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  1. Personally I came to ocremix for Contra, Ice Hockey, Baseball Stars, and many other NES games. That is what got me in the door. From there many sites like this and zophar have expanded my horizons to all other genres. While it's true that the article is heavy on the SNES, you've gotta think that most people who are just getting into the scene have played it. So it's a really good way to get people in the door to the scene. That is what the article (first part mind you) is all about. It's a guide to the realm that is video game music. First step is turning the door handle, not YOU MUST LIST
  2. I think the point of the article is something that you are missing. It IS written for people who are interested in pursuing video game music info. Remember they are n00bs who don't know where to go. It's an introduction to the video game music community..... I guess since the article didn't get into under-rated video game soundtracks just yet then it's worthless. Yes that must be it.
  3. Nintendo & Square were used on purpose since they have some of the biggest and most loyal fanbases. Keep in mind this is an article written for people who are not immersed in the video game music realm. The people looking for more info on the scene is the audience of this article. Regarding the SNES sound chip, the chip mentioned in the image caption is actually a sound chip on the SNES. Anomie's S-DSP Doc outlines how sound is made on the SNES. Source: http://www.romhacking.net/docs/%5B191%5Dapudsp.txt
  4. Our interview with Halc about this project is up, and you can hear the full length Jewbei track right after the interview. Site Post: http://www.8bitx.com/wptest/2010/07/the-speed-of-sound-live-interview-full-length-track/ Podcast: http://feeds.feedburner.com/8bitx/ Episode - Sound of Speed Techno Night
  5. I've heard Mega Man 2 done in every possible way, from heavy metal to 2000bpm techno drum n bass. Sixto Sounds comes through here with a true remix, something so familiar for the first 2 mins, a song that would stand on it's own as being one of the best. Then the song transitions to show that this is just the tip of the iceberg. The rest of this song was a compliation of changes in pacing & tempo, you truly were at the mercy of Sixto on this one. This song rocks. -Will PS: This is our OC Remix of the week, and instant nomination for OC Remix of the Year
  6. LiquidRain,

    I run 8bitx.com and I would love to help out OCRadio in any way I can. You have listed a bunch of things you need help with, please let me know what I can do.



  7. Are any remixer's looking to host an official OCR show/podcast? I can help!
  8. Tonight we bring the Hack N Slash genre into the modern age! We discuss Devil May Cry, God of War, Castle Crashers, and many many more in the 3rd installment of our special focusing on Hack N Slash games! Tune in at 9pm every Wednesday to the 8bit Extravaganza. Can't make the show? Check out our Podcast Oh and by the way.. Right before our show is Radio Free Gamer @ 7pm so don't miss that as well. 4 hours of LIVE video game music madness only on 8bitX.com! Thanks -Will
  9. Justin's Podcast Link for Radio Free Gamer: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/RadioFreeGamerPodcast
  10. Had a blast in the chat during the Radio Free Gamer show! Will you guys be there next week? Also if anyone would like to startup a show, let me know! Doing live interviews over skype anymore justin? hahaha
  11. Hey Darke,

    Sorry I wasn't aware about the no vs threads.



  12. Oh I really want to know what everyone thinks!! See personally I loved both games but I really think that Super Mario World takes the win here, but I really really want to get a feel of the overall community since I know these games are beloved. These battles are always hard it's like picking a favorite child to me. SO, if you had a gun to your head who would it be?
  13. Which is the better game in your opinion? I say Super Mario World because of it's immense replay value, overall visual appeal, and the fluid gameplay. Thoughts? The question will be answered during the next round of the 16 bit tournament held on www.8bitx.com
  14. I was wondering what you have for your shoutcast setup? I run the show the 8bit Extravaganza (www.8bitx.com) through shoutcast off of my box at home. Just curious of your new setup. Do you have any podcasts of your show? -Will
  15. I'm dying to see some of the artists on the site & others who create the music live. In order to do this I was wondering if there was interest in this idea, and who would want to go/help in creating this awesome event? I get the feeling I'm not alone, and I think we could pull off something pretty big. Thanks, 8bitX
  16. Hi, My name is Will and I've been a fan of this site for most of it's existence, and at this point I feel like I can start to give back to the community, so I'll be headed to the WIP page after this. Shameless plug: I currently run a video game music tribute show each week called the 8bit Extravaganza. If you are interested in the idea we're looking for help and critiques as well! Thanks again for all the great work over the years and I hope to contribute! -Will
  17. This is truly a great day for OC Remix. Been a fan of this site for YEARS, but I do have a question: In Super Smash Bros Brawl I thought I heard the Snappleman Thrash The Plank Remix for Donkey Kong....?
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