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  1. I highly agree with this comment, though I can't wait for Graces because of that shitty (okay, not THAT bad), rushed sequel we Wii folks had to put up with.
  2. It's a Tales game, you know that's never gonna happen. Well they might, they did with RM1.
  3. Haha I didn't know the Tales series did "fucking metal."
  4. Sonic Adventure actually has an excellent soundtrack, although some of the songs are a tad cheesy.
  5. Metal: maudlin of the Well - The band members in Kayo Dot's old band. Basically the same concept except with much more death metal and jazz elements. (See Kayo Dot) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13GyZh_if20 Cynic - Jazz death metal. One of the first bands that heavily use robotic vocals. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRbLaNqsxhM Disillusion - Prog metal that doesnt sound like a big wankfest. Riffs are extremely catchy. (Note: they seem to experiment a lot with genres, as their newest release is very industrial) Equilibrium - Folk metal done right Lykathea Aflame - Atmospheric Brutal Death Metal (yes, it does exist). The drummer has got to be God himself. Some non metal-related bands: Kayo Dot - Avant-garde-jazzy-progressive-classical-rock with huge amounts of experimentation and a little grind influence for good measure http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geJnvIQ7HnY Portal - Spacy, atmospheric, jazzy group with female vocals http://www.kringelbass.com/mp3/Other/Portal-Cosmos.mp3 (entire album is free to download at that site) Stars of the Lid - Ambient music with a huge classical influence http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3CoihmU1ok Streetlight Manifesto - Technical 3rd wave ska. Literally shits over all other 3rd wave ska bands. Other bands: Ulver - Started as a black metal band, changed into neofolk, went back to black metal, and now kinda floats around the electronica, ambient and experimental genres. The posted one is a later work, and its kinda electornica-classical-experimental.
  6. I still have my special edition black dreamcast from years back. Had to do the controller port mod on it though (there's a flaw in the design that will fry the controller port board after X hours of X controllers playing through it).
  7. Mainstream means nothing to me. There's only 3 kinds of music in the end: good, bad and meh. And all 3 bands are pretty damn bad.
  8. No, they're just really bad and everyone knows it.
  9. This is fantastic news for Nickelback, as they are no longer the worst band in existence.
  10. I always liked Sonic Shuffle, although it did have some massive flaws, would have been a Mario Party killer if it didn't have them.
  11. sonic has been frowning recently due to the craptacular shit that keeps getting released under his name
  12. This was posted on 3 other forums I go to, and I love how different the reactions are on each one.
  13. I got a giant, pretty obvious scratch on my original DS. I really don't care tbh.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3Y24SNfH2Q just for you
  15. If guitar rig 3 has some sort of synth or synth wah pedal, use that. An envelope filter can work well too.
  16. If your guitar has a battery it has active electronics. Basically if the battery is dying, the guitar signal will fade in an out. If your guitar doesn't have a battery it has passive electronics. Have you went through all your effects to see if any of those are causing it?
  17. I could use some steak right now actually. With A1 sauce.
  18. I recommend Kaspersky, as it does a fantastic job at finding everything, but like prophets of mephisto said, it sometimes gets important files, so you have to make sure you aren't deleting anything important. Unfortunately, I can't use it as my school requires Symantec Antivirus on all computer on the network...
  19. Omg, almost the exact setup as me, except I use Reaper... 0_0 Anyway, from 0:38 to 0:57, 1:36 to 1:55 and at 2:53 to 3:31 the double kicks were meshing with the other instruments (specifically rhythm guitar) poorly and it sounded like a big muddy mess, and I know for a fact that the judges criticized a recent submission for doing the same thing. EQing can fix things up. The kick sample on Beatcraft can be made really great of you give it a nice boost starting at 1k and boosting the higher frequencies above it with Beatcraft's built in EQ. Also, someone mentioned the bad hi-hats earlier, and I have managed to make them sound better on Beatcraft with some EQ help, but it's just better to find cymbal samples online.
  20. All music is VGM when converted to 8 bit vs. the real thing
  21. wow thats awesome i may have to try that out sometime
  22. I hope that it won't be so epic that it'll end up being boring.
  23. I have that Tails figurine. I would kill for a 22" monitor right now, maybe working over spring break will get me some funds?
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