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    The idea of bringing video game music to life has always been one of Brendan McElroy's (bass player/composer/arranger and founder of The Runaway Five) interests. The idea began while attending a music workshop at the world famous Banff Center with the Calgary Youth Jazz Orchestra. Collaborations with Calgary's Brendan Swanson (pianist/composer/arranger and co-founder of The Runaway Five) allowed for the creation of the video game music ensemble "The Runaway Five". The project soon moved to Toronto where the Band Leader, Brendan McElroy, currently resides, studying at the University of Toronto. By working with Toronto's Alex Goodman (guitarist/pianist/composer/arranger), Brendan was able to form Toronto's version of this group. This ensemble now currently runs out of both Calgary Alberta and Toronto Ontario. By performing jazz arrangements of popular video game music including pieces from Sonic The Hedgehog, Final Fantasy, Earthbound, Megaman, Zelda, Metroid, Katamari Damacy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Mario Brothers/World, F Zero and many more, The Runaway Five adheres to the tastes of every video game nerd. (Please feel free to request pieces that you would like to hear up on the website!) Recently, The Runaway Five had the oportunity to play on the legendary stage of Massey Hall in Toronto, Ontario (February 9th, 2008). This was for the world famous video game music tour, Video Games Live. Through this, The Runaway Five were able to meet and work with world renown game composers Jack Wall (Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, Myst III: Exile, Myst IV: Revelation, Jade Empire), Tommy Tallarico (Earthworm Jim series (Earthworm Jim 2 on), Spot Goes To Hollywood, MDK, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, Wild 9) and Michael Salvatori (Halo series). A professional studio recording is being discussed and is planned to be released within the next year. The Runaway Five will be returning to perform with Video Games Live several times in 2009. Check back regularily for updates, s
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  1. We'd have been all over this had it not been for the US restriction... Maybe we'll send and wait for that roflcopter. Brendan McElroy The Runaway Five www.therunawayfive.com
  2. Absolutely fantastic. It sounds like you've studyed orchestration and alot of Jeremy Soule's music. Keep up the good work! I'm not a huge fan of the lack of reverb though. Though I can agree it gives it a unique sound it makes it easier to distinguish VST's.
  3. Someone likes Mitsuda. Great vibe. I really enjoyed the ambient atmosphere. I definately agree in it sounds like Chrono Cross. The piano samples sound like the samples used in the Kingdom Hearts games. Cheers. Fantastic Arrangement and again, great vibe.
  4. Absolutely incredible! What instrumental samples/sound library are you using? I can imagine that some would be your own samples. Regardless, it would be great to know!
  5. This is single handed the greatest mix on this site. I remember listening to this many years ago and now that I'm a forum member, I felt obliged to comment. Incredible work. Hopefully Soule will bless us with another arrangment/orchestration in the near future.
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