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    A nerd born and raised in the Wal-Mart capitol of the world--Bentonville, AR. I'm a composer for piano, programmer of many softwares, an avid linguist, and a player of trumpet for 10 years. I've also played piano for one year. I absolutely love the awesome music that OC Remix has brought to the world, and would love to contribute some mixes of my own someday soon. Also if anyone could PM me about how to upload custom avatars I would be ever so grateful.
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  1. I agree that Wave Man is underrated or at least under-remixed. I'd been waiting for years for a remix of this, finally a great one has emerged! Imagine my disappointment when I learned that Joshua Morse already remixed this one many years hence (2004, no less) and in fact so long ago, that his Dashed! album containing that remix can no longer be obtained online. Liontamer was kind enough to post a link on the VGMdb forums but it, also due no doubt to the passage of time, has expired. If anyone would be so kind as to provide a link or a hint of where I might obtain said album, it would be g
  2. QFT No pedestal high enough, as djpretzel said. Before hearing this I didn't even really like Bohemian Rhapsody. This track made me reconsider that view, and quite seriously. Yet it stands on its own as a masterpiece. It almost redefines the word 'masterpiece' - that still seems like not a big enough compliment. Now to make extra sure I've got all other works by Virt...
  3. This is probably my favorite Pokemon tune and I was really happy to see that someone went after it for a remix. I'm also very pleased with the results! Excellent work. It does my heart good to see a great tune given the proper appreciation and attention it deserves, and done so well too!
  4. This remix perfectly captures the feel of being in Viridian Forest. A good remix only rethinks the original tune, but a great remix actually improves on it and zooms in on the "feel" of the original. By that definition this is truly a GREAT remix. I would say this remix seems to good to be true, only it isn't. Everything about it is just incredible.
  5. Wow...I hadn't checked up on OCR in a while and look what I've been missing. This album is the greatest thing since sliced bread... No, wait, that's too anticlimactic. I just couldn't think of a compliment awesome enough to match this album's incredible-ness. Thanks so much for taking something that I already loved, and making it even more memorable and awesome. This is definitely my favorite OCR album. I'll also be commenting on my favorite tracks in their individual threads. My only ever-so-slight nitpick is that no one took on the Miltank-field theme from the route north of Olivine, nor
  6. Ok so blocks are the things on the bottom of the playlist and clips are the things with notes shown that show up in the top. I hadn't really considered them as "different". I prefer clips then. Actually I hardly ever use blocks. I've only started using them for drum loops since there's really not anything meaningful they can display anyway. So blocks are to be removed in FL 10? Or deprecated, that is? BTW, is there any way to swap the blocks section to be on top in FL 9? I know there was a way in 8, but it seems to have disappeared.
  7. I doubt that. I've been using it for several years now. You misread my post, and no wonder; it seems I should have written it more clearly. Me neither. I was trying to point out just how impossible and futile that is. Back when I first started using FL, that's what I had been trying unsuccessfully to do, until I discovered patterns. I only even posted in this thread to state my own preference on the original topic.
  8. What?? A Kirby Superstar OCR album? That's too much awesome to take at once...I cannot wait. Superstar = one of the best games ever, especially for multiplayer
  9. I would have to vote for the playlist, simply because that's what I use primarily. However, I don't see how one could use the playlist without having multiple patterns. I used FL for maybe a month before I even knew patterns existed, and when I discovered them, it changed everything. Having the entire song in one pattern limits you so severely, I don't understand how one could get anything done that way. Not only that, but it becomes quite a chore to create melody variations and other such copy-paste operations. Not to mention that swapping out instruments and selectively playing different pa
  10. Well, it's so far gone that I'm probably just gonna start from scratch. My stuff nowdays is a bit higher quality, I think (I hope). I really need to invest some time into learning how to use FL Slayer, or otherwise figuring out how to do guitar parts that actually sound good.
  11. jabond23, thanks for the comments. One of my college buddies who also does music said that the end sounds like a rave, lol. That's a good idea about having a kick every 4 beats, it makes sense. I was expecting a lot more criticism, so I guess my skills have improved somewhat. Could you check out my High Tide WIP (a megaman mix I was working on a long time ago) and tell me if you think it's worth salvaging? I think I'll probably just start over if I do attempt to make it better. Here's a link to that thread: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=657467 Right now I'm working on a Dragon Wa
  12. Thanks Dafydd. I may need it, see for yourself: http://electrosymphonica.webs.com/High%20Tide%20WIP.mp3
  13. Here's an example of my newer stuff: http://electrosymphonica.webs.com/Residual%20Toxicity.mp3
  14. Lameness is the word of the day. A couple years ago I posted this thread cause I was excited and thought I might be able to even attempt an actual OC ReMix. Maybe I'm in a better position to do that now, I'm not sure. I am working on a mix I plan on submitting from the old NES game Dragon Warrior, of the world map tune. Haven't thought of a clever name for it yet, but it's about 70% done. The wave man tune, on the other hand, the one I started on a while back, has been rotting in my projects folder forever. I will probably render it soon and post it so you guys can hear it (as ZealPath posted
  15. Long name, I know. Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated... http://electrosymphonica.webs.com It isn't finished yet and I'm debating whether it's good enough to sell or not. Sorry nothing too new is out there right now. "Dark Side of the Sun" is a highly-remixed version of my very first FL Studio venture, and "Restricted Area" is likewise my second mix, highly redone and almost up to my current standards/skill. I am using internet on a terrible wifi connection right now so later when I have a solid connection I will post something here that is hopefully much better. It's a ne
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