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  1. I hear the dub step!! Nice how you incorporated it but didn't make it the whole mix. How original )
  2. Oh YEA I'm hooked on metroid metal! Thanks for supporting my habit. And nice production
  3. There is quite a bit of buildup imo but when the melody kicks in WOW another great zircon mix
  4. I dig the development it's very original! More kick @$$ rock songs please??
  5. I kept turning this up and up not knowing why it felt soft even when the layers r all balls to the walls and EUREKA I think the drums r too far in the back in the latter two thirds of the mix. Besides this (possibly unwarranted) quip I enjoy this a lot and catchy source!!
  6. This track definitely has moments, like the piano solo halfway through and the synth builds so it has the MTLBRO STAMP OF APPROVAL whatever that's worth
  7. Adam Young is that you?? Oh thank God it's not, but this mix makes me happy !! Critique? I think most pop songs would have the vocal EQ up I have to strain to hear at times, but wen I do hear them I like I also dig those "glitches" and abrupt transitions, almost like ur winking at me as I listen in bliss
  8. Wow great balance n mastering. Mixing electronic n GOOD orchestra palettes can be daunting but this truly shines 2 thumbs up!
  9. Wow the opening is jarring, but it may have something to do with the source so i'll stay quite. Those bells r preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty
  10. This could be the theme to a REALLY good horror movie.. I actually like the chord progression especially in the first half Great stuff !!
  11. Very original always loved the source My fave is at the ending wen the synth (3:01) kind of "falls" after each phrase. Nice touch
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