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  1. probably the artist that got me interested in game music to begin with. Don't know where the VG music scene would be without this guy. please, sign me up!
  2. what HE said. Physical CDs rock. Especially the delightful, silverback, redbook-compliant kind. BTW, received mine today in the mail and am absolutely enjoying every minute of it. Great job katethegreat/Erutan!
  3. Just found out about the new album release, and having been a fan of hers ever since the first note hit my auditory receptors, obviously placed an order instantly
  4. Great to see this thread is still moving right along - one year later. It's never too late, guys! I'll be rockin' this playlist again this year, just like last.
  5. sorry to sound like a broken record, but just to confirm: no lossless option?
  6. I think he alluded to the fact that it was the built-in trackpad that was giving him the odd scrolling issue. Seems like maybe it's having a similar effect to when you middle click in a webpage and the double arrow cursor shows up. Only, it's like his scroll gets stuck in normal operation. Does that sound about right?
  7. Thanks a lot! Exactly what I needed. Is this "backwards" way what the cool kids prefer nowadays?
  8. OK, so everything about the site is phenomenal. All the work that djp has put into the whole ordeal is amazing and continually impresses me. Streamlined, everything. I don't want to go on a sycophantic rant here - what I'm really looking for is something so simple it's probably right in front of my face, yet through all the forum searching I've done I have yet to find it. Is there any way to orient the forum threads in the top-down, left-to-right manner like any other forum? I find it slightly awkward to have to go to the "last" page and then read from the bottom to the top. Any way I can change a setting for my own account and have them display so the latest/newest post is on the bottom of the last page and the first post is on the top of the first? I've been a OCR fan for years but have only recently started engaging in forum discussions. Thanks in advance.
  9. I'd buy it immediately if only it were available in a lossless format, i.e. FLAC or physical disc. Previews are sounding great, btw.
  10. I'd look for an update first. Synaptics drivers for 64-bit seem few and far between, and so do Alps. I guess they really don't invest a lot of time into the 64-bit laptop scene yet, despite the increasing prevalence of these units. I looked into my own settings, and I don't see anything that would signify a perpetually scrolling "feature". So, the first thing I'd try to obtain is a driver update from the official source, the Toshiba driver/support website, if indeed they do have one. Use Device Manager (Start-->Run-->devmgmt.msc) to compare driver versions before you download/install. You may already have their newest version.
  11. ok, so synaptics touchpad. Vista 64? The reason I ask is that I recently put Windows 7 on my Dell Latitude notebook and for the life of me could not find a driver compatible with the 64-bit version. Finally, via some randomly Googled forum post, I found a 64-bit driver for a different Dell laptop (which happened to use the same touchpad, apparently) and it's been working flawlessly ever since. So, does the Toshiba website for your laptop model offer updated drivers yet? (This all sounds rudimentary, but as you probably know we have to cover the basics first.)
  12. Is the driver a customized Toshiba version? i.e., does the mouse control panel look any different from the default? Just for clarification, are you running Vista?
  13. How far do I have to get into the song before I can officially say it's absolutely incredible? I feel that even the intro compels me to post this congratulatory accolade.
  14. Awesomely done! Excellent arrangement. I wish this version had been on Piano Collections
  15. just picked up this title on the recent sale, loving it
  16. What a thrilling, epic piece. You make me want to dig up ToP right NOW! I also appreciate the V0 quality VBR MP3. You guys rock!
  17. FLAC is perfect, means I don't have to mess with iTunes or install any weird proprietary codecs. (monkey's audio, wavpack, etc.) Its lossless nature ensures easy conversion to any other lossless format one prefers. I would urge you to keep FLAC, regardless of whether you plan to introduce any other codecs in the future.
  18. got it this morning, and listened on the way to work. thanks for offering FLAC! already loving the new tracks, and I'm not even all the way through 'em yet. edit: P.S. - good job on the site, SGX.
  19. file hosting error - couldn't download
  20. Love to see Lufia getting the attention it well deserves. You do this tune sweet justice! One of the most hummable tunes of the game, IMO.
  21. haha, it's good to have strings to pull! When I saw Walking In The Air was on this album, it made me instantly think of this.
  22. This guy's done matte painting for Fallout 3 promos! What a great choice.
  23. By the way, who did the cover art this time? It looks phenomenal. You did the art for Origins, correct?
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