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  1. It's done... It's all done... Time to see what you all think. Also, stop silently downloading without commenting so I can know whether to submit this to the judges or not. A 2 month wait needs a build up of confidence, before I invest the time... Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TJMNxWGd-Q Source:
  2. I'm giving this song a little intro... So, the next render will be Mod Review, then.
  3. Seems I must have you around for one final summon! XD

    [ Or maybe not ]

    I need your opinion on that song I was working with, that you reviewed earlier. o.o

    Just checked for my finished topic on the workshop page.

  4. Progressive? I'm not very musically inclined. Think you could tell me what that is or give an example?
  5. Ahhh, not too much more that I can improve on, you know... Maybe increase the drum energy, but as a whole, I'd say I'm about finished. This is final battle theme of Paper Mario, with the Shadow Queen. My only complaint is that some parts feel a little empty, but the song's much clearer now, especially the awesome solo at 2:30! Honestly, it feels incredible to know I had the ability to create something like this... So tell me what you guys think! Am I set? Song: Source:
  6. I don't even like SF4, and this song is all sorts of awesome! [ I'm more of a Blazblue fan, anyways. ] X3 I must download when this becomes available! UPDATE: Ebony Intuition kicks so much ass! Why'd it fail submission?! D:<
  7. Sweetness. Also, picking should be done, where? ( Where would it fit best ) [ Need another number. Autistic kids work better that way. ]
  8. You are speaking the truth. This is beyond way more structured. XD It's not as wild with sounds flying everywhere. Tell you what. I have the original file for that old version. Maybe I can apply a bit of wildness and all after I submit this. I secretly think it's more leveled down because I changed the sounding tone to the original instead of that gloomy one I liked. XD
  9. So, your only complaint is the lead guitar? That's actually surprising! o.o So, less hammering, more pick? Can do. And reduce the volume of the lead. Gotcha! So how complete do you think the track sounds?
  10. Check this out! I may have lowered the lead guitar too much, or I simply just increased the rhythm guitar too much. Should I make a new topic with a better title?
  11. BEST advice I've gotten all day. I've been trying for months on how to get Vibrato on my notes and since you brought that up, I tried the modulation wheel with keyswitch. Works like a charm! I've already started uploading my second to final piece, and with this new information, I shall blow everyone's minds on the epic that is Paper Mario!
  12. On the keyboard solos or the guitar lead solos? I'm a bit confused with EQ. Do you have a _:__ where you hear problems? That would help loads. XD
  13. Check my new progress! I'll be cutting out the beginning lead guitar for something better before I submit, and I've added a 'familiar' rhythm guitar... Can you find it?
  14. I should have a new remix withing a couple of hours. Trying to work on EQ, but it's not going so well. D: Also, when I started solo-pairing instruments by EQ/Sound/Volume/Panning, I noticed that the song didn't sound cluttered at all! So, I can see that there is too much going on.... So I'm gonna try to even it all out... While attempting to stay under 4 minutes. .__.
  15. Re-arrange and re-build from nearly scratch...? I can do that... I need more EQ mastery!
  16. This song really has me... All Drawn Together! XD It's sweet, but a cover, none-the-less.
  17. Gario! I require your assistance! :D

    [ Workshop ]

  18. I'm liking it, but the Slayer does major injustice when hitting with lower notes... New to FL? There's a section for that! ^__^ Keep on goin'!
  19. Thanks, you guys. :] I've had a flu/fever, so I haven't made anymore progress, but here's the deal: I am NO GOOD WITH: ~guitar Leads~ ~EQ'ing~ ~Drums~I cannot stress this ENOUGH!!! I dunno how SLIM of a chance that this work will be accepted, but believe me, I'm trying my best... But hell, if anyone wants a solo-less version of the song and wants to shred on guitar, we can colab! I don't mind sharing the small fame. That's funny, because in my first version, everything was too soft. I'll tone it down a little!So yeah, more and more advice, or a percentage of how close I am to done would b
  20. Hey, you! Yes, you! I require your expertise, robo guy! :D

    [ It's been 3 years. ]

  21. I see... Well, do you have a frequency recommendation or an EQ tutorial? For the past few years, I've never been too great with it, so I avoided it altogether... T__T My skill is rather noobish. >__>
  22. Meh, I'll be okay. I may just take out most of the keyboard and look for help on a guitar solo.
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