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  1. Armcannon is one of the best VGM bands ever. Great mixin of the songs, great performance on keybord, guitars, bass, drums, everythin. GREAT band!
  2. Why, thank you. :)

  3. Abadoss, Im a pretty big fan of your work (: !

  4. I really liked this one. The quiet part its awesome, that crystal piano. Sounds good to me. Good job!
  5. Nice one, sounds really techno-spanish.
  6. Nice job!. This could pass as the original soundtrack for a person that doesnt know the game.
  7. Hey, thx a lot for ur comments, ill try to improve my stuff when i have some time to it !. I have two jobs, so, thats why cant get into music theory too much, anyway, hope some ppl still hear the songs, and ill keep it up. Thank you very much!
  8. Booya, I wanna show u my stuff, i would like to submit them but i need some help with feedback. Its my first time mixin somethin (or recordin somethin by myself), i dont know anythin about pro playin instruments, but im a huge fan of videogames and music. Anyway, i have the songs uploaded on myspace (http://www.myspace.com/pogo8bit), u can check them there, or u if u want me to i can upload it with better quality. Please post ur advices specially for my eq. cuz i dont have idea how it must hear.. i did my best. The songs are: 1- Outdoor Sewers (from T.M.N.T. the nes game [outworld and sewers theme song]) 2- In da Cave (from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link [Cave Theme]) (sorry about my messy english.. i dont practice it very much) Thx guys! Hope u enjoy the songs!
  9. I must say that MMX Braincooler its such a big song, pretty nice arrangements, and it have the main essence too. Keep it up. Sounds great to me!. The tune changes almost at the end of the song are good, but maybe u can improve the beggin of the solo. Excelent job!
  10. I must say the original Red/Blue version is the best one. Of course the remake for gba have better graphics, music, etc.. but if u are a lover of the old-school, you should try the original version!.
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