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  1. A drum and bass sorta remix of the Green Greens level from just about any Kirby game. The C.E.I. stands for "Contagious Eye Infection" which refers the stye or whatever that I had when I made it.
  2. Name: "The Wingless" j.a. burnett MixName: Lifeforce -- Pharoah Land Rename .SNG to .MP3 (p.s. I know I submitted something a couple days ago, but I just liked this one so much and it's recently completed, so I thought I'd give it a shot anyways ) Composer: ???? Unknown Copyright: Konami Track Name: Level 5
  3. Game : Roger Rabbit Title : 'Follow the White Rabit' Remixer name : Gman
  4. Thanks a bundle - my opinion is that no matter how much we've seen or done, there's always something to be learned. Plus, I like to see what people are using and their opinions on different musical products.
  5. Welcome to the ReMixing Forum! Having a problem with Reason? Can't get Fruityloops to work right? Want an opinion on a piece of software or hardware? This be the place for technical questions regarding the wild world of ReMixing. Be sure to read the forum description, and check out the ReMixing resources page at http://www.ocremix.org/about/?catid=2 to see if your question is answered there first. This is also a great place to post a tip or technique, or an opinion on a piece of software or hardware that you've used - doesn't have to be just Q+A format. It's very difficult to answer overly general questions like "How do I ReMix?" so also please try to get at specific details of what you want to know. Also, note that though this is definitely a place for beginners and pros alike, if you have a piece you want feedback on, please post your link in the ReViews forum instead. Hopefully, using this forum, we can all share resources and knowledge and help each other improve our abilities. Thanks,
  6. 1. Please mention the game whose soundtrack you are requesting a ReMix from in your topic title - if applicable, please include the specific track name. 2. Please post a link to listen to the song(s) being requested. 3. If you are making multiple requests in the same post, please mention the first game title in your topic title, and indicate that additional games are mentioned by adding "...more". 4. Please don't post requests for a specific ReMixer only - email them directly or if they are registered on these boards, send them a private message. 5. Other things you might include in your request: genre (i.e. 'techno', 'jazz', 'hip-hop', etc.), link to original track (in case the ReMixer can't find it), and a simple 'thank you'. 6. Remember: there are no guarantees that requests will be answered in a given time frame, or ever. No matter how much a given track or game needs or deserves coverage, it may not happen. 7. Always remember to take a quick look around and make sure no one requested the same game or track three posts below yours. Thanks, - djpretzel -- Addendum: 8. Don't post requests for music directly from the games themselves or professionally released arrangements (i.e. The Black Mages). This forum is for making requests to the remixers for a song you would like to see remixed. 9. If you're a remixer, don't create a thread asking people to give you ideas for a remix. That's what this entire forum is for. If you need ideas, just look at what people have already posted. 10. The ReMix Request forum is for game music remix requests only. If you're looking for someone to write original music for you, or to remix your original music, you should post in the Recruit and Collaborate forum. - ocr moderation team
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