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  1. Two nos, one yes - can a couple more weigh in so we don't leave Rob hanging?
  2. Antonio & Matt - what do you think? It'd be good if we have some consensus on this, as it sort of sets a precedent and is a little controversial.
  3. Ahh yes, the good ole days Went ahead and posted - borderline. If Kooper gets improved soundfonts in the future, I think we'll just remain open to his submitting a revised version, and call it that.
  4. Way things are going lately, that could take a while, and since I think the percussion alone makes this basically worthy, I was gonna go ahead with it. Any judges who've not yet weighed in want to vote real quick? I'd like to post Saturday night otherwise, but I'll wait till then.
  5. If I'm allowed to post mixes and incorrectly attribute them to CotMM, you can be goofy too
  6. Note that Kooper909's previous submission was delayed quite a bit - if everyone could vote on this piece ASAP, that'd be super-peachy and what not. Hello. This is the mix I talked about in the post ... it's much better than Windy Waters. I hope you enjoy it. It's a remix of the Donkey Kong Country title theme. There's not much to say, except that this piece is based HUGELY on percussion. So ... I hope you like it. Information to include: Name I want it credited to: Kooper909 Website: http://nmidi.vze.com/ (down at the moment, server trouble :/ ) E-mail: kooper909@yahoo.com Happy listening!
  7. hey DJP, this is my first remix that I feel might be even close to worthy of submission. the name of it is 'Resurfacing Evil'. It is a remix of the Black Omen song from chrono trigger. This is my third attempt at remixing the black omen song. and the first two were definately way too default fruityloops sounding, but this one I feel is a great improvement. I don't know if you can classify this song, but the first bit is kind of ambient, but then its sort of a heavier track with some hip-hop-ish drum-loops. let me know what you think. you can find it here: yeah, the site is a pain in the ass, but it works. also feel free to check out the other stuff on there. peace -suzumebachi PS- Did you get the dates I sent?
  8. Hi, I'd like to commend ou on your website,and I'd also like to submita sonic the hedgehog remix. here's the URL: It's the second song from the bottom, entitled Marble Zone. Also, fourth from the bottom is a remix of a commodore 64 game: "Zak McCracken and the Alien Mindbenders." Check that one out too if you want. Hope you enjoy Thanks, DJ Freshie. NOTE: Vote on the Sonic mix - vote on the Zak mix as well, but only if you have time
  9. Uhm...well... I know that Tm Revolutionary's Synthetic Time parasite drives almost everyone but me insane...but I'm submitting this DKC2 remix in the spirit of Synthetic Time Parasite, hoping it'll get posted. Your biggest quarrel will probably be that the beat is slightly off...but that's intended...and so is the general painfulness of the TS404s...so I'm hoping you'll find it exceptionally painful enough to post. hair 'tis thanks in advance for any feedback/future posting Starky
  10. I gave you the link for my Rock Howard Theme OC remix, but if you want to mail me your opinion my exact e-mail is sensei.af@wanadoo.fr So I give you my link again : thank you bye
  11. Heh, you could use a CVIII remix... I'm sending a link to VGmix.com to keep your inboxes digital bed a little drier... =D ...but that means you'll need to change the ID3 tags yourself... Title: Mind of the Demon Game: Castlevania III I haven't a clue who the original composer is, sorry. Thanks for listening! -Psychrophyte
  12. Deadlocked too long - tiebreaking with a NO, mainly in agreement with Malcos' comments.
  13. I agree that this mix is VERY close, but for some of the reasons that Dan listed, I'm breaking the tie and voting No and closing the thread. We took a long time to make this call and Kooper909 deserves his feedback one way or the other. Hopefully the delay in getting it won't turn him off to the whole process, as with a few fixes here and there this would definitely be posted, and I hyope to see future mixes submitted as well.
  14. Pizza - thanks for posting. Ty PM'd me as well, it was next on my list. Everyone: VOTE! Please! I'm having to hold off on mixes until some are judged because vote counts are sitting at two or three! I am very much wanting your votes, sirs!
  15. Here's some music I recorded a while back which I hope can find a home at your site. It's old, it's tried and true; It's Metroid. I used a Yamaha PSR-520 (from the olden days) and a MIDI sequencing program by Cakewalk. No loops, no samples, and no post-sequencing or real-time effects were utilized. I mention this because I feel that there aren't enough jump-in-and-get-your-hands-dirty-in-order-to-more-honestly-project-what-it-is-you're-trying-to-do artists in electronic music, and hope that anyone might find my sound refreshing. In addition (because I forgot...thank you Old Age), the file extension "zip" should be renamed "mp3." You could have figured that out on your own, but I thought I'd make sure if only to cover my butt.
