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  1. Good song. I know Flex has done this many times, but this is something you've been wanting for a long time HoboKa. Congrats.
  2. Grats Emu. I know how much this means to you !
  3. This has actually been voiced by multiple others as well, and is now fixed in prep for the launch tomorrow.
  4. A friend...which was followed by Secret of Mana/Mega Man X
  5. ...and here I was expecting a Dragon Age question! The best suggestion I'd have for you is to download the demo of FL Studio and get tinkering. http://flstudio.image-line.com/documents/download.html Not everyone around OCR played piano as a kid or is trained in musical theory. Some of us (like me) didn't get into music until high school or even later. As Salluz said it's about the drive. If you really want to make this happen you need to take the first steps yourself. There's plenty of helpful people here that won't mind guiding you in the right direction with your music. !
  6. The album has reached the half-way point on YouTube so I'm making this bump posting . Thus far the songs uploaded have been from the intro theme through the Kraid boss encounter (Kraid will be up in about an hour). Norfair, Maridia and more good stuff is still coming up! Remember, this is to raise money for Child's Play so please donate if you can. Even if it's $1, it adds up. Donations have reached $200 on the dot, but I'm sure much more can be achieved ! Aside from answering anything in the thread I will make one more post on December 15th. That is when the album will be released in M
  7. Still in complete shock about this. I knew he was old, but man...this guy was a staple of my childhood. Haven't been this crushed by a celeb death since Steve Irwin. Dennis Hopper was a big bummer too . Him and Mel Brooks. Both 84, and among the greatest comedians to have ever lived. After those two we have Robin and Jim. What sucks is Leslie wanted to do Naked Gun 4 ...hopefully Mel can do another film before he leaves us.
  8. Nothing wrong with that at all. The end-goal is what truly matters =). Best suggestion to help out for those who have already donated would be to tweet this, share it with your gamer friends, etc, and perhaps they will donate. Thanks for the kind words thus far.
  9. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824001392 Really good looking 27" monitor for $300. Can function as a TV/play console games too!
  10. There is going to be a live album streamed listening party tonight at 8bitx.com, starting around 8:15 EST on Radio Free Gamer. Come join us in the chat room then! http://www.8bitx.com/ircchat.html ____________________________________ Howdy everyone! I've redone the entire soundtrack to Super Metroid in an effort to help raise money for Child's Play (www.childsplaycharity.org). So, what would Samus do? She'd help out a bunch of needy kids right?! www.8bitx.com/supermetroid The above URL is the MAIN SITE for this project. It's where the donation tab is location and where MP3's will be
  11. I truly wish I was in the area for this. Definitely go if you're around these parts!
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