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  1. This is one of my favourite songs to come out of this website. It really draws you into the song, and the piano is so haunting. This is an amazing remix, and should I possess any talent in music, I'd critique you; alas, I do not, but this is amazing.
  2. This mix is really funky, I'm actually a bit upset at the moment and I listened to this song and it had me dancing around in my chair a little. I'll definitely listen to it more often, I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I can't believe this came from a youtube comment!
  3. Undoubtably cheesy...and thank you very much for doing so. I especially loved Link's falling sound halfway through, that was unexpected and awesome. I'll continue listening to this
  4. I think we need one of these thread, try and spread around some music that's really gotten to our attention, and we should encourage others to listen to it. It doesn't necessarily have to be your favourites, just ones that we might feel others should listen to. Earthworm Jim 2: Invertebrate Retreat http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01277/ Final Fantasy X-2: Under a New Moon http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01357/ Super Metroid: Lonely Petals http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01869/
  5. I've been listening to a whole bunch of new remixes lately from games I've gotten into, and I've heard so many weird and interesting remixes, and this is one of them. I'm not a fan of death metal, but this was just so impressive. At first when I listened to it, I thought it was alright, but felt like I had missed something, so I listened to it again, then again, and I've been listening to it non-stop now. This is just incredible, I liked the 2nd verse the most though, I thought the verses were the best part of this song.
  6. This is one of the most unique pieces I've heard on this website. Like said by Emunator, it sounds like everything is made of glass, it really took me by surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and I'll be listening to it many times to come.
  7. Absolutely spectacular. no other remix on this site for this song captured the emotion feel this song is meant to project, as it's meant to come from the heart, which is what the song is trying to express in my opinion, yet this one pulled it off perfectly. One of my favourite OC remixes to date.
  8. Sorry, I'm not impressed. I'm not sure what this track was trying to be, but whatever it was, I felt nothing. No reminiscences, no feeling, just a boring tune with the Hymn of the Faith put into it. Not impressed.
  9. I need to follow this up, this has just been growing on me, massively. I don't get it, I should not be liking this. It's rap, and in another bloody language!!! Yet I'm hooked to it, especially that electric guitar towards the end, I love that the most. Man, I seriously don't know how, but I needed to praise you once more, since this is the most surprising remix that I like. Anyone reading this should really give this one a listen, I'm so surprised as to how much I've become attached to this song (lol and the electric guitar).
  10. hahaha man this is such a funky remix! I loved this one all the way, I've been needing a good remix for a while, since I only listen to ones from games I've played, and haven't heard a new one for a while. This is such a funky remix, and I will continue listening to it a lot. Thank you
  11. My apologies, I didn't really like it. It probably hurts getting a little bit of bad criticism early on, but I didn't find it too interesting. However, I will note that the last 45 seconds sounded like something from Pirates of the Caribbean, which I quite liked. But either way, I'd just say it was so-so. I would like to hear more from you, since I like orchestrated far more than techno, but I didn't like this one much. Sorry.
  12. I very much enjoyed this remix. I never realised how much hate the original got, I loved it so much, but just not as much as Terra from FFVI. Either way, I never compare any song I hear on this website to the original, I tend to think of it as just a different version, completely different to the original, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Thank you.
  13. After playing a lot of Metal Gear Solid, walking down the streets at night in one of the safest areas in Australia no longer feels safe... I had the Rex's Lair music going constantly in my head, it has scared me more than once, even though I walk at night regularly and there's nothing there.
  14. Hahaha just listened to this, laughed my ass off. This remix is brilliant. Just broke into laughter when I heard the phone come into the mix. Great mix to listen to.
  15. A very unique mix. While I tend to like most things I listen to on this website, I know I'm very harsh when it comes down to this song, since To Zanarkand is my favourite, and I tend to criticize any other interpretation of it. This was a very unique mix, I did enjoy it, and I was surprised at its goodness. I preferred the first half of the song to the second half, and I preferred the first half of the first half of the song. lol Still, I did enjoy this remix, and I'm glad I listened to this.