  16. Hi Please try And let me know if you decide to put it up on the archive Regards - Nicholai
  17. And it would just figure that I wouldn't like it. Damn my tastes, damn them all to hell. But as I said, well done. Don't worry, not everyone can be "right" like Mustin jk Seriously, while I don't deny the arranging talent and would classify this as one of NoppZ' more technically impressive pieces, I think arrangement is about more than wowing with chops and/or nifty concepts. Some of his other submissions have ranked higher on the energy and emotion scales for me, which I value just as much as technical prowess, so while I enjoyed it quite a bit, it doesn't stand out as NoppZ' best submission or an arranging benchmark in my book.
  18. Hi, I sent you an email about 2 weeks back regarding another remix for Overclocked, this one is of the Amstrad CPC version of Golden Axe. You can download it at the following location in MP3 format, credits should be the same as the earlier Robocop remix: As usual please let me know if the remix is added to Overclocked so that I can remove it from the above server, this is a works server (used for search engine caches etc) and is eating space as we speak. Malc Jennings http://cpczone.emuunlim.com
  19. Pretzel-san! I really dig the new look of OC remix! This is your long-lost Cuddly Battleship sending another remix your way. I think I tried submitting this ages ago, but something wiggy happened with the file. Anyway, I got some space, and you can find the file here: I don't know how to edit ID3 tags with anything other than winamp, which gives me no kinda space. So here's the titles and everything as follows: Title: Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move "More Caffeine! Ska OC Remix" Artist: Cuddly Battleship Kattywampus and Tatsumakisenpukyaku III [yeah, we worked on it together. Good luck typing our handles! =^_~=] Year: 2001 Orig. Artist: Zuntata Copyright: Taito Thanks a lot, I hope you like it! -Cuddly Battleship Kattywampus If you have any problems, you may reply to this address.
  20. Hello! Here is my newest remix! By: Thumper URL: Thnx!
  21. Hello. Sorry we got off to a bad start. I submitted the other two pathetic mixes because I was so excited that I had learned to make MP3s, and I was stupidly unaware of how bad they were ... Now I have learned to use more powerful software, and I have made a Super Mario 64 mix that is worlds better than my old work. Please listen, many people have suggested that it is OC Material. Also, please ignore the little nothings I previously submitted, and enjoy this instead. to download the file, please visit http://www.stationmp3.com/kooper909/ and download Super Mario 64 - Windy Waters. Name I want it credited to: Kooper909 Website: http://nmidi.vze.com/ E-mail: kooper909@yahoo.com Please list all the above info, thank you very much! NOTE: I had some trouble submitting this. I have no idea if you've received this before. First, I tried sending this to submissions@overclocked.org, but this was only a few days before OCR3. The message was unable to be sent. I then sent it to creator@overclocked.org, and I don't know if you read that. Hopefully you'll get this. Thanks for your time.
  22. Moving - but we'll work this out. Still not sure if it should be retroactive or only for newer mixes . . .
  23. There have been maybe two mixes that I didn't even waste your time with, and in other cases people have tried to submit five mxies at the same time and I've only posted one, but those are the only instances of that happening. Idea is definitely to give people feedback. Now, as for this mix - not posting. It's very borderline, but it sounds like people are swaying towards changing their votes, etc. But let me add something - your standards are for you to decide on yourselves, individually. If the judges panel starts coming up with rules like 'we won't accept pieces with incomplete endings' (which is subjective, btw.) then the benefit of having seven *different* people deteriorates. An ending can be an extremely important part of the song, no argument, but I don't believe three minutes of great music can be foiled by a mediocre ending. Certainly, it can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, but that also is subjective. I recommend judging pieces as a whole and just going off of whether you think they are up to snuff with the recent trend of other mixes that have been posted. It's you who determine the borderline, as the mixes I post directly are (I hope at least 90% of the time) pretty definite "yesses". Some of this is difficult - did the remixer MEAN to end the piece this way? Did he run out of ideas? Or maybe he really did think this was the best way to end the piece, for whatever reason? To me, guessing at the intentions of the creator is fairly futile. What I recommend asking instead is: one way or another, whether this ending is intentional or not, does it affect the whole of the mix so much so that I don't think it should be posted? That's a question only you can answer, but leaping to conclusions about someone's intentions in my experience isn't the best way to evaluate. That being said, that's just MY take on things, and you're here for YOURS, so take everything I say with a grain of salt - I'd like to provide some guidance, but stay largely out of your way. Let me know if I overstep my bounds, or if you think I'm understepping as well.
  24. Thanks - I know it seems like a good idea, but would you just limit it to FF? What about Mega Man? Castlevania? What if someone wants to do a medley of five totally different games? I like the idea of having a medley option for popular series, but it would have to stop there in my mind, as it could get out of hand otherwise . . .
  25. Not posting . . . I'll cover the modification to the guidelines as soon as possible . . .
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