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  1. Good stuff Jordan!, I <3 this track and FFIV. The build up at 1:46 after the transition there, reminds me of some Daft Punk and i <3 it. The album as a whole is splendid and i couldn't ask for anything more epic. Long Live the OCR! Good job, great album release. Good luck in the future.
  2. This is pure awesomeness at its best. It's been quite awhile since the last PSO mix was put on OCR, I would love to see more from both PSO and something from PSU. Great job, zircon. I've never heard of 'Weather Report', but now it seems worth checking into. /drools MOAR PSO PLZ
  3. Love this, it would be nice to receive more live mixes as intuitive as this. Great vocals, harmonization and very moist indeed. YES
  4. w00t, Jordan and Top Gear 2. OCR, you've yet again made my day.
  5. This needs some atmosphere, the drums definitely need re-working here sir. They sound offbeat and it disturbs my bubble. The lead synth throughout the intro where it's like freestyle? I'm not too keen on that much. Very vociferous.
  6. Pwn'd my panties. Been waiting for a Gradius 3 remix. Definitely full of win here.
  7. The intro just leads you along, into your own adventure here. Not sure about you guys, but this mix makes me want to 'Just Go', to like WaWa. In a good way.
  8. I've always been a fan of your takes on the Jade Cocoon soundtrack. This one, so far is my favorite. I would love to see a project worked out with the top remixers and this OST.
  9. Yeah, i'd give this a definite 4/5 Donkeys. This mix + Zombie Shooter = hours of fun.
  10. Nice wrok on teh geetur. It's a great mix, that i will label as SUPERIOR, instead of EPIC. 'cause you haven't played Chrono Trigger.
  11. Great job overall, i just want to complain about the drums, they don't seem like they're "there" sometimes.
  12. Whoooo, this mix is equal to three scoops of raisins. Been listening to it quite a bit since yesterday. It would be nice to get more tracks as upbeat and "wanna kick your ass" as this. Great job over all. I love the drum work. The first 50 seconds of this mix remind me of the scene where Goku goes Super Saiyan 3, then once it hits :51, it's all like "GUNDAM!" Yeah... I want more of this caliber of musecks.
  13. Personally i get a Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 on GC vibe from this. ^^
  14. w00, <3 Starla and Nicole! Thanks for the V-day present. Hope to hear more from the two of you in the near future. Especially Starla. >.>
  15. You were totally right on, with that half-awake thought for this song. The guitar/chiptune really kicks some major ass. Song overall is an awesome composition, my only "if" thing for this would be, I think the snares need to be slightly more pronounced when doing the drum roll. 3:10 - 3:21 Like hit harder, they sounds like dropping sycn'd jelly beans being dropped onto catgut/canvas. This is a great piece, to a game i've never played (sadly). Looking forward to hearing more from 'Theory of Nonexistence', Sixto is good as always. Edit** -- This song definitely shows the 'Squareness' and resembles 'The Black Mages' in a lot of ways. Good job, great job for teh ear weapons... (now if i can manage to sync macro and mouse clicks to the beat)
  16. Good job Rozovian. I've been waiting for something new for awhile - this will give me some definite ear secks pleasure to spam buttons on some newb Alliance with my Deathknight. Keep up the good work, hope to hear more from you, <3. -- I'm not really musically inclined to give a proper review, cause I don't know or really understand have the shiz that goes on (and I have given my .02 to remxing), so I apologize for not lubricating your F-Zero machine. I love what's going on. Great intro into the mix, bassline is phat and chunky, so it seems to me, awesome drumwork. You should totally do some F-Zero GX; Aeropolis, Princia, Phantom Road, Blood Falcon. (Last note; Anyone who does Blood Falcons theme from GX, NEED MOAR COWBELL)
  17. Sounds like this s starting to get heavy and good... Kick up those drums man, make 'em as Brutal as you can grasp. Do whatever it takes to get this off the ground. Eat some frenchtoast and get in a suit of armor from Camelot, or something. I'm also in agreement, that the lead guitar is begging for that solo piece. Of course, though, when I hear anything with guitar nowadays, I think of FFVI - Battle on a New Continent, Secret of Mana - On the day the World changed, Castlevania 3 - Scale the Machine, and really anything from Metalocalypse's Dethklok. The more Brutal you get with this, usually.. The better the output.
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