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  1. happy squarewave day you bubbly bright saccharin genius. Also random 300th post out of nowhere SUP GAIS.
  2. My ears are burning what is going on in here? also hoping to get some time in for this for some padawanship
  3. (not on list in first post) /sadface
  4. i concour pretty nifty idea i wouldn't consider myself a "noob" persay but i'm no expert by any means plus i've got some star friends i talk to regularly who would probably love the opportunity to collab
  5. i don't know how mechanical this one is but it's definitely happy and quirky http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01539/
  6. i'm loving how mazedude is two of the first few songs posted in this thread he has alot of what you're looking for imo, he has this really quirky mechanical style. here would be my suggestion http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01855/ edit: blarg i guess that one isn't too "friendly" here is one happier i suppose http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01432/
  7. ha JH you're the best
  8. I've been wanting to release a few more albums on my bandcamp just to get some of my music out there. i don't know much to say about it, it's a collection of chiptuney tracks (some old some new) that i have made over the past year or so. more albums to come soon... http://geekystoner.bandcamp.com/album/bitgroov-ep also to anybody who could come up with better or improved album art, that would be appreciated.
  9. How helpful the community can be when it come to music tips/ feedback. I can say i wouldn't be half the musician i am now (which still isn't much) without help from people on ocr driving me to push myself further musically. It is a really welcoming community that has alot of cool people that can help you with a myriad of techniques,genres, and production in general.
  10. http://soundcloud.com/geekystoner Updates occasionally ... it's sort of sparse and i take stuff down and post remasters alot. A bit neglected mostly due to some new games I'm playing right now.
  11. yeah there are alot of little glitches and things i notice (like not being able to move at the beginning of a game , not being able to heavy melee, your gun constantly firing without stopping, not being able to run up ladders, and a few more i can't think of right now) i mostly attribute this to it being a demo. I will have a playthrough with every class in ME1 2 and 3 once it's all said and done. i think the fast recharges are mostly for multiplayer sake, it's not like you're a super soldier like shep in the multiplayer so the cooldowns are needed , yeah sure it feels overpowered on som
  12. I can see that. there have been a few moments where I've been trying to revive people and i end up grabbing walls, but it's few and far between for me. The thing is that the multiplayer has rpg/upgrade mechanics in it, and it's mostly because you have a weak character right now, i have two maxed out classes and all the other are over level 10 and something like a soldier i can two hit most people with a shotgun (especially my krogan which is fun as hell to play as),also you should be going for headshots you inflict about double or three times as much damage (depending on how you've leveled)
  13. i've been playing the multiplayer all night it's so addicting
  14. It takes time and dedication to hone any craft, just keep at it man. My early stuff was atrocious and while i still think i have a long way to go i'm proud of what I've been able to produce thus far, get on aim or live sometime and I'll chat with ya about FLstudio or something.
  15. i believe the connections are better these days for me, though i don't hang out with ocr peeps often on xbox live (though i would like to more). As for my music i think I've improved alot over the past year or so (you can check out my latest album in my signature /selfpromo) I've got to get off my lazy ass though and start ReMixing some vidyagamez again.
  16. Hey Zack what's up d00d, saw you on live just a bit ago, ditto on moving this to offtopic. I don't know quite what it's like to be a daily ocr forum poster. I still mostly lurk even though I'm beginning to make a bit of a name for myself here. Just be a bit more outgoing i suppose, the forums are a great place to hang out in, always good for a laugh or some interesting views on some topic, like the SOPA thing going on right now.
  17. Ok gave this an obligatory 5 minute try out. It's pretty fun ,I like the smoothness of the controls and it really nails that "retro feel" both in design and graphics, it really does feel like a nes game. the jump button should be X imo and the shoot button should be Z but that's just my opinion, also while i'm on that subject i figure PC based platformers should have the up direction arrow as jump it would just feel a whole lot more natural to me i dunno. Also for everyone complaining about the dash button, just double tap a direction arrow that works just fine for me. ok quitting this now
  18. I also enjoyed the first album , previewing some of the tracks now it sounds great, also some of the loudness issues i had with the first one seem to be gone, .. great job.
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