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  1. It also gives a vibe that says works well in a cyberpunk mood. That's a compliment, because it means that the beats are fast and the song can be truly seen as electronic. add some more time not to the intro but to the rest of the song I want to hear it gear on up to the breakdown.
  2. Here comes one that I am fairly certain that does make the grade: 01612: Deliverance of the Heart
  3. :What if the remix in Question was only on one of the albums? Do we type the name or not put anything on? Also, this is where you can get Silkscreen.
  4. Try and make a mix out of this. It sounds as it is too much like Solaris form 2 as it is, but if you tweak it just a bit it might be a good rendition of Next Gen's main theme.
  5. Sounds like it actually could come from Egypt. I like this more than the music for Secret Rings.
  6. Hydrocity Zone Was one of my favorite tunes from Sonic 3, so when I heard this version I was blown away. My exact thoughts were "If Sega were to do a graphical & sound upgrade to S3&K, they could use this."