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  1. Final Fantasy IX - Behind the Door: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aa0OkAXKaZ8
  2. Heh, Prisoners of Fate or People Seized with Life (can't remember which is the correctly translated title) always gets me. It's the song playing when you fight Dario... and like, a lot of the other sadder moments throughout the game. I'm replaying the game now, as a matter of fact. Never bothered to try and get the other endings, so I'm gonna try it out.
  3. Closest I ever came was the end of FFX I think. Oh, actually Chrono Cross too because that whole game is just a giant ball of sadness.
  4. http://techcrunch.com/2011/11/21/snes-classic-chrono-trigger-coming-to-ios-next-month/ The article is about Chrono Trigger's iOS release, and at the end they link to a remix here. I thought it was pretty cool!
  5. I only got to sit down with it once, but I think I loved Wii Music more than anyone really should love a game of it's standing.
  6. I think it wouldn't let me on because my connection here is kinda weird. It looks fun though, hopefully I can make it work.
  7. I tried to make an account, well I DID create an account but it keeps feeling to log on to the server. bewewew...
  8. Yeah, for a video that was meant to highlight how cool the gameplay is going to be, they picked a pretty awful segment. I'm not saying I won't give the game a chance, though. ps bleck what is your sig i like it?
  9. I tried really hard to watch the gameplay video but I couldn't finish it, walking around a school was boring.
  10. Funny, I never could beat him in KH2 I got the sense it was very systematic but I never took the time to get it down.
  11. Getting that damn sword takes me so long every time I play the game that it isn't even fun after that point because I'm way too strong for my own good.
  12. Beating Ozma in Final Fantasy IX was really fucking hard, but immensely rewarding. Beating Final Fantasy Tactics using only Ramza wasn't so much of a challenge and slightly boring because you kind of just master everything in as few battles as possible by yelling and accumulating your brains out. I'm pretty proud of beating Secret of Mana as a team with a friend of mine as kids because he had the attention span of a cardboard box. Apparently I only play RPGs, but I won't apologize for that.
  13. I just watched the perfect ending for X-2 and that was really stupid. Then again, the regular ending was just as bad.
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