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  1. Hey, do you have messenger or something? o.o

  2. Care to hear my latest and probably final version of my song? :D

  3. My friend, I require your assistance one more time. :D

  4. I require a second review from you. :3

  5. Seems I must have you around for one final summon! XD

    [ Or maybe not ]

    I need your opinion on that song I was working with, that you reviewed earlier. o.o

    Just checked for my finished topic on the workshop page.

  6. Gario! I require your assistance! :D

    [ Workshop ]

  7. Hey, you! Yes, you! I require your expertise, robo guy! :D

    [ It's been 3 years. ]

  8. Haha. XD

    Check my new song, now. ^__^

  9. Woah! Long time no see!

  10. I'll have to find a wild arms song I really like...

  11. Terry_k_o@yahoo.com

    Ha! I'll have to learn of that fancy lingo, but it's worth a shot! :D

    Glad you liked it!

  12. Yoz! :D Have you heard the new version of my song? XD

  13. I want a taco. >__>

  14. I'm rendering a song I made from RPGMaker. It'll be up in a little less than two hours. I'm in the forums often, now.

    And I loved Wild Arms, so you must have gotten better!

  15. My computer exploded ( HDD Fried ) so I lost the mix as well as the song. XD

    I just purchased a new laptop. :3

  16. Not anymore it seems. X3 I was working on a weird Magus/Seymour mix when we first met. XD

    Also, I think you married BlInD?

  17. Man, if there's a familiar face is I ever saw one. X3 It's been years! :D