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    Guitar| Piano| Novels| Foodie| Archery| Cosplay |Comicbooks| History| Movies| Video Games

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    Nintendo loving fangirl!

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About Me

I'm a creative gal from California, with a passion for photography and music. I'm a frequent attendee of SDCC and WonderCon, I dabble in cosplay, read comic books, and have a backlog of games so huge that it's obvious I only pretend to play video games, because I certainly don't beat many of them lol

I express myself artistically through acoustic guitar, piano, and photography. When I was first learning to play the guitar, a much more skilled musician asked me why I chose to play the guitar, and as I fumbled in my articulation of how the guitar allowed me to communicate the thoughts I could not put into words, the more skilled musician so eloquently stated that "the guitar gives voice to the soul." Today, that statement encapsulates how I feel about all of my art: giving voice to my soul. The music I compose and the photos that I capture allow me to share with all of you how I see the world. 

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