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  1. Locking - doesn't have four votes but has been up for awhile. People aren't voting! Arggh! BTW, if you post your own mix, you should still be able to vote on it, and I'd say go ahead. We're getting too many deadlocks / not enough votes.
  2. Locking - I suggest that all mixes over the 6 meg limit, which I'll try to emphasize in my rewrite of the guidelines, be rejected. I'm not even sure we should take the time to judge them. It slows us down, and I think it's fair on our part to expect people to read before submitting.
  3. Locked - prolly gonna post tonight or tomorrow night, I dug this one too. Unique flavor to it.
  4. LOL . . . yeah, I get 105.9, and yeah, I hardly listent to it. There ARE some good original melodies in the genre, but to me the reason it's called "smooth" and not just "jazz" is really because the word "elevator" would have seemed insulting Nevertheless, has a time and place, and like all genres can excel within itself. Locking this thread, will move to the closed forum when posted (soon).
  5. Someone in #ocremix suggested I resubmit this. I sent this in a little over a month ago if I remember right. It was sent to the creator@overclocked.org e-mail adress. You should be able to get ahold of this remix here: (I wasn't sure about the filename so I left it but I believe I got all the ID3 tags formatted correctly) Some info on the remix.. Artist: Avien Song Title: Winds of Eternity Game: FF3j (famicom) Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu Copyright: Squaresoft Hmm, as for the request, would it be too much trouble to change my Remixer name/handle on the site from "Christopher Powell" to "Avien"? If its a problem then uhh.. just post this under the former (should you decide to post it at all). Thanks
  6. Terranigma is such a great game - I love it, as do many others - It had it's many requests on the OCR3 message boards. I got in the mood for ReMixing again, and this is the result. Enjoy Thanks, DC13
  7. Here's a little remix I made of the Spark Man theme from Mega Man 3. Geiger
  8. Hey, I have a submission for ya! By: Thumper Thanks! Great site!
  9. Agreed - at time it sounded like an electric piano as the notes were dead-on quantized. But still, good stuff.
  10. Sorry, IE crashed mid-post . . . Handle: Trptcox Title: To Zanarkand Once Again Game: Final Fantasy X I have given you this URL, but it does not have the proper ID3 tags -- it has vgmix's. However, it is an alternative to just emailing you the song. If you must the proper tags I can email you a new version.
  11. Hi! I just finished a remix of the ever so popular zeal. Please consider this for OC Remix, i think i did a pretty professional job with it. Its pretty true to the original though, so its like an enhancement that i worked on, with a few extra synths i put in. Trust me i think you will like it. Email me back with any questions or comments, i appreciate it! PS - Original composer - Yasunori Mitsuda Remixer - bLiNd - description (for you) - This is a remix/enhancement of the original Zeal from Chrono Trigger, i used a lot of trance synths and put in some nice drum work, and the recording is awesome. Thanks for listening. -
  12. this would be my second submission to your tiiiight ash site..."8) heres the link... Ryce Beetz Title: "Glowstick 4 A Sword" Original Composer: S.Kajiya, Mayu, Miya Copyright: Tecmo ReMixed By: Ryce Beetz and in case something happened to the attachment i sent you for my 1st one...its also on this webpage..."8) Title: "The Story" Original Composer: Nobuo Nematsu Copyright: Squaresoft ReMixed By: Ryce Beetz
  13. Hey Hey I know its been a while since my last submission, but here it is. Now DarkCecil13 said i should submit the 128kbps version, so thats what im doing. The deal is, the song is 12:22 and 11 megs. I made a 10 meg ver by putting it to 112kbps. But anyway listen for yourself. you might like it!!! Its called EsperMakoCrystal Megamix Star Salzman
  14. Game name: Wizards & Warriors I Remix name: "It's Knighttime" Length: 3:54 Size: 3.57MB ID3v1 & ID3v2 tags: Both written Name credited to: DJ Jake Thanks & all that. Your site is checked by me daily, DJ Jake
  15. Sorry, my site had gone down for a while and i was moved to a new server where I had to re-upload everything. Please Publicize this info: >Creator: Main Finger Since it's been so long, this song is now definitely not my greatest work, but if you like this, then you'd like my newer stuff probably a whole lot better. Hopefully I can contribute lots of songs to your site (I have quite a few). This song is one of my older ones now, but oh well.
  16. Name of remix: Bubble Bobble (noise remix) Artist: thefido //thefido
  17. Hello, I recently submitted a song and, well, I don't think you decided to post it. It wasn't my best work. Anyway, I'd like to submit this song: I think it's much better than the other song i tried to submit. It's the song on Metroid usually when you're in a room with a bird statue with an item. I call it "Secrets." It's got a lot of bass. If you're playing it on winamp i suggest turning the equalizer off because it sounds better without it. And for some reason I couldn't get it too be really loud without making it fuzzy so you have to turn up the volume a bit more than usual. Please Publicize this info: Creator: Main Finger I really hope this song gets accepted to your site! I'm a big fan of Over Clocked Remixes:)
  18. This would be a remix of that song that plays when you are talking to that big round blue character (see song title) in "The Guardian Legend" for NES. This relatively short mix is techno with some powerful bass. Also I threw in a bunch of Arnold Swarzengger quotes for good measure. Don't ask why. I just did. All of the song was made in Fruityloops 3.0 If this ends up getting posted you can post my e-mail. -munky
  19. Locking - will be posted tonight or tomorrow night
  20. Not surprising as Mazedude's really consistent. However, I need to get that submission form up and running, because he just had a Doom 2 mix posted and other people should be in queue in front of him (some of youse guys actually ^^)
  21. A drum and bass sorta remix of the Green Greens level from just about any Kirby game. The C.E.I. stands for "Contagious Eye Infection" which refers the stye or whatever that I had when I made it.
  22. Name: "The Wingless" j.a. burnett MixName: Lifeforce -- Pharoah Land Rename .SNG to .MP3 (p.s. I know I submitted something a couple days ago, but I just liked this one so much and it's recently completed, so I thought I'd give it a shot anyways ) Composer: ???? Unknown Copyright: Konami Track Name: Level 5
  23. Game : Roger Rabbit Title : 'Follow the White Rabit' Remixer name : Gman
  24. Thanks a bundle - my opinion is that no matter how much we've seen or done, there's always something to be learned. Plus, I like to see what people are using and their opinions on different musical products.
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