demo recorded soon to see how much better that version sounds. Thanks again for your feedback!
  16. Thanks a lot for the quick responses! I fixed the lots of clipping issues, and reuploaded. I'll keep working on the arrangement for a bit to get the rest fixed up, but thanks for the tip on more of the docks theme - its been my inspiration for all the rest, so I hear a lot more of it in there than others do I think, and don't want to just copy all of it. I'm working on an extra bridge or two to put into the first section, and then incorporate it more in the next parts. And to anyone else that runs into this, is the arrangement too simple, or is it ok the way it is now? Production-wise, I know its got a long way to go, but I don't want to mess around a ton with those settings too much until the arrangement sounds good. (Slightly) updated version: http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?fid=899
  17. Edit: Once again, here's a new update. This has changed a lot since the original version, namely, the middle and ending sections have been flushed out, and its been recorded (almost) live now. More than anything, that makes it feel a lot more real. Critiques both good and bad are always welcome: Most Recent: Through the Bay --Original Post-- Well, I suppose this is as good a way as any to come out of lurking, as I've been hanging around OCR for a long time. And I've taken a few stabs in the past at writing music, and played piano off and on for years, but nothing ever really got too far out of the idea stage. But a few months ago, I got the idea for this song, and from there its made it into something I consider at least presentable. The inspiration for this song is the Jolly Roger Bay level in Super Mario 64 - starting out on the beach, running around for a bit, and then jumping into the water, and eventually coming up in the cave (that parts still being thought out). So, whats everyone think - is this close to OCR par, and if not, what do I need to work on to get it there? Whats good, whats not? (Though I know that the dynamics right now are non-existent in this version - when played live on a piano, and this should when its done, they are there. Sorry about that part.....if enough people complain, I'll go add them into the digital version) Super Mario 64 - Through the Bay (Sources, if anyone wants them. If you don't recognize these songs, I'm sorry : Mini sources (used a bit): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jQRGLoiiek http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntlQpNRfst4 Thanks for the feedback! -SuperSlacker
  18. Hey, I just saw you had posted about VGPianoMan's music a while ago. I have like 1 or 2 songs of his, but never got around to downloading (or even hearing) the rest, but now his site seems to be completely closed - the YouTube videos deleted, the site unregistered. Do you happen to have any of his other songs you could pass or trade me?

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