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  1. We'd have been all over this had it not been for the US restriction... Maybe we'll send and wait for that roflcopter. Brendan McElroy The Runaway Five www.therunawayfive.com
  2. Absolutely fantastic. It sounds like you've studyed orchestration and alot of Jeremy Soule's music. Keep up the good work! I'm not a huge fan of the lack of reverb though. Though I can agree it gives it a unique sound it makes it easier to distinguish VST's.
  3. Someone likes Mitsuda. Great vibe. I really enjoyed the ambient atmosphere. I definately agree in it sounds like Chrono Cross. The piano samples sound like the samples used in the Kingdom Hearts games. Cheers. Fantastic Arrangement and again, great vibe.
  4. Absolutely incredible! What instrumental samples/sound library are you using? I can imagine that some would be your own samples. Regardless, it would be great to know!
  5. This is single handed the greatest mix on this site. I remember listening to this many years ago and now that I'm a forum member, I felt obliged to comment. Incredible work. Hopefully Soule will bless us with another arrangment/orchestration in the near future.
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