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  1. Downloading it, don't think it'll replace WMP though unless I'm blown away by it.
  2. I feel like I cheat if I illegally download stuff. The only things I've done that with is music that is out of print/not sold as MP3s.
  3. wtf am I dreaming? i bet they're all bloodhounds
  4. First time posting pics. Need a mixer (getting this weekend maybe) and a big fucking monitor so I don't get eyestrain from my 14" laptop screen. 80% of my CDs are some kind of metal, 10% is classical, the other 10% is everything else. No diversity ftw. Will post instrument pics tomorrow.
  5. If it's not tightening, do not tighten it anymore. Definitely take it to a luthier like Snappleman said.
  6. You're going to see the big fuss when people start making things only in 64 bit.
  7. Tales Project: Year long delays clearly show an addiction to 4chan
  8. It's a good thing I rarely touch at it then.
  9. If you're gonna use a lot of MIDI, use FL Studio. I'm using Reaper though because it's cheap and I use a ton of recorded instruments, which works a lot better for me that way. Plus I like the right click system.
  10. don't listen, its a lie. there isn't any hope until 12-21-12.
  11. No actually, FF7 will be rereleased on the Wii before this ever happens.
  12. Any bass is fine when you're just starting out, even if it is a five string bass.
  13. The one that stands out to me the most is playing Shining Force for the first few times (the one on the Dreamcast sega pack thing when it first came out). We didn't have a VMU at the time, so we could never save our games, so each weekend, me and my brother (note: we were 9 and 8 at the time I think) would stay up 5-6 hours each weekend night seeing how far we could get before we had to turn it off. A couple months later we finally got a VMU and the problem didn't exist anymore.
  14. Why does the website link lead to that ghey Tales of Symphonia/Phantasia music page?
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6doJ0ErfSHg
  16. I can see it now. Godly fast shredding, with piano coming out of your amp instead of normal guitar tone. Actually, I've used a midi guitar at guitar center once and it actually worked much better than I thought, it easily picked up some quick riffs as if it wasn't a problem. Though I didn't try shredding.
  17. However, if you're REALLY good with guitar (and I mean it), I think throwing on a MIDI interface would be worth it. Granted, you can get a midi controller for way cheaper. Here's what you would need if you wanted to go MIDI guitar: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Roland-GI20-GKMIDI-Interface-?sku=150094 http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Roland-GK3-Guitar-Pickup?sku=700379
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