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  1. Well, I just heared your v3 now and all I can say... It rocks ! Congrats !
  2. Well, my answer will be just a little too late ^^ I like your track, however there is not enough instruments. With only synthetic pianos your song really looks like the original song, you should add more instruments, then you will be able to give more "strength" to this music (a fighting music cannot be anything but powerful).
  3. I hate this yahooapis I have to unlock or else I cannot post here... Well, long time I did not come here. ProtoDome, your track is ... awesome ! I can do my homeworks with it, and I enjoy it, so it can only be at least good. Nice job ! I will hear later the new tracks TheKrow have posted before, i should first create an account on the forum.
  4. Oups, you are right, sorry. I guess i better send him a message. I'm glad to know that you don't have finished it. But take care! Now I know who you are, so if you will think a second about stopping to work this music... Understood? Speaking about the harpsicore, I just tried it after dinner. Two keys sounded bad and another was not loud at all, when i saw there was a cord in a bad place. I replace it, now all works with this harpsicore. I didn't play piano for last september, i have to find some sheet for a small training. just64helpin : your track makes me think about Battle Rocks.
  5. TheKrow, will you work more your Ganon Never Ages? I enjoy it but the track is a bit short. I don't have heard this "Ganon's League of Evil". It's light, but i like it (this track contains two of my favorites musics). Good job. HylianLemon, i was hearing your Dead or Alive music, when i remembered i have got a harpsichord. He is old, some keys don't work, however i would like to try what it does if i replace the electric piano by my harpsichord. Do you still have the sources of Dead or Alive? If yes, can i have it? (I don't know when i will do this, actually i have many test and i can't fail, however I can't work at home so maybe i will try it soon.) Oh, about the last music. It's like sleeping on a field in a summer's night : beautiful. Very well!
  6. Sorry for late. I heard the new version of the track, this intro is really a good idea, you did a good job. Congrats!
  7. Wtf? I just write two words and the message is well, and when I write an entire book OCR told me that the message is too short? That sucks... Your new track is beautiful, good job. Time for a new music on my mp3 player! Last week I spoke to a friend, a good drawer, about this album. First time : _Hey, do you know someone is remixing all the musics of Zelda : Oracle of Ages? _Oh yeah, the Subrosians! I want the Subrosians! _No, it's Oracles of Ages! _I know, but I want the Subrosians! Second time, I show him Not bad for a Diva. He enjoyed, but quickly : _Now, show me the Oracles of Seasons album! ... Yes, he is coming from a manga... Seriously. He would have done a picture for the album but he still doesn't have time (me neither) with studies, maybe during summer but not now. At least I tried... PS : What can I do about this st*p*d rule? Three times my message is too short. Next time I will post Great instead of an entire book.
  8. Zarmakuizz

    Bioshock 2

    I think in Europe they will send the game at 30€ (near 55 AUD) two ou three month after the release, as they did for Bioshock 1. The weapon in the video is odd. To get damaged by perfumes?
  9. You can see this or that, it depends of what you exactly want.
  10. I just heard about TestDisk, who looks like to be a good tool.
  11. Ubuntu is a good version if you have never been into the linux world. I just hope your PC isn't too young. In all case, you shoud have an ethernet cable after the install (for update and maybe wifi driver). You should install linux after any windows system. If you install windows after installing linux, you will not be able to access to linux when booting, and you will have to use a LiveCD of Grub, or to reinstall ubuntu...
  12. Hello How about the ram? You can install windows vista with a (big) USB formatted into NTFS. You can also install a 64 bits linux distribution (Ubuntu 64-bits for example) if you find the usb creator for the distribution you choose.
  13. I think the miniboss battle music is close to the Twinrova battle. TheKrow, what did happen to your computer this time? Is the HDD all right?
