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  1. I agree with you about the track order, but not about track 1-04 - that was instantly recognizable and not very abstract at all. The next time you guys remix one of the best songs (Beware the Forest's Mushrooms) from one of the best games from my childhood, could you see to it that some idiot doesn't take a dump all over it by inserting unrelated sound bytes, especially ones that contain offensive language? No one, I repeat, NO ONE, wants to hear "you've gotta be bulls****ing me" repeated 3 times in a row in a song that should be full of nostalgia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Klezmorim What in the world does this have to do with Skyrim? ._.
  2. I haven't posted in this topic for four years. I'm still excited for this, but my excitement is starting to wane slightly. ._.
  3. I would like to take this space to thank everyone for their hard work on JUDGANATOR. Unfortunately I am now forced to sue OCR for infringing my copyright on my upcoming PC title, GUDJANOTAR.
  4. I'm quite pleased to see the responses so far. Shining Force 1 is my favorite in the series, as it was the first one I played when I was a kid and it introduced me to the entire genre. I'm much more sentimental about the original title's music, as well - I'd love for the proposed project to include its tracks. The battle on the ship music in particular is all kinds of awesome. Bump, and while I'm here I'll direct you to a couple of albums of Shining Force music: A symphonic arrangement of SF2, and an updated version of SF1 (although I don't like it quite as much as the original Genesis version).
  5. I just recently beat Shining Force 2 for the first time, after playing it off and on and restarting several times over a period of 4 years (don't ask). As I was going to my GameFAQs page to update its status in "my games", I noticed that it had come out exactly 20 years ago. And then I got a thought - "It's the 20th anniversary! Surely someone in the illustrious OCR community would be interested in doing a remix project to celebrate!" So then I came here. And made this post. ....yeah. Anyone interested? I want it to be clear that I have no intention of doing any of the work on this project myself (not because I'm lazy, but because I have no valuable skills) - I'm just tossing the idea out there. Ideally, my post would make some guy reading it say, "Hey, that's a great idea! I love Shining Force 2 and its music and I'm just the guy to head up a project like that!" and then that would happen. I know the odds of that happening are dramatically low, but hey, it's worth a shot. Besides, the last time I suggested a mix to a guy, it actually ended up happening. So you'll excuse me if there's a precedent. Actually, I take that back - I'd be willing to collaborate with someone on a mix if they need vocals, or even a trumpet or french horn part. I've never done anything like it before, but it'd be sweet.
  6. So I hardly ever EVER ever post on OCR, because I'm just too busy listening to all the music, but I had to log in to say this: even after years and years, I still recognize LegendaryFrog's art style at a glance. I saw the album cover, checked the credits, and was correct when I saw Joey Blanchette's name among the album art contributors.
  7. This... is... incredible. This is what I've been waiting for. Gonna have to get this ASAP! The problem is, I've already done a lot of custom tag editing in iTunes... plus I've got all my mixes arranged into custom playlists and such, not to mention my song playcounts. I shudder to think of doing that all over (mainly the file re-naming - I normally remove the game's name from the song and leave just the mix title). Ah well, the improved information and quality will be worth it. Thanks a ton!! ...why are the torrents named "v20121012"? that's a long number. =P
  8. Hey, thanks for the links to other mixes! No, I wasn't aware of any those other arrangements. It sure would be nice if someone from OCR could do one as well...
  9. It was pretty hard on single player, but I actually thought Halo 3 was harder than Reach. I've beaten Cod 4, WaW, MW2 and 3 and Black Ops on Veteran difficulty. WAAAY harder than you might think if you've never played the campaign modes. It's seriously brutal at times.
  10. Currently I'm working on 100%'ing Super Meat Boy. When I do that, that'll be my biggest accomplishment. It's hard to pick a #1 accomplishment, but when I was about 7-8 or so, I beat Operation Neptune, the entire game, without ever getting hurt or firing a single shot. (maybe I got hurt once or twice... it's been a long time.)
  11. I just wanted to say, Prot, I'm one of your biggest fans. Your music is just incredible. Neighburgers and K.Rool Intentions are sheer musical perfection. I like that you've been submitting a couple of album tracks lately, and hope that some day you'll return to remixing and bust out some more awesomeness.

  12. HECK yeah. Lufia 2 is one of my most favorite games ever, and the music is absolutely top-notch. I am looking forward to this release very muchly.
  13. I never played the game as a kid, but I discovered the song when I was searching YouTube for classic VGM I hadn't heard before... and BOY did I hit the jackpot. This song is incredibly good. I can hear a ton of different ways in my head to remix it, too... I think Willrock or zircon could do great stuff with it, but OA and Sixto come to mind as well...
  14. Wow... there certainly isn't much there to work with. Then again, miracles have been done with less.
  15. Not sure if this has been suggested yet, but is anyone ever going to remix Monty on the Run?
  16. Are you named after the planet of the Guardians of the Green Lantern Corps?

  17. BGC is one of my favorite artists, and so many of his remixes are REALLY good, so it was hard to pick my favorite of all. But I think this remix edges out "In Your Prime" for my #1 favorite BGC mix. FFA was pretty much the first action RPG I ever played, and like the fifth game I ever played, too, and after all these years, I STILL have the original cartridge and give it a quick play-through every six months or so. The musical score is sooooooo overlooked, it's not even funny - so imagine my jaw drop when I found that there were this many stellar remixes from two stellar artists all on the same website! The source tune for this remix is simply amazing, but this remix... oh, geez, this remix... it's better than the original. It captures all the emotion and amplifies it exponentially, and the sheer engineering of the song is amazing. It's just awesome. Major kudos to BGC for this epic song, and I shall hope for the day that he and Ziwtra get back together and finish their project, because it is worth finishing. Well, to me, anyway. =]
  18. I don't have a question for good ol' BGC, but I just wanted him to know that he's one of my more favorite artists, and he should keep up the good work! P.S. Too many of your songs are my favorites to say which ones are my favorites, but I loved your's and Ziwtra's work on the FFA soundtrack, and was disappointed to see that the project fell through - maybe someday, eh? ;D
  19. zircon is probably the best electronica artist on the site. And Sixto Sounds is probably the best rock guitar artist on the site. Collabs between these two amazing artists were inevitable, but this is by far the best - it's just so many kinds of awesome. I love the variety of styles all crammed into one song, without losing the musical thread and still being a coherent listen. Very, very good.
  20. This is so many adjectives that mean "good," I can't even say them all. Protricity is my #1 favorite musical artist, and this piece is pretty much why. I can't even write a proper review for it, it's that amazing. Not a single note is out of place. Of all the remixes on the website, this has to be the greatest of them all. Protricity is a musical genius, and this is his Mona Lisa. This is what awesomeness sounds like. If Chuck Norris was a song, he would be Neighburgers. If this song was put on a scale of 1 to 10, it'd create a critical error in the scale from it trying to display too many digits. ...I know I'm kinda gushy, but... this song deserves it. =D
  21. I LOVE cthonic and halc's work thus far, and you guys' collab, "Why So Serious?" is totally amazing. This is really, really nice. I'd love to see this on the front page as an official remix. But a word to the wise - be sure to cut the lyrics at the end. I'm assuming they're a placeholder... but please don't have lyrics. It doesn't really fit the song's style, and it's really good the way it is.
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