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  1. Yeah, I could possibly do a entire track, but eh, I'd really enjoy working with someone else. I'm not trying to claim anything, just throwing out the offer to work with anyone that wants to. Plus I just added "modular upgrades" to one of my 7 strings, and she sounds lovely.
  2. Hey, I'm a huge fan of the Metroid Soundtracks. I know a good bit of it all. If anyone is wanting some guitar or bass tracks, I'd be more than happy to work with anyone.
  3. I so need to donate and get the password lol But I just blew like $58 on metroid metal shirts haha ah oh well new amp can wait, I've waited for some cool new vg tunes
  4. Well, I;d love to contribute, but I only have the capabilities for guitar and bass recordings....so yeah, orchestra synths are no go with me....I'll listen to it fo sho
  5. Cuda


    I like mecha anime:roll:
  6. Hahaha I still have my DC and I still play the Gundam game on it from time to time. I do love me some NES emu on a Sega system.
  7. It's a good possibility I will be at VGXpo. I'll most likely be working a good chunk of time.
  8. OK, I have a Line6 HD150, I can run a line out to my computer from the amp head, it has lots of amp models etc. Any tips on how to get it sounding good in audacity? Should I cut out the effects and just add them in after the recording? Using one of the programs seems kind of redundant but would they give me a better sound versus the amp's settings? Also, I generally roll the eq with bass down, Mid somewhere up and high around the mids, though I do tweak the EQ for different tones. When I direct input the guitar it sounds really weak, plus lots of buzz and hum.When I run the line out from the a
  9. I'm all for hearing that. As far as I can tell, nothing is off limits here. Just high production quality is the only rule. This place seems rather open to creativity. Never mind me though, I'm new here. Just a long time listener.
  10. I had my eye on ZZsounds for a Ibanez S7320, just because they are fair priced and I have to order online for a color other than black. Probably get some pickups for it too.
  11. I guess I'm a freak, This year, I went from a 4 string bass, to a 5 in January, then 2 months later a 6 string guitar, then 3 months later a 7. I played an 8 string ESP at Sam Ash and had no trouble with that either. I need more strings >.>
  12. Look into Agiles. They seem to be all the rage these days. Pretty nice and affordable guitars.
  13. It does, though at times you may want to move things on the lower strings. it's an annoyance. I usually import then change the string position and save it. I haven't use power tab, not sure if midi import is possible, but it's free and I can always convert tabs over to the different programs.
  14. Nah, if you are happy with the guitar, that's all that counts. Are there better guitars for better prices, sure. I know how it can be shopping around. Always a next time... Since you want to learn, check out guitar pro, but don't rely on it for everything. I import midis and learn a good deal that way.
  15. Love a 7 string, won't have another 6 string ever. Just put another 620 on layaway at a pawn shop today. lol, gotta have a stage backup >.> Yeah I want a UV7, but kinda leaning towards the Rusty Cooley dean for price reasons. Kinda torn between them. I don't like active pickups on a guitar, bass is fine though.I plan to slap a tremol-no on my older 620, and try out other stuff on my newer one when I pay it off. I like the trems on the Ibbys, I don't bother with the bar, just press it down with my palm. I like the feel and response better, but that's just crazy cuda for ya.
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