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  1. Yet another submission from Dj_StarChild I posted a link to an early version on the WIP boards, got some good reviews, but the genreal concensus was that the bitrate was too low and that it needed some bass...so Here it is VBR and a bassline (It's weird.) ANYWay...on to the arrangement. It's called 'Chronotrigger - Brink of Insanity' And unlike most remixes from CT, it is in fact...obscure. It's the theme from the end of Time. yes, the song that is not so well known as 'Brink of Time.' It's mainly a manic breakbeat that seems like it's all over the place, over a piano that bassically follows the original piece, but eventually I added a little of my own touch. and then the bass which can only be described as...weird. I hope you find it to be ocremix material. and I hear recommendations get you somewhere, so...If it aids my cause at all...Beatdrop Liked it. Liked it more than all my other works. ...I don't know if that is a compliment or not but...just...listen and analyse you'll notice that the song is being hosted by Rob saunders, as stationmp3.com sucks and won't allow for mp3s to have bitrates higher than 128. so...yeah. A slight change O_o that's all I guess...You ought to know all the info on CT by now... Be Gentle <:/ Starky _________________________________________________________________ MSN Photos is the easiest way to share and print your photos: http://photos.msn.com/support/worldwide.aspx
  2. this is a gato version 2.0 remix please get back to me if there is any problems
  3. Hello, I have an awesome new "remix" of several themes from Monkey Island 2, titled "Monkey Brain Soup for the Soul". Someone recommended I submit it here, so here I am. The only problem is, the MP3 file is a whopping .05 over your 6 megabyte file limit! If that's too much fine, but I don't want to cut anything out of the song. Anyway, the song is at http://animutation.mixnmojo.com/monkeybrainsoup.zip, zipped and everything. The ID3 tag is also not in accordance with the guidelines... Mainly for two reasons, one, other people are downloading the from that address, and if you didn't end up accepting it a bunch of people would still have files marked "OC ReMix". Two, "(Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge) (Monkey Brain Soup for the Soul) OC ReMix" doesn't fit in the title box. Feel free to modify the ID3 tag however you want. Trapezoid
  4. Well, here is a piece i've been working on for quite some time now, and i really like how it's turned out so far. sorry about the id3 tags, they don't include the OCR link anywhere. hope you like it. Title: Final Fantasy VI - The Falcon Funeral March Artist: Maleh-Vor Year: 2002 Genre: Game Orig. Artist: Nobuo Uematsu Copyright: Squaresoft
  5. Hey, this is Greg Kennedy aka Hornpipe2. um... I've got a new submission. It's good this time, or at least some people on the WIP board seem to think so... It's from the Genesis game Lotus 2, and you can grab it from If this makes it, please take my old mix down. Also I'd like to have my Remixer profile sort of match my PHPBB profile, if that's possible. Thanks! -Greg ["It doesn't matter to a hacker what he is working on - it could be a game or an abstract math problem, but if a computer is involved, he is a god and can do whatever he wants inside that world." - Alexey Pajitnov, author of Tetris] _________________________________________________________________ Join the world’s largest e-mail service with MSN Hotmail. http://www.hotmail.com
  6. Yes and no. It's the same drum kit, different bass patches, both acoustic uprights. If the notes themselves sound similar, consider that they're not too far from the originals. The term "reusing" implies that it's not common to use the same sound twice in two different songs - it is. I don't particularly consider that it's an issue of being "above" this reuse - it's a matter of common sense. If you've got a jazz drum kit that sounds like a good jazz drum kit, and you do two jazz pieces, why would you arbitrarily force yourself to switch to a different kit? With purely electronic timbres I can see the need to switch more as they have no real-world counterparts and are often so ubiquitous it's scary (see the FL bass drum + snare combo for reference) but for acoustic emulations, if it's the closest you've got, use it. I think the overall feel of the piece is markedly different - no synthetic textures in Swanky, and no brass or big-band feel (in general, less "swing"). But I didn't reply to defend the song, just the practice of reusing good sounds, esp. acoustic emulations update: hope that didn't sound bitchy, just trying to make a point - IMO, it's always best to do what's right for that specific track.
  7. I'd prefer 4 to 2 now, but if something sits around too long without additional votes, I've gotta do something. Anyone that's not yet judged this mix have anything to add?
  8. Hello, I'd appreciate it if you would give this a listen and consider posting it. you should be able to get it at: and if that doesn't work (it should) I suppose you could grab it from VGMix: I'd rather you try to get it from my machine (the first URL) first as I have changed the ID3 tags to follow the submission guidelines. Thanks. I hope you enjoy it. Chris Powell aka Avien __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? HotJobs - Search Thousands of New Jobs http://www.hotjobs.com
  9. Righto, This is my first remix to date, after a week or two or messing around in Fruityloops, I thought I'd give it ago. I always thought the original was a bit too "in your face", so to speak, so I did my best to give it a more laid back feel. I'd like the remix to be credited to 'Saiy', and my email given as this one(saiyhedge@hotmail.com). And since I think it'd be helpful if you had the remix yourself the address of a download is: (Hope it works) Cheers, Matt Brandwood. _________________________________________________________________ Chat with friends online, try MSN Messenger: http://messenger.msn.com
  10. About 2 months ago I submitted this but never got a response or saw it voted on - i have a feeling it may have gotten lost... It is a short little remix of the Quasi (green) space theme from star control 2 for the pc.... I, unfortunately, lost the reason file that i made this with when a HD died - all i have left is the mp3, so i can't really modify it... i'd have to do it over from scratch if I wanted to make any changes to it! heh I'd like this credited to me as jdm - thanks! jordan maynard software engineer ii electionic arts jmaynard@ea.com
  11. Well, here is another remix. I started this one before I completed Time in the CloudsDX, and I got a soundfont player for Fruity Loops 3.4 before it was done, so there are a lot of soundfonts. I don't really know what I'm going to do now, I might complete a lemmings remix or start a new remix and re-do the lemmings mix later. Oh well, here it is. I would like to apologize for the file name. Apparently Tripod has a filename character limit of 32 now, And I couldn't really fit the title in. If you could rename it for me, Thankyou. could you also post my email (krb202@yahoo.com) and my website as well? Thankyou, again! --Kailem
  12. Hi there, I tried submitting this song a number of months ago and I think I may have been overlooked. At any rate, I thought I'd try again. Credit to: Draggor The remix is actually of the chocobo themes from several Final Fantasy games, however the majority are from FF7. Thank you! -Draggor
  13. Name: Poobslag I Remixed: Magnet Man, from Mega Man 2 Web Page: Don't bother My remix is here: - Aaron
  14. name- dj-Gilhoy Race To Oblivion is the secret of mana remix. Bouncing Novas is the super metroid remix. the super metroid one is better.
  15. Hey there - it's Evic (aka. DJ Slyce), and I've finished my first Video Game ReMix. It's pretty short (1:04) and is based ona heavily modified version of Track 18 of the Mortal Kombat 3 SNES game. I modified Track 18 to make it sounds like the Movie Theme song as much as possible, and then altered that to my liking. The result: you can picture the dungeon doors opening and closing with the music - I absolutely love it! Thanks! Evic DJ Slyce
  16. This is just your friendly neighborhood remix reminder. Please consider my Terranigma remix. It's Crysta. I've already submitted this once, but you say in the faq that you need a reminder sometimes. Please feel free to say why the song wasn't accepted in the judges msg board. I'd appreciate some feedback from ANYONE. Thanks in advance, Starky
  17. The webpage that contains a link to the remix i wish to submit can be found at: if you accept this submission, here is the further information you asked for. name to credit to: MadDrumrDaVe thank you for your time.
  18. That's two yesses - don't let my opinion affect yours - we need more votes!!
  19. To tell the truth, I wasn't too impressed. As a piano arrangement it just seemed very basic. Just because it's from someone with an excellent track record doesn't mean it can't show up here. But just because I think that doesn't mean you have to agree, that's why it's here
  20. ! i did a piano ARRANGEMENT from final fantasy vi Game: final fantasy vi, piano arrangement of "The Mystic Forest" Title: "Phantom Midnight" enjoy ! -mp
  21. This has been here a while, yes. Sounds like with some changes it'll please all, but for now I'm gonna go with the math and say 3 to 2 - we'll wait for a revised version or his next submission.
  22. Hello, I'd like to submit my BoF II remix. It is the one and only file at this URL: For the site... Author: Hunsvotti E-mail: none (spam bots!) Web site: http://kadath.org/
  23. Hi! Great site you have here! I just thought I could contribute with my remixed version of Zelda 2 Temple Theme which I did on FastTracker II back in 1999. Cheers! Cimarron (aka Mathias Andersson)
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