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  1. A nice take on the source, and I very much enjoyed listening to it. I found it both lively and relaxing, which was certainly an interesting combination. Also, I seem to be in the minority here, but I actually quite like the silent drop. Not sure why; for me, it just seems to work.
  2. Some of my favourite tracks in VIII, and not only mixed together but interwoven. Even the Oath, which is lower in the pecking order for my VIII track preferences, works perfectly in this mix. The switching between segments (and styles) is rapid, but seamless. A masterpiece, and probably my new favourite VIII OC ReMix. I am in heaven.
  3. Got to agree with Martin Penwald and cfx. I do like parts of this track, but it's ultimately just too much Heavy and not enough Mako, if you see what I mean. Not a bad track, but not one I really care to listen to.
  4. I tend to treat dubstep with a degree of suspicion, but in this track, it works pretty well. Not exactly my favourite parts of this mix, but certainly not off-putting. Delighted to finally have a XIII mix, and that it's a great one. Here's hoping for more!
  5. *bump* Seconded. Alundra remains lacking in OC ReMixes, despite having a soundtrack made almost completely of win. There would be no better choice, either, because Lake Shrine is quite possibly the best track in the whole game.
  6. As soon as this track started up, I could tell I was going to like at least some of it. If you think that's an odd remark, I should mention that I have a lot of experience with music that starts off sounding awesome before going off on a tangent that I don't like. Aaaanyway, I was therefore eager to see whether the rest of the track ... oooh! ... would deliver. It did. Nice one! I daresy you're puzzled by the "oooh!" above. The reason for it is that it was as far as I'd typed this comment when media player hit the 2:13 mark XD This is the first OCRM for which I've been so impressed that I start commenting only about a minute into hearing it for the first time. Kudos!
  7. I do so hate FFXI. Not for itself, I'm sure it's a great game, but I despise the presence of MMORPGs in the main series. I object to paying for games after buying them. This despisal, fortunately, doesn't extend to the music of FFXI. I haven't heard much of it (read: the Black Mages' Distant Worlds), but what I have heard, I've liked. This mix is, as I have come to expect from Tweek, pretty darn cool. My only mild complaint is that despite the relentless drive of the piece, it still manages to feel like it doesn't really go anywhere...
  8. As soon as I first heard this, I thought "Damn. It's going to be rap." How wrong I was... not about the style, that is, but my assumption that I'd dislike it. It does help that, unlike a lot of "real" (as it were) rap, it's actually got somewhat interesting and meaningful lyrics. FF-themed songs FTW! It's easily one of my favourite tracks on the album (and one that I have some plans for a YouTube video with...). Yo, Chocobo's so hood; this song is very good. Anyone who disagrees is, of course, entitled to their own opinion, but you've convinced me. Good job! I am just left wondering... what exactly does rhyme with Elixir?
  9. On the plus side, the arrangement is pretty good. I've been waiting for more KH ReMixes, and vocals aside this one doesn't really disappoint. However, while I do see that there is possibly a great deal of potential in diotrans's voice, I have to say that I'd much have preferred for that potential to be realised before this ReMix was made. Much as I genuinely do want to, I find it hard to really listen to this ReMix because of the vocals. I think that the main thing that was lacking was oomph. I'm no expert, but I reckon that a bit more energy in the performance could go some way to improving on some issues such as the oft-mentioned "nasally and shaky" aspects. Overall, I rate this highly enough that if it were, hypothetically, redone with more energy (and admittedly a slight autotune) I'd be first in line to give it another chance. P.S. What's with the abrupt end? I don't strictly speaking dislike it, but it seemed rather out of place.
  10. I'm still a little undecided on the vocals, as while I like them overall, it does slightly grate on my nerves in a couple of places. However, the piece as a whole is great. I love the "glitching" effects, and the overall style of the piece appeals to me. Great job!
  11. The phrase "retro chip trip" comes to mind. This is a great little mix, really nostalgic. The bleepy-bloopy feel keeps it nicely energetic without being OOT, and it was fun to pick out the individual tracks mixed into it, which all worked really well together. Addition of the PC and item noises is a cute bonus. But I have to agree with everyone else: the fade is pretty bad. It may have been better even just to have made it more gradual, because it's simply too quick. Still, it's far from bad enough to ruin the mix, so no major worries.
  12. My opinion on lyrical ReMixes is sometimes mixed, though generally positive if the standard of vocals is good (and it usually is). This is a definite positive one. It's by far one of my favourite tracks on the album, combining as it does a haunting, ethereal feel with great lyrics. The fact that the lyrics don't rhyme adds a certain... disjointedness (which is perfect for the context) without being so obvious as to be annoying. Whether or not this was a deliberate effect, it really works well. I also like lyrics to be intelligible, but again I prefer it to be subtle enough to gel. In other words: clear, but not in-your-face. That's another thing this track does perfectly. Lastly, this track easily passes the criterion required to be one of my "very favourite tracks", which is that I can listen to it on repeat for ages and not get fed up with it!
  13. This is... beautiful. I rarely use such emotive words to refer to anything abstract like music, but this truly is. Although I do agree that it would be nice if the mic huff could be cleared up. The lyrics are really inspired and appropriate, and I am totally serious when I say that this quite possibly deserves to become an official version. As a general rule, I am highly suspicious of vocal ReMixes, but this totally goes in my list of incredible ones. Well deserved credit and kudos!
  14. While Kefka's Theme and Magitek Factory could be expected to mesh well, credit has been done to the opening theme too. Furthermore, Umaro is a highly unexpected and totally brilliant addition. That damn Yeti finally makes himself useful! The transitions are awesome, really blending well, and since the core is Magitek Factory - which is one of my favourite tracks in the whole game, alongside Kefka's Theme and a few others - it appeals to me all the more. Kudos!
  15. A welcome change, this is utterly awesome. The tone really sets it apart from the other Kefka mixes, and the second section (i.e. 2:26 onwards) is a masterpiece that sounds quite literally like it runs on clockwork. That is a novel twist, and I love it. The only thing I will say against this track is that I would have liked it to go on longer. That musical box would have sounded awesome if it had grown into a sort of overarcing swell (phear my fancy-sounding BS!). I'm not saying I wanted it to be loud or cacophanous, but that it could have grown, had a few more bells added, etc. On the other hand, it may be a good thing that it didn't do this, because then it might have lost its beautifully innocent-yet-sinister feel that is so perfectly Kekfa.
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