  14. About the mission of OCR: Appreciate and honor video game composers and their music. Apprécier et célébrer les compositeurs de musique de jeu vidéo et leurs oeuvres. "célébrer" sounds odd for me. I will rather say : Apprécier et rendre hommage aux compositeurs de musique de jeu vidéo et à leurs œuvres. Préserver et promouvoir la musique des jeux vidéo passés et présents Préserver et promouvoir la musique des jeux vidéo d'hier et d'aujourd'hui. Fournir des ressources informatives et sociales pour les compositeurs de demain. Proposer or Mettre à disposition. "des ressources informatives et sociales", I don't know how to say it better... Maybe : Proposer du contenu et un réseau communautaire pour les compositeurs de demain. Distribuer de la musique gratuite de qualitée à l'échelle de la planète. Distribuer de la musique gratuite et de qualité à l'échelle planétaire. About the links to the English text : La version officielle de ce document est celle de la langue anglaise. La version originale de ce document est disponible en anglais ici. On this page : Fondée en 1999, OverClocked ReMix est une organisation dédiée à l'appréciation, la préservation et l'interprétation de musique de jeu vidéo. Fondée en 1999, OverClocked ReMix est une organisation dédiée à la valorisation, la préservation et l'interprétation de musique de jeu vidéo. Son foyer principal est www.ocremix.org, un site web contenant des centaines d'arrangements musicaux gratuits faits par des fans, de l'information sur la musique de jeu vidéo et les plus importants compositeurs, des informations sur la musique de jeu vidéo et ses plus grands compositeurs, des ressources pour les artistes en devenir et une communauté florissante d'amateurs de cette musique. et une communauté florissante constituée d'amateurs de cette musique.
  15. With my headache I had nothing to do this morning, so I heard the entire album. Most of the musics of this album are quiet. Looks like my headache will diseappear So, I have heard all of the musics. I have enjoyed each of them. My favourite are Essence of Lime, Dead Or Alive and Endless Eclipse. Congrats!
  16. I have quickly heard all the musics because I just wanted to hear what this album looks like. All of the album looks like good. I heard the last musics on the first post. I like the Endless Eclipse, I enjoy it. I should hear the others musics one more time, I think tomorrow because I'm tired now.
  17. I have heard the two versions, and I prefer the second version now. When I thought about a word who resume the song, I thought "odd". I don't know why.
  18. Hearing this music remembers me the battles with the Sandworm! Long time I didn't fought him... I like this remix. It's beautiful, relaxing and beautiful
  19. No, no, not the rtp! In fact RM musics aren't too bad... I find your remix better (I have RMXP, so I found the song... on Youtube), even if it is close to the real music.
  20. Interesting. I hope I will have my computer for SAGE2008, because I will go on holydays...
  21. You can load your video on Dailymotion, maybe it will work.
  22. Oh, thanks! I feel ashamed, I made a thread for nothing...
  23. Hi all! I hope I will good write this post. You know it, OCR has many good remixes of lots of games. The problem is, if someone wants to discover remixes of a game he don't know, what should he do? He can seek for a game he never played but he know the name, and listen to the remixes... and? What else? I write that because I'm this guy, I want to listen to new musics, but I don't know what to seek (Final Fantasy? Mario? Metroid? And the others?), and I don't care if I don't know which game is remixed, I just want to discover new songs. So I do this thread: why don't make a Random function? Like Wikipedia: you click, OCR give you a remix, you listen to it. Maybe you think: "Useless, I only seek remixes of a game I have played, what the bell are you talking about? You think that the OCR staff has so much time to do a Ramdom function?" I know, we are in holydays, maybe the staff has better to do than a Random Function. I find this idea not useless. Yes, there is many songs for the same games: Chrono Trigger, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy VII... and the Random function will often give links for the same games. However, into this games, there are lots of remixes, and I'm afraid of downloading all the FF7 remixes just to listen to them, it's to huge, I'm afraid of! More, if I just want to listen to one remix, I don't know what remix to choose because I see a lot of remixes. That's because I think that a Random Function will be helpful. I hope this post is well written.
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