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  1. Absolutely wonderful mix, it grabbed my attention right from the start and held it until I was left wanting more after the last second. Great job.
  2. You know, I don't think I've heard a djpretzel mix yet that I haven't liked. Even though the source has been done to death and I thought I never wanted to hear it again, he managed to put a fresh spin on it and make it enjoyable to listen to. It's like every track he touches turns to gold. Okay, I think I've fulfilled my lavish praise quota for today.
  3. Awesome trance work here, perfect music for eating waffles to. (No, really, I've got waffles for breakfast.) And the voice clip works perfectly.
  4. This game had some solid music, and this is a great expansion of the source (plus I love trance for some weird reason). Awesome job.
  5. I'm glad you guys decided to put this on the site, it's one of my favorite tracks from the album. Beautiful stuff, really a great expansion of the sources.
  6. Me likey, me likey! Then again, I like most solo piano. But eh. Awesome take on the source here.
  7. This is a really awesome mix despite its overt ties to a relationship! I too am a trance fan to some extent, and I think the vocals just really took this mix to the next level of awesome. Definitely something I could listen to for 8 minutes.
  8. What do you get when you cross McVaffe with a piano? Total awesomeness. Also known as...this piece. An oldie but goodie.
  9. Oh wow--this piece just reeks of groove. It makes me want to slip on some sunglasses over my normal nerdglasses and strut down the street like nobody's business before I trip over a crack in the sidewalk or something. I'd really like to hear "Knuckleduster"'s vocals on top of this sweet mess.
  10. I'm not even usually that big a fan of d'n'b (maybe it's the breakbeat part that does it for me), but this is a great, solid mix that really gets me jamming. Awesome job here.
  11. Beautiful piece, I love how it just expands upon the source so exponentially. Lovely.
  12. Oh wow, when the snares come in near the end it's a total "Chariots of Fire" moment--was that intentional? Anyway, beautiful piece. I always enjoy your work, I think you have a great sense of arrangement and it really shows through in these mixes you've put on the site.
  13. Okay, I love this piece. Not only is this one of my favorite tracks from the game, but...c'mon, it's McVaffe! Also I didn't know she was a girl and I am so sorry if I have ever referred to you as male, Ms. Vaffe.
  14. It's been a while since a good solo piano arrangement like this has been posted, I think! Nice to hear someone tickle the old ivories again! Beautiful job, I love the source tune and this definitely does it justice in a more unconventional way than what I usually think of when I imagine arrangements of Final Fantasy battle music. Oh, and happy 10th birthday, OCR!
  15. Beautiful job here. Such a peaceful, ethereal track. And it has theremin! (I, too, must admit to never having played Galaxy--it is a source of great shame in my life. Someday, though. Someday.)
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