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  1. http://snow.prohosting.com/mryamori/remixes.htm -Gecko Yamori ______________________________________________________ Här börjar Internet! Skaffa gratis e-mail och gratis Internet på http://www.spray.se Spela Spray Quiz med Motorola och vinn en Motorola Talkabout 191. http://quiz.spray.se/motorola
  2. Sorry about that, I was under the wrong email client when I typed up the first email to you. The signature on that email is in no way to be used for any of this If this remix is selected to appear on your site, it is done by "Hermit", not Judy Daniels Zelda 4: Link's Awakening (Gameboy) By: Hermit Seaside Lullaby This will be my first submission, more to come I'm sure
  3. Phantasy Star III Town Music The town music in PS3 is gorgeous, and I longed to remix it. Here lies the result, titled "Nial and Nowhere...." I hope you think it's as beautiful as I do. (note: sorry about those broken links...) Thanks in advance, and as always, great site.... ~Quinn Fox http://www.quinn.50g.com
  4. hi! I made a remix of the cave theme from super mario world. I've never submitted to OverClocked before, but I am by no means new to remixing! I made this in 4 or 5 hours with reason. good times were had by all! my e-mail address is, obviously, nick@kodoku.nu , and my remixer nickname is "Beej". in any case, enjoy! here is the URL for the song: thanks! - Nick Turco
  5. Final Fantasy VII Remix: Title: Temple Prologue Artist: Michael Vincent (a.k.a. VorteX) Year: 2002 Genre: Game Sent ya a URL since you like those more THANKS! _________________________ [Michael Coppola =[VorteX Technologies -=[systems Administrator vortex1070@msn.com 1+ (248) 563-9030
  6. Hiya, My name is Strike. I'm a newbie to the mixing world. I really had a lot of fun mixing this one (my first mix!) and I hope you enjoy it. It is from Perfect Dark on the old N64. The original song was from the ending credits. I thought it was a cool song, so I thought I would try to make it a little cooler. This is my first mix, and I'll admit, I'm probably not the best newbie out there, but I don't think I'm too bad. Hopefully I will improve a lot. I plan on sending you many remixes. Heh. Soon you'll be like, oh no, its this guy again. Haha. I'm going to improve though, I'm really into this type of stuff. I filled in all the ID3 tags ( I think ) and the file size is about 2.6 MB. Thanks for the great site. Been a fan for a long time! Here's the URL to my remix named "Deploy". Thanks again! ~Strike (extreme74@hotmail.com) _________________________________________________________________ Join the world’s largest e-mail service with MSN Hotmail. http://www.hotmail.com
  7. Don't worry about Mustin too much, George. His ego is easily fatter than your pseudonym
  8. Title - FF7 goodnite remix original composer - nobou uematsu copyright - sqaure soft game - Final Fantasy 7 (the sleep music) link : by DJ CHAKO i didnt know that the submission eamil changed or i would have sent it sooner.. i think ill do a DDR remix next cause that all i play at work
  9. Hi, my name is Brandon Nahté (Mooseka) and I made a remix of the Zelda 64 song Requiem of Spirit. I was going to do the ID3 tags but I'm at my Father's house for the summer and I don't have anything I can do it with so hopefully you'll accept the information printed below. ~Mooseka Title: Zelda64 SandCoveredTemple OC ReMix Artist: Mooseka Year: 2002 Genre: Game either Album or Comment should have the URL http://remix.overclocked.org - the other field can have the same, or whatever you choose
  10. Ok guys, now, remember we're not trying to give people nightmares or question their worth as human beings - if a mix is clearly lacking, let's try to be a bit more helpful in the future. I do agree it would take a lot of work for this or anything like it to qualify, but specifics would still be helpful. Okay, I've said my piece
  11. Alrighty, now - remember that we're trying to remain civil. Possibly should have used the form response rather than forward to judges . . . let's see what a couple others say.
  12. No need to apologize - our ability to form opinions and to change them as well is pretty much what defines us
  13. Hello, djpretzel. A couple weeks ago I sent you a submission to be posted on your site. However, I haven't recieved word from you, or seen a discussion appear in the judges forum, and so my paranoid self can only assume I fell through the cracks (an incorrect link in the original e-mail might have helped that falling process ). So here is my submission once again. My host doesn't like mp3s, so I have changed the file extension to .xyz, as you can tell from the link. My name is Keaton Miller , and right now I don't have a website ready for linkage. Oh, and if you decide to post it, please post my e-mail along with it: keatonmill@charter.net Thanks, Keaton Miller
  14. I'll not speak a long time, because i'm french!! I think that your site is very nice! I'd like to send you a mix of the "aria di mezzo" in Final Fantasy 6(super nintendo). I hope you'll like it. Here's the url, perhaps you'll can't download it in the USA, so tell me! size: 2.2 Mo Length: 2M 26sec Quality: 128 Kbps 44Khz title: Aria di Mezzo Mix (yes it isn't special! but you can change the title as you want, because i didn't find something good!) game: Final Fantasy VI Year: 2001 Autor: Me (Kevin Fernandez) Kafka
  15. i loves me some final fantasy and megaman but i figured that it was time to mix up a different game ;; DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!!! WEE-HAW!!! ok, so this is a remix of the song "Dancing All Alone" by Smile.dk which shows up in a few of the ddr mixes. yea so my remixing alias is DJ ShadowZero, hope that you enjoy listening to this as much as i enjoyed making it keep up the good work on the site guys link:
  16. More FF crap. I'm sure you are thrilled. It's the link labeled Aeris Rearranged. Don't bother with the Zelda song. You can also get to it by copying and pasting the following URL: If you decide to upload it to Overclocked, call me "drekmonger" and don't include the hotmail address. thx! --dm
  17. That is my new link for my song, I had to do the whole underscore thing to get it working for my friends, so I was thinking maybe that's why you haven't emailed me back with comments about this song yet.... -Paul... erehm... I mean Vicks Cornatto.... note: I think we'd need a higher quality version if we wanted to post, but please evaluate based off what he gave us (actually sounded pretty good to me)
  18. Yepp.. I have remixed a song from the new game: MegaMan Zero You can download it from here: I hope that this song is cooming soon on your page (OverClocked) ------------------ DJ Terra ------------------
  19. Yo, I'm submitting a remix for a banjo Kazooie song. I didn't change the Id3 tags becuz i don't have software that does it or i'm to lazy (either way) and i also can't think of a good name for it. The Artist Should be RemixFanatic becuz i like the sound of it, and all my remixes from now on will be by that name. Most important of all i'm going to give you the URL to the file. Now keep in mind, this is my first remix and i'm not expecting it took make it all the way to be posted. Well here it is... Theirs a pretty annopying intrument in it...
  20. This is a ReMix of the SNES game, Top Gear 3000. It was done and FruityLoops and I've titled it FreewayFreestyle because it's done on the Freeway song. I thought the original sounded good, so I decided to make a ReMix. Please credit the ReMix to me, C4hawk. Thanks. The link is:
  21. Hey, Pretz! Here's a little something I cooked up. It's a straightforward, nostalgic kind of groove. I was going for simplicity. I'm curious to hear the judges comments on it, as it's a bit of a departure from what I usually do (then again, what isn't?) Peace and keep on rockin'! -Shael
  22. Okay, I sent you a remix of Cids theme some time ago (called 'shinra 24' I think). If you haven't already, please forget it ever existed. Instead, please consider (should the song get posted, I go under the name of DJ Wossname) Also, I put this on VGMix as a bit of fun, seeking advice with no intentions of submitting it, which is why it doesn't have the proper tags, sorry. (FYI, the Shinra mix got the form rejection letter)
  23. Hiya there I have a new remix from one of the tetris tracks from the nes version, it's trance-like.. I hope you like it and post it... send me any feedback to kornboy46@hotmail.com. you can get the song by downloading it from the following ftp: The name is Do you Like tetris?.mp3 Hope you like it Thank you for your time =] Dj Fie|DY
  24. Okay, because of potential legal issues, I guess we'll go with an ixnae, but I'm gonna contact the ReMixer directly and let him know what's up, as it was a pretty decent mix otherwise.
  25. Wow - don't think I've seen opinions this contrasting in awhile. Especially interested in other judges chiming in, given the discord. If you see a fellow judge that's not yet voted, hit him upside the noggin and direct him here
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