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  1. Excellent work, halc. I donated to buy the first album, and now the second too. You're one of my favorite up and coming original artists.
  2. Yeah, people need to get on other peoples' asses, pronto. I don't want to start Dirge for the Dirge for the Follin.
  3. Hey, I ran into your Blue Satellite songs on Myspace. I like them a lot, and I'm wondering if you have the MP3s anywhere - I'm happy to buy them, or donate, I'd love to support your work. Greenville Choir in particular is an amazing and beautiful song.

    Also, for the record, I've always been a huge fan of your game music mixes. I hope you don't stop making them. Hamauzu is my favorite game composer and the inspiration for me learning how to play piano, so it was nice to see someone else cover his work with such attention to detail.

    Keep up the creative music, sir. You have an original style, you could be big someday.

  4. I just wanted to ring in with my huge support for this project. I can't frickin' wait. You guys are all talented sons of bitches.
  5. Binster, this is amazing. The instrumentation is so bizarre and sometimes these bursts come out of nowhere that shock and delight. The last minute and a half is a gradually heightening tour de force. I say much the same thing on the description I just wrote for this song on my music website. I hope you don't mind that I posted it up there. I can't f-ing *wait* for Dirge for the Follin if this is the kind of work I can expect from it. Bravo, Binster. Keep up the great arranging work!
  6. This song was fun and happy, but there was no real "wow" factor, as they say, and in addition I haven't played the original. Nonetheless I've always been a fan of Protricity. And oh my god man, OCR is one of the biggest elitist communities around. The forums here are damn near intolerable. The IRC chat has some good people, but even the people I like the most there are, despite being awesome, elitist prigs most of the time. It's what happens when you have a community dedicated to an original and noble cause, which is succeeding well and just doing a wonderful thing for the world, and when this community knows it. You're all elitist bastards, but I guess as long as it ends up with wonderful music being put out, that's all that matters.
  7. Great Greed was my first RPG, and thus this title screen track was the first RPG song I ever heard. Great Greed is one of the best RPGs for the Game Boy, if not ever. The electric guitar in this remix does a great job of putting forth the theme of Great Greed, though the rest of the remix is just sort of filler to me. But I could listen to that guitar play the music of my childhood forever. Thank you for not forgetting about this game. If anyone sees it anywhere, my advice to you is to buy it immediately, it could vanish at any time.
  8. As much as I want to love this song, and adore the first minute and a half or so of it, I find myself agreeing with the people who say that the wandering is too incoherent and too long. I have no problem with mixes going away from the source (Rayza's Shinobi 3 Whirlwind Mix drops it completely sometimes), but the soloing just doesn't have a very enjoyable melody, it's pointless screwing around. It's too bad, cause the first 1:30 and the last minute or so are superb.
  9. Oddly enough, the constant fluttering piano in the high registers in the background gives me flashbacks to climbing the Sky Palace in the 3rd World of Final Fantasy Legend...I don't know what it is. But a captivating feel this song has.
  10. Fake? Man, I don't think it's trying to sound real at all. Just good. It's so cool. Anyway, for those who don't know, the Terminator 2 soundtrack was done by Tim and Geoff Follin, the guys behind the amazing Plok soundtrack...I was just listening to the NSF of Terminator 2, and they do some really stunning things with the NES soundchip...I'd expect nothing less from the guys who produced the best sounding music from a SNES soundchip in Plok.
  11. Ah, I've been waiting my whole life for a good Zelda Link's Awakening remix. And the Tal Tal Heights song is certainly the greatest original song from the Game Boy game. This remix has such a perfect sound for it, it actually feels like the original with that banjo...inspired. I should say that the song *is* a trifle repetitive, but it's got a fantastic sound, and whenever the violin is in front all repetitiveness drains away for the sweeping melody of the mountains of Koholint Island. Thank you, DD, for providing this for those of us who dived headfirst into Koholint when we were young and never forgot it.
  12. Beatdrop, doing Healing Vision would be astounding. Would it be too much to ask for you to do the Angelic Mix version of it? AM-3P would also be pretty excellent. Anyway, this remix made me go back and listen to the original Sandopolis songs, and they have more merit than I originally gave them credit for...they had good melodies. I don't know that I really feel that in this, though. It takes close to a minute and a half to get to the actual melody, where it takes center stage only briefly before dissolving back into incoherent atmosphere again. It just doesn't keep the coherence of the melody for long enough for me to like this mix. But, it got me to listen to the originals, so that is pretty awesome.
  13. This is exactly what the Bus theme in Earthbound would have sounded like on a system with a better soundchip. The title is perfect too....this is everything I need to feel satisfied that the Bus theme from Earthbound has been given its proper respect and treatment. The bus theme itself was short, didn't develop overmuch, and just packed awesomeness in a little box, like this mix does. Fantastic!
  14. Well, the world of orchestral music is generally a very technical one, and I think that's a big reason why it's not as massively popular anymore among the layman, pop and rock music isn't as technical. The differences in the two arrangements will be apparent to those who care to examine them...but you can't criticize the composer for working on a higher level than what you listen to. Sorry if that was a little nebulous, it's a difficult thing to examine.
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