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  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Rozo! (no, 24 ain't old. Mines around the corner and 30's is old. I was reminded by my father how close to 40 I am.... )
  2. Happy Birthday! May you be reminded of how much you love mazes and yet still puzzle all of us on how awesome your skills are in remixing. Grats on +1 Age Exp!
  3. Starla,

    Thanks for making all the cool remixes you do. Every one of the various MM remixes are on my Zune list for repeat listening. They are some of my favorites.

    Good luck with your album. I can't wait to hear it, especially if it's released on higher bit rates than your earlier releases. And what's this? NEW tracks? that's pretty phenominal.


  4. OMG when is this going to be released??? The suspense is killing me! I keep hearing about these leaked tracks but aren't bothering to find and listen to them. I don't want to ruin the listening pleasure nor my own judgment. I JUST KNOW IT"S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!! /end rant edit: Do my eyes deceive me? More greenage? Yays! ^.^
  5. Wow, OA, Happy Birthday. It may seem like you've done a lot of incredible things, but you're only going to do and now experience more of them too. Congrats O Judge of Wonderous Music.
  6. I wondered why certain pieces of DD's Sparkman sounded familiar! Thief! Thief! lol j/k Man, think of a callaboration with Gario and DD.... (drools...) on an MM3 album... (twitching)...
  7. QFE. Now this, this is how why songs should be made. For the enjoyment of listening indeed. I think I just geeked out. 'Scuse me while I grab a towel. lulz. j/k. Seriously, tho. I can't really add or detract any words from this post that hasn't already been said. It's dammed near perfect as it is. My mind half wants the notes to be more crisp, but the other half says "no way man! Leave it alone. It's soooo trippy!" No instrument overpowers the other, quite the contrary, they complement each other greatly! Composition and arrangement maintains that perfect balance of originality without straying too far from the source music. Which, btw, I'd assumed from the title was from DKC, but I had to listen to confirm my suspicions. As for the ending being a little to abrupt, try listening to it solo/repeat. The end just blends right into the beginning! Beautiful! Anyway, I can't wait to get my hands on the official posted/published version. I have no doubt it will pass the judges decisions with flying colors. If they don't pass it, there will be riots in the streets. I like it. It will be added to my favorites playlist for all time. Favorite piece: 1:49 5 / 5
  8. Interesting mix. Was is just me, or did I not hear any music for the first near 4 seconds? Is that intentional? Or was there a lead-in missing? Sounds fine, either way, imho. I really have only 1 issue with it. The only issue is it seems a bit stale/bland. I understand you're going for just some changing mix of "sound effects and wankery", but are you going for more variety/originality with the composition itself? Oh and the supposed "solo" @ 2:48? When I first heard the gregorian chant-like sustain, I thought How cool would that be if the entire piece were remixed like that? Then again, perhaps that's for the Request forum. 4 out of 5
  9. lulz. video = hilarious, added rock jam = teh shizz. Is it just me or do they remind anyone else of an asian version of the Spice Girls?
  10. Sorry to hear that. Just hope they don't stop publishing for good. I like reading the paper!
  11. Hey all! For those of you in the States, Have a Great Memorial Day weekend! I for one will be chilling playing Lego Star Wars (both Trilogies) in between stripping the tile of the kitchen floor and painting the walls.....maybe. Don't want to overdo it! And no, no alcohol will be involved. It might be more fun, but I don't drink, so there you go. Anyways, what are ya'lls plans for the fun holiday?
  12. So would that be considered a 'boss level' difficulty for the ReMix Competitions?
  13. KS side, near the railroad switching area off I-635, south of I-70 for me

  14. KS side, near the railroad switching area off I-635, south of I-70

  15. MO side, up by the Ford plant. More or less.

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