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  1. Easy. They're legit if they're using Cubase 4 or 5.
  2. lul everyone knows they actually haven't stated the project yet.
  3. 120 pages of the most BS comments you will ever read...OCR has hit a new low
  4. Not my birthday, changed it just to mess you up.
  5. i will not say my birth date until it's released, to make things all the more interesting
  6. if this gets released by my birthday i will kill myself on webstream. well, not really.
  7. Got me a fretless bass and a condenser mike.
  8. You hurt his feelings, now this won't be released unless I hack into his hard drive and release it myself.
  9. No, this has to be OC Remix's Chinese Democracy. Except it will actually be good.
  10. Well yeah, only a slight mid boost should be needed at most.
  11. I have XHTML and some JS experience, and I would definitely open for doing this, as I no longer do JS code modifications for message boards. What would you need done?
  12. Correct, if you didn't say that you did use a plugin, I probably wouldn't be able to tell.
  13. That still will never beat a real guitar though. But is definitely is passable, especially in a piece not based around guitars.
  14. Very good sound besides the drums for obvious stated reasons, they seemed quiet besides the hi hat. Rhythm guitar track was very same-y, change it up a little. Great lead tone, reminds me how much mine sucks. Never heard the original, so can't comment on the composition. Also have to say I thought the transition at 1:53 or so was fine, the floor tom or whatever that was kept the beat going.
  15. Good thing I already knew about the scooped mids. I don't know a lot on EQing, but that's one piece of info I've always known.
  16. I've heard a ton of amazing songs, but only 2 have ever had me close to crying, both of them sad songs. Summoning's 13 minute epic "Land of the Dead." You may hate the vocals, but the song has so much emotion you won't care. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lDcp_vD6HI However, it's cut short due to youtube cutting off vids after 10 minutes. Also some classical song I played in high school, but unfortunately, I do not remember what it was called. I only remember it was Opus 36 lol.
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