  16. Oh dear, it looks like I stand alone here. This is, without a doubt, the worst remix on the website that I have heard. It's not beautiful, it's off and unsettling. The first time I listened to it, I remember cringing listening to the introduction. Some notes I felt were held for too long, and the random times the horn (not sure which one) came into the song, I just thought it was a mess. I will, however, commend 4:30 onwards, for the piano solo. That was the only good bit of the song, and it was a damn good bit. I, however, can't believe what I'm hearing in this remix. My favourite song, completely butchered. While I may stand alone in this topic, and while it is merely my opinion, I had to say it, since it was the first OCremix song I hated, and I still do. Don't get me wrong, there's a crap load of talent coming from your area, but this was nothing like a good song to me.
  17. This song has been sitting on my computer for years. Now, I finally listen to it, and I feel like a fool. If I had known it was remixing To Zanarkand, I would've listened to it long ago. Not just that, but I've been looking for backing tracks for this song for The Black Mages version called The Skies Above. But, this is perfect! While I doubt it would be used as a backing track, it can give me an idea as to how to sing the lyrics. Thank you very much. I thoroughly enjoyed this remix, since it remixes my favourite song, and I will be listening to this song many times to come.
  18. I'm sorry, I need to say it. While yes, I've never liked techno, and while this site has techno which I actually like, I did not like listening to this one bit. Repetitive isn't necessarily bad, it just sounds awful. While I know you are very talented, and I thoroughly enjoyed your Final Fantasy IV Ground Up remix, but this is one of the few remixes on this website which I hate.
  19. I'd love to see some remixes of this as well, this series damn well deserves it. I'm going to learn more on how to remix, since I wanna get into this. Also, I don't know how everyone says that 7 had a better soundtrack than 8. It had an incredible soundtrack yes, but 8 had a much better one in my opinion, but then again, maybe I've been blinded by Combat Preparation from FE8, the best FE song on the GBA in my opinion. I've yet to play 9 or 10, I can't wait to.
  20. I found this song through a post by someone else on the forum. I don't know where I saw it, but the person said that they listened to this song once a day, and it refreshed them when they heard it. So with that, I was curious, so I downloaded this song. This song is just a masterpiece, the lyrics by Daniel are powerful, and somewhat soothing. I also liked the rapping bit, it gave the song a little bit of a break to focus on something else, then brought back Daniel at the end to finish it up. I'm no good at reviews, but I had to say something, I loved this song immensely, and who ever it was that posted that message, thanks!
  21. Man I loved this song. This is one of my favourite OC remixes. The short bit at the beginning which sounded very epic reminded me instantly of Metroid Prime 3. After that, the very rock type music was really well introduced from the intro. Hearing you're proper voice in the chorus drew me in each and everytime. I will say I didn't like the 2nd verse, but I'm saying that compared to the rest of the song. I loved the way Cid's Theme was used in this song, both in an epic and rock sort of way. But man, at 3:10, that's some of the best stuff I've ever heard. I cranked the volume way up high, something I don't do for many songs, even my favourites. I don't need my songs on high volume, that bit from 3:10 till the end was a complete necessity. When I hear an OC remix or even the original song like The Skies Above for To Zanarkand in Final Fantasy X, when I hear the ingame music, it makes me want to sing to it, and this song is gonna be one of them. One of the best OC remixes I've ever heard.
  22. I don't know how, I should not like this song, I think rap sucks, but this site surprises me time and time again, and it does show me that I do like almost any genre. I don't know what the lyrics are, and I'd like to have them, but in the meantime, they sounded pretty cool, with the French lyrics coming in a little noticeably when I realised that I didn't make out a word of what just played. But honestly, I loved it, the theme in the background sounded very cool, and the lyrics felt like they were meant to be there. The guitar in the music, mainly at the beginning sounded very hip-hop (another genre I can't stand) and it sounded great. At about 2:33, the electric guitar comes in, that brings in a nice change into the song, while the song stays at the same speed, if feels like it's speeding up, which was an effect I really loved. Seriously, kudos to you, I should not have liked this one at all, and I thoroughly enjoyed it since the first time I heard it.
  23. You know when first listening to this it reminded me of the Home Improvement intro. I quite like this song, it sounds very hillbilly without being hillbilly. I'm no expert (far from it) but I would like to say that I didn't like from about halfway to 3 quarters through where the music changed. I can't say to much on how to improve it, but in that song, I didn't like that bit. But after and before that was brilliant. You faded out extremely early, there's still a little bit past a quarter to go and it's already fading out, quite noticeable too, and from there it was progressive. It sounds good, I'm just surprised how early it started fading out. Overall, I thought it sounded really good.